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Thread: Yet another 150 sold :)

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    Yet another 150 sold :)

    thought Id say hi and ask for some C&C !

    I started playing a sold and it feels pretty smooth so far

    I dinged 75 or so .. and I am planning on going to 150 and then stay there for some BS & s10 seams like a ok target for now i don't really know if it's a good lvl range for a soldier ?

    I didn't find any thread with equipment suggestions that fitted my needs so i made my own setup that i feelt would be a good starting point, suggestions be very welcome !
    Workboy and my equip

    and my equip

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    Change hud 3 to the offence one.
    Consider getting a com.relay, nanoskills are kinda hard to get enough if you plan to pvp, since ranged energy and as + NR maxed drains ip.

    Your belt is level req 151...

    Your yuttos are to high ql. Somewhere around ql 230 is more reasonable.

    Make alien tank perfected alien tank.

    Your ofab shoulder is too high.. make it ql 255 and get two if you plan to pvp.

    ql 250 ofab pants and gloves for pvp, and I use ql 250 ofab chest also for the hp.

    Swap daljas ring for ql 200 ofab soldier ring.

    You need to make either a pvp character which focus on attack rating and hp, or a pvm toon with lots of dd / short FA recharge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gomp View Post
    Your ofab shoulder is too high.. make it ql 255 and get two if you plan to pvp.
    They only come in one QL.
    Tier Shoulderpads or iGoCs for Shoulder slots.

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    if your stopping at 150, just so you know s10 got nerfed now adays so you cant farm bounties

    Secondly are you trox, solitus, opifex, nanomage? if your trox, aim for ql 250 ofab gloves and pants, CC chest, Helm and Boots, Sleeves are ok as they are, Shoulders HAS to be Chosen/faithful shoulderwear, igocs are pretty expensive for what they are (id value them at about 50m-100m personally)

    Implants you want the syndicate brain for the weapon skills, also the larve from S7 (which can be bought) so that you will have enough nanoskills if you use a ql 130-140 EoE instead of an art eye symb

    other than that, not much more you can do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wakizaka View Post
    They only come in one QL.
    Tier Shoulderpads or iGoCs for Shoulder slots.
    Yes, ofc. It was a typo. I meant tier pads ql255.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wakizaka View Post
    They only come in one QL.
    Tier Shoulderpads or iGoCs for Shoulder slots.
    Dont forget Robust Backpack to the back slot
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    rbp dosent add 14 FA to lower recharge 60 dmg is ok if you have the money for it, but id rather have the AR/faster FA

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    If your going to do a lot of S10, make sure you reset all nanoskills and only IP into them while you have ConC (maxed for you level, 8 I think). Give you a ton more IP to play with, and I would drop them into Dodge and Evade Clsc.
    Swap Off hud3 with green hud, and notucomm on the backspot. Hopefully OMHH is useful again (I hear it does more damage than good since a recent patch) and you'll be able to tank aliens to infinitum.

    I havn't logged into my paid account in 6 months+ so I'm a little hazy on my details, but I've seen few people with more 150 alien kills than with my sold. Evade setup for s10 is def. the way to go. Otherwise, all good suggestions in the thread.

    Edit(sorta): I would swap omni ring of harmony with ofab ring. Boots with CC or supple. And gloves for ofab as well. 250 Penultimate (iirc) is a good target.

    Good luck! I love my 150 soldier to death. <3
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    Welcome Haide,

    I'm on RK2.. don't hesitate to come ask me questions.

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