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Thread: Shark pics and a vote

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    Shark pics and a vote

    OK, I don't know if anyone has posted pics of all the Sharks before, but we really should get the Shark looking better. I think very few people like the MK 6 model, and the moniker 'stick' pretty well explains it. Now that they seem to have the mechanics of the weapon down, lets get the looks too. I'm suggesting we vote here and our profs can hunt down FC and get them to change the model to something we actually like and would like to look at for the next year or two.
    So, the pics...
    (The first two have dark models, it was rather dark in Borealis when I shot the pics, and they don't contrast well with my armor parts, so look close! Or find a better photographer.)

    MK 1 (untyped)
    MK 2
    MK 3
    MK 4
    MK 5
    MK 6

    As you can see they did some very excellent work on the models, but its so sad that no one will ever see them! Really those are very excellent models, and the first 4 look like high tech modern weapons. The MK 1 and 2 look like modern high tech assault rifles, and MK 3 and 4 look like high tech bullpup assault rifles. I think those are all well done.
    I personally do not like mk 5 or 6 at all, though. They don't look like assault rifles at all--even futuristic ones--more like sniper rifles, but without a stock or scope they just look strange. And I think everyone wonders why that thing is on top of the mk 6 gun. But the detail is excellent in any case.

    I personally like the MK 2 model the best. Not only does it look like a shark, but it is the beefiest model there, and definitely something that when you look at it, you think "that is an assault rifle!".

    So have a look and hopefully we can get the Shark mk 6 looking good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novafox View Post
    I personally like the MK 2 model the best. Not only does it look like a shark, but it is the beefiest model there, and definitely something that when you look at it, you think "that is an assault rifle!".
    I second that.. mk 2 ftw.

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    I like the look of the mk4 the best, though maybe it should be the same colour as the mk 2
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    MK2 and MK6 look best, I can live with the Mk6 ,though, the modelling is very well done, but true, it looks a little like a stick on females&troxes. I like it on my male Solitus.

    edit: I mean, the model of the mk2 is great, but the details are far inferior to the mk6. Looks to much like some plastic monster.
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    I like the MK6.

    A weapong that has been improved and at the end of the technology tree, streamlined, thin, fat in areas yet packing a punch second to none.

    Best way to describe it is "Im assaulting you with my kick ass rifle"
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    yes on solitus shark looks great (especialy mk2) but on trox??
    gosh we change hair-blower to stick.
    Hey FC weapon designers! Look at this beauties:

    Even OFAB Silverback looks better (like M60 Machine Gun) then Shark
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    FC plx change look of our main gun:

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    I'd love for the mk6 to look like the pictures posted here The current mk6 doesn't look that threatening and looks more like something an agent would use.

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    MK4 looks like a spasmodic Mk2, I like it
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    I like the Mk6 on my trox. I dont like how it looks on any other breed though. The Mk2 model would fix that.

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    The only model that screams "SHARK!!!" at you is MK 2.

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    i like the MK2 too

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    MK2 without doubt

    We're big gun boys after all, arent we
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    Have to agree... MK2 looks best (=

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    i like MK 2-3-4 :P

    MK4 is my favorite but no FA on it

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    wtb changing skins as follows MK1 - MK 1, // MK 2 - MK 5 // MK 3 - MK 6 // MK 4 - MK 3 // MK 5 - MK 5 // MK 6 - MK 2

    Aka... MK after change - Current MK having that skin

    Or whell something like that atleast ^^ Culd need some fine tuning =P

    But MK 2 FTW its awsome =)
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    early mk remind me of xm8 . and the latter ones are like spiner rifles with an m203 on TOP!? thats a grenade launcher looking thing... or i guess in this case some kind of battery or lazer scope....w/e just guessing
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    IMO the MK6 looks best, but that's just my opinion :P

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    they need to fuse the inamorata assault rifle models and the jame blaster models or make somthing original. I does look like a rifle don't get me wrong just from the WWI era is all ^^ , but after getting all upgrades ready for the thing I wont dare direct FCs attention anywhere other than where it is now heh.

    the "Stick of Doom" is kinda anti-climactic though.
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    bump for mk2
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    yeah mk2 looks the best but the details are somewhat better on the mk5 and 6
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