17.2 Update Series

Version 17.2

The full list can be found here.

New Boss Encounters

- Five new Clan boss camps for Omni Players to tackle.

- Five new Omni boss camps for Clan Players to take on.

- Neutral players will be able to fight all of the bosses.

- New Missions will be available that offer rewards for taking down these bosses and their cohorts.

- The military units have been stockpiling new shipments of unique Dreadloch weapons and items that players will be able to secure from defeated bosses.

New items for purchase with Victory Points.

- New OFAB Helmets that use a new defensive proc system. Wearing the item grants an inherent % chance every time you are hit that casts a short defensive buff.

- New AMS / DMS transfer nanos for Traders.

- Extension of the divest and plunder lines for Traders.

- New damage and healing debuff nanos for Meta-Physicists.

- New Shield nano for Meta-Physicists.

- New PVP orientated version of nano shutdown for Meta-Physicists.

- New init debuff nanos for Bureaucrats.

New sign-up terminals for the battlestations placed out to make it easier for people to sign up for the battlestations. The new terminals are found at the following locations:

- Levels 20-49 Borealis (Main gate).
- Levels 50-74 Borealis (rear gate).
- Levels 75-99 Newland (near whompas).
- Levels 100-124 Newland (Near front gate).
- Levels 125-149 Outside Newland.
- Levels 150-174 Outside Newland.
- Levels 175-199 ICC.
- Levels 200-209 Unicorn Landing pad.
- Levels 210-220 Unicorn Landing pad.

- Tweaked the way the queue system works to ensure more consistently even sides in the battlestation.

Added a loyalty system to lock out people from the battlestation if they continually refuse invites or leave before the end of the battle you will get locked out from the battlestation.

- All players start with a loyalty score of 10.

- Receiving a battlestation invitation deducts your loyalty score by one.

- Completing a battlestation (win or lose) adds two to your loyalty score, up to a maximum of 10.

- If your loyalty score reaches 0 you will not be able to enter the battlestation queue.

- A duty mission will be available to increase your loyalty level again if it falls to 0. Rumors that it may involve picking up trash in Borealis may not be unfounded.

Improved the existing Meta-Physicist damage debuff nano line

- Casting time reduced to 2 seconds.

- Taunt reduced on primary line.

- Taunt removed on secondary line.

- Reduced Nano Cost.

- Nano Resist checks reduced.

New camera functionality

- Added option sliders for mouse look rotation and zoom speeds for camera movement.

Additional Changes

- Personal Research Actions Procs are no longer dependent on initiative type.

- Proc based nano lines in different stacking lines should now be able to run at the same time.

- The Beast encounter in the Shadowlands will be moved from its current eighteen hour timer to a nine hour one.

- The Perk reset timer will be reduced to two hours.

- Suir-Katan, The Custodian should now be spawning correctly for the omni inferno sanctuary quest.

- Adjusted stats on Ofab Bureaucrat Helmet and Chest

- Pet window should no longer show attack button for heal pets after having been out of range.

- The notum animations on the Shadowlands incarnators has returned. The Shadowleets who stole it have been suitably punished.

- Grid amour face textures should no longer showing through helmet after equipping.

- Skin tone in character creation should now correctly update with head.

- Resolved issue where people could teleport to Rubi-Ka but have the battlestation skydome visible.

- Fixed color issue in text for Return to Scouting Panorama quest.

- Resolved typos in the dialog of Dr. Jones - Physical Anthropologist.

- Tessa Stewart will now let players get both her missions instead of just one.

- Adjusted collision in Central Elysium that was trapping the Limber Dryad.

- Engineers Offensive Aura Line should now include Cold ACs correctly instead of chemical ACs twice