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Thread: Easy Doc PvP setup:

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    Easy Doc PvP setup:

    here is an example of items you can use and get easily to have a good pvp setup:

    (this is not a complete setup, just a few items i see alot of people without)
    +hp braclets
    +hp perks

    these are items most people can get with a little help or on their own, and it makes a big diffrence when your pvping, hope it helps!

    And feel free to try anything you think may work, this is just my suggestion. You can get the kegern armor at Biodome raids, the implants you can blitz on your own and the NCU items are easy to find

    edit: i made some of the implants ql 200 on accident, they should be ql 250
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    i realize that the snakemaster is alright in pvp, but if somebodys gonna be looking for pvp weapons now, then they should wait until 17.2 (to be disappointed?)
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    You propably forgot to mention that sleeves and gloves are penultimate ofab.

    And yes, 2.5k token board is much easier (and more fun) for docs now if you have LE and can do Battle Station. Still takes time though.

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    Ditch the ithaca tho, it totally sucks now. Much better choice to get at least a ql 200 ofab shovel err bow.

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    what do you think about ditching the hp bracers for power of the mind(s)?

    1k +/- less hp..but faster casting(+130) for the Dot's..and extra proj dmg for the shotty
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    Penultimate helm and sleeves are really nice for the extra nano init,
    tough it doesnt make that much difference in most cases, since capped speed BI isnt very hard to reach and dots will be slow no matter how much nano initiative items you are going to use.
    Penultimate helm looks really hawt too, j/k :P

    And why is there azure boots in setup? Leo boots aint thta hard to get and give lot higher hp bonus too, ofc it aint always easy to hotswap into em, but inferno outdoor sk is pretty much dead atm, and running into mission w/o having inferno ring/boots is really easy.
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    And then you will be just as good at PvP as Doka! If not better cuz we know his skills are only because of this uber setup

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    the spirit of Doka's post, to me, was items that any doc can get virtually -immediately-.

    Ok, so the Biodome armor takes a bit, but its RK armor. The token board takes a bit and requires AI, but has a decent RK counterpart. The bracers are from SL and can cost a bit, but the QL200 RK reflect bracers can be -better- than HP bracers even for a doc. The ithaca is debated, but there are plenty of other alternatives based on your preferred config. Leo boots on the other hand seem to be around 10 raids worth of points to -reliably- get (and alot of breeds would rather have Biodome boots, simply for self-equipping). But yes they're great options too once you've decided to go for a HP setup.

    All in all, yep, everything there is enough to give a doc a taste of PvP nearly "free" and let them decide if they want to learn skills, get grafts, etc.

    Nice post Doka. Short, sweet, and useful for someone starting w/out any idea where to go.
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    adding this to stickies for PvP setup ideas ideas
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctorhyde View Post
    the spirit of Doka's post, to me, was items that any doc can get virtually -immediately-.
    that was the idea

    people are saying the ithica sucks? its a great pvp weapon that becomes very effective if you have enough +crit and AS, i still use it and it works great

    this is just an "easy" setup for people to start at or consdier, people are always asking what they should do for pvp setups, here is a basic starting point!
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    Ignore the flames doca ^^ you did great :P

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