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Thread: Soldier buffing items

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    why make a list when all we need is AS ?:P
    Irmo 220 sol
    Hogfather 220 doc "ER...HO. HO. HO."
    Wintersmith 220 crat
    Ainur 209 trader
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukkenukem View Post
    this post rocks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Borus View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by vexatia
    QFE = improved QFT for more uber players ofc
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    First doc to OD a clan zergbot twice.
    First TL7 doc to get 3rd and 4th solo titles.
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    Zidiana 220/20 ma gear/perks
    Gargaron 215 adv
    Blastaa 165 Sol

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    Updated with Dreadloch items.

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    BUMP for ROOTED POST PLZ kthxbye

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    root sticky no_nuke anti_spamolith bump

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    Could a moderator please clean up this post so that the treatment items appear on the first page?

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    Added Masterpiece Ancient Bracer and Spirit Infused Yutto's Modified NCU.

    Did I miss any other new items that add to our abilities or treatment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jovis View Post
    Could a moderator please clean up this post so that the treatment items appear on the first page?
    bump for a possible sticky once revised.
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    Forgot the +25 treatment bracer, new from Alba.
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    Made Sticky as requested.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dysfunktion View Post
    Forgot the +25 treatment bracer, new from Alba.
    I didn't even notice that, added. Too bad the darn bracer drop is so rare.

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    Small error with psychic on Band of Dog Molars. Its +14 not +15.

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    Another strength buff from enforcers: Prod Str +40 (doesn't stack with doc's IC)

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    you also forgot mountaineer, very nice perk for str/stam, adds 35
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    Updated with above comments.

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    updated with 17.4 items

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