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Thread: 17.1.1 Update Notes

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    17.1.1 Update Notes

    Release Notes 17.1

    - Scheol Quests. Experience new adventures in the Shadowlands as dozens of new quests are added for you to explore the dangerous lands of Scheol

    - Increased time battlestations will wait for additional people to join when it falls below minimum amount of sign-ups

    - It should now be possible to zone into ACG areas when in combat again

    - Bazookas are now available from the Victory Points vendors - pew pew!

    - The shuttle to the Unicorn staging area should come more often

    - Unredeemed Hypnagogic Yutt-Chi Mord will once more give the quest for the key to Mordeth's garden to those of proper faction who wish to have it

    - High level mission rewards should no longer award incorrect research amounts

    - Fixed several visual gaps in Battlestation Geometery

    - Pets should now inherit their masters side on battlestations so they should be targeted by tab correctly

    - Fixer personal research specials Fish in a Barrel and Luck's Calamity should no longer affect the skill view incorrectly

    - Enforcer Type 1 Personal Research actions shouldn't clash with their proc based nanolines PLEASE NOTE: In order for this change to work Type 1 actions for Enforcers only proc on melee attacks

    - Martial Artist Type 1 Personal Research actions shouldn't clash with their proc based nanolines PLEASE NOTE: In order for this change to work Type 1 actions for Martial Artists only proc on melee attacks

    - Adventurer Proc Aesir Absorption should now work correctly

    - Decreased Full Auto Requirement on OFAB Hawk Mk 5

    - Full Auto bonuses added to Fixer OFAB Armor

    - Frenzy of Shells now also adds to Full Auto

    - Improved OFAB Hawk Mk 6

    - Improved OFAB Shark line

    - Aimed Shot added to OFAB Silverback Mk 6. The weapon is now Trader only, PLEASE NOTE: Those with it already equipped will be able to retain the weapon for now however we will be monitoring its use and playshift requirements may be added if it proves unbalancing in PVP

    - Improved the Healing Staff of Alcofribas Nasier

    - New items are available in the Victory Point vendors that allow the purchase of items that can be redeemed for sided tokens

    - Grafts should no longer place a recharge timer on their target when used

    - Any damage that would have been rounded down to 0 previously will now do 1 damage

    - Shields now calculate damage before taking into account the PVP 40% HP cap.

    - Reduced casting time on all composite nanos to two seconds

    - Removed credits and xp from summoned Nanovoiders

    - Players will now get better feedback when trying to rename a pet with an illegal name

    - You will now automatically sit down when using /camp if you are not already sitting

    - Quests should now disappear correctly when they time out

    - Player will now get feedback if evicted from market building due to being on the wrong side

    - Fixed loading of personal land control tower buffs for characters with 32 bit instances

    - You will no longer interupt your targets nano casting when target does not have enough NCU space for the buff

    - Fixed bug with petduel always saying "you have not been challenged to a pet duel." when accepting pet duels

    - Shadowlevel welcome message should be working again

    - fixed an animation issue related to battlestation teleports

    - adjusted icon for shade shops

    - Resolved issue with Night Vision Goggles in the grid causing visual errors

    - Atroxs should no longer sound like female solitus when struck in combat

    - Fixed issue that will hopefully fix towers that randomly stop healing themselves after fights

    - Improved display of the Personal Research in the GUI

    - The sliders positions in the mission selection window are now persistent

    - Players now have the option to disable EXP gain (F10->Behaviour->Disable XP Gain option)

    - Made an option to toggle the free look with left mouse button

    - The character view distance slider should work correctly again

    - Improved Mech summon animation

    - Added animations to some city buildings

    - Added research window to hotkey options

    - Fixed the hotkey assignment window (accepts Shift/Ctrl/Alt again)

    - The new research technology popup will no longer appear at level 5 for characters without the Lost Eden expansion

    - Changed text in mission descriptions to reflect that it might get capped depending on level - from "Experience: Y XP (which you get when you receive a token)" to "Experience: (Up to) Y XP"

    - Added missing feedback when trying to create an org with an invalid / illegal org name

    - Added a tool-tip to the new character menu (in the left "wing" in the GUI)

    - Shouting now possible when morphed

    - Towers can no longer be placed while flying

    - Added feedback when renaming a shop fails

    - Demolished market houses will now properly hide the items from searches

    - Fixed a bug where items could get visually lost when trading

    - The price column in shops listview now has better formatting for easer reading

    - You can now find leg armors correctly in the global market search terminal

    - Fixed an issue where Seeker Aban Kald-Nuir would some times give bureaucrats the wrong kind of gloves as a quest reward

    - Fixed typo on the Glyph of the Arcana

    - Fixed several typo in Inamorata weapons

    - Fixed typo in Endorphin Factory description

    - Fixed Typo in Adrenaline Factory description

    - Fixed spelling errors in Horatio Campbell's dialog

    - Fixed spelling errors in Leading Blossom's dialog

    - Fixed spelling errors in Number Nine's dialog

    - Fixed spelling errors in the ICC Bio-Inspector's dialog

    - Fixed spelling errors in One With Developing Words dialog

    - Made Eleanor Kiamarli stop repeating her sentences

    - Fixed errors in dialog of IPS npc for Adventurer, Agent, Bureaucrat, Doctor, Enforcer and Engineer professions

    - Fixed feedback from items that add tokens to give the correct message for both sides
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    Updated with full release notes
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