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Thread: Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka...

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    Omega had awaken months ago, the begining in a long list of changes that were bound to take place. Their body had been morphing, being recreated into a form more suitable for what they now were. The change was subconsious, as normal as breathing. It was the lastest development that had Omega so upset. pro-blem.

    Their hands were termbling terribly. Their abality to speak was being tested, their collective consious knowing the words to say...yet their mouth was unable to say them.

    Slamming their fist hard into the wall Omega tried rechanting the matra.

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    "Ach spanners, Ah'm nae sure aboot this"
    We've discussed this, it's the next logical course of action
    "Aye, aye. Jist... it's awfy scary"
    What's the worst that can happen?
    "She blows me to my component particles?"
    and you wake up in reclaim, knowing you at least tried
    "True enough... Whit if she perma-kills me though?"
    Do not be silly, even if she had such a power, would she waste it on you?
    "Thanks Spanners, that maks me feel an awfy lot better"
    Do not mention it. Do you have everything?
    "Cake, Flowers, furry toy, chocolate. Onythin' I've missed?"
    A clean handkerchief. And remember to update your insurance
    "Ye've got a great sense o' humour Spanners, Mind me tae dae somethin' aboot it later"
    I will see you when you come back. Remember to take Wrench with you, he is not as ... threatening ... as I am
    "Can ah no jist go alone?"
    No-o... we need foota... uh... you need a translator bot, remember? Otherwise she is never going to understand you
    "Aye, ah ferget sometimes. Thanks Spanners. "
    You are welcome. Remember to change clothes as well, your usual style will not be appropriate
    "Anither guid point, Ah'll go visit the tailor. Willone out."
    Ridiculous notion... But Wrench's logs will be most enlightening...
    Willone, Engineer in R.U.R. R&D.
    Where the thinking does the robots

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    A red light flickered vigourously on the beamer.

    "Damn, not again" thought Pheme , bursting yet another charge of highly charged particles through another Eyemutant's chest.

    "More ammo. I must order more ammo"

    She pulled out her hacker's terminal, smeared the mutant's blood off it and quickly pushed some buttons. The terminal confirmed with a dying beep, along with some purple slime oozing from the buttons.

    "Crap! Why can't they make those terminals water tight!?"
    "The bureaucratic mentality is the only constant in the universe." Dr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy

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    Back in a RUR warehouse.

    "Leetbots, leetbots, cuddly, stupid leetbots everywhere. God I hate St Valentines day."
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    Odma came running from the kitchen. "Look what I made you," she chirped. She handed Taddi a large, dark brown mound. "It's a cake I made a-a-all by my self."

    "Why, thank you, Odma," Taddi said as she took the mound from six-year-old Odma's hands. "Did you get the ingredients from the kitchen?"

    Odma nodded. "Ye-es, silly."

    "Promise?" Taddi sniffed at the cake. She was happy to note that there was no whiff of the bronto corral. "Yum! Smells like chocolate!"

    "Yeah," the little girl chirped happily. "Lots of chocolate!"

    Taddi dipped a finger into the thick layer of frosting and touched the tip of her tongue. Her eyes narrowed a bit as she put on a brave smile. "And lots of sugar in the frosting, too." Odma nodded happily.

    Taddi poked a finger into the frosting looking for the cake. She moved some of the frosting to the edge of the plate, searched again, moved a little more frosting. She repeated this until her fingers found a thin cookie-ish layer. She looked at Odma standing proudly beside her and steeled herself. She broke off a piece, placed it in her mouth and bit down.

    "Odma," she said, swallowing hard and trying not to let the pain of an injured tooth show on her face. "I think the next time you make a cake..." She paused and swallowed again. Taddi met Odma's gaze and laid her hand on the child's shoulder. "... I think you should just use the *inside* of the egg."

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    Berael walked briskly back to her office in Newland City to confront the giant pile of paper work that has been waiting to pounce her and gnaw on her soul in some sort of animalistic manner. After picking up her gun from reclaim and a hair tie she knew it would be war.

    She had just been in her office moments before, but the beast had caught her un-aware and made its move. Covering her in three years of backlogged paper work , Berael finaly succumbed to death from massive paper cuts.

    While walking back she idly wondered if Mayor Toog would be upset if she firebombed the office and just started over...
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    He had no idea how long he had been out of comms contact with his beloved company, but he reckoned it must of been at least a week, possibly more, that he had been trapped inside the alien ship. It had been an ardous time in there. The maze had almost driven him mad. his food and water he had taken with him had perished long ago, but his survival instincts had kicked in, and he had spent his time in the ship in sabertooth form, drinking the blood of the aliens to slake his ever madenning thirst, and eating their still warm flesh after he had killed the invaders he had come across., for days he had done this, untill he had come across a shuttle that had appeared to be abandoned, possibly the team that had accepted the unicorns offer of a mission, had been wiped out. not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, he boarded the shuttle and made his way to galley.

    Steely had no idea what the effects, if any, the diet of raw alien meat, and blood may have had on him. He made a mental note to have The Black Company's doctor check him out when he got back. it was then Steely realised, He didnt know how to fly. "Now isnt that just bloody typical" he grumbled, found my way out, now i cant get back down, should of spent more time studying these things instead of sleeping in trees".

    The captains poor, tired and abused feet had taken him to the small galley. pokeing around, he found a small fridge that contained bottles of water. Steely quickly snatched one out, ripped the lid off it, and slowly poured it down his parched throat, savoring the coolness, and flavor of the water." Thank the leets for that"

    As The Captain was reading the Bottle, he suddenly threw up all over the small white frige and collapsed into a heap on the shuttles metal armored floor.

    Xenoclast "Steelyglint" Arai

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    Ms. Bane ((post no. 2)) narrator

    An opening sequence to events to follow...

    Its a little known fact that many outside of the omni-pol membership engage in illegal activities. Most lack the refinement of personality, and turn towards common thugology; that would be muggings and the like for any of the atroxes still struggling to understand the terminology. Those of us with the drive to be creative dabble in technologies to suit our needs regardless of proper authorization. Some individuals will tamper with weapons, others would rather add modifications to assistant droids. Ms. Bane, however, dabbles in the organic. The seldom seen organisms that even while reading this breed upon your very vulnerable flesh. A slight coming of nausea, a faint sensation of sleep, an ever present deterioration of welfare, then just after you regain sensation in your fingertips, everlasting sleep. Nothing is as beautiful as an unseen invasion upon a realm void of defense.
    She may well be lost to reality, rational thinking and reason taking refuge in the hole of sorrow, waiting for the beast of unrelenting rage to quell itself back into sleep.
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    Willone (part 2)

    I take it that things did not go... satisfactorally?
    "Och Spanners, there's nae foolin' you, is there?"
    Indeed. Would you like a breakdown of the
    "Ach, might as well. Some o' it is kindae blurred"
    That would be from when she stuck the cake in your face. The lacerations on your head and neck are from the roses, evidently you left the thorns attached
    "I'll mind tae remove them in future"
    That would be wise. The fragments of fur and stuffing stuck to you would be from the leet toy she beat you with after the flowers were destroyed
    "At least that wisnae so sore"
    Small mercy. The bruising would seem to be from her punching you repeatedly, presumably after the doll became useless
    "So... a stronger toy?"
    I would suggest armor of some sort would be more useful
    "Battle suit?"
    Perhaps a bit extreme. I cannot find any trace of the chocolates though
    "I think she kept them."
    Ah, something to remember you by at least
    "Ah jist dinnae unnerstand whit ah did wrong?"
    I believe telling her that you were just practicing, and that you had picked someone harmless looking and plain so she would not hurt you if it went wrong was a mistake
    "Ach, but ah thought she widnae mind!"
    It seems she minded... Perhaps less honesty next time would be advisable
    Well, in certain circumstances comparing the beauty of a female to that of the moon would be well recieved. Going on to explain about craters and so forth... inadvisable
    "Ah. I think I see your point."
    In the same way, giving chocolates would be considered romantic. Advising her not to eat them all at once and get fat, that would be a definite mistake
    "But... that's whit ah wis told!"
    And then offering to help her work the chocolates off...
    "Ah meant huggin!"
    yes... She certainly got plenty of exercise disposing of the other gifts. Perhaps it would have been better not to mention it at all
    "*sighs* Ach, ah made a right pigs ear o' that. Robots are easier tae deal wi' than other folk"
    No dispute there. You should get cleaned up, and changed back into your usual clothes. Perhaps this can be kept quiet
    "Ach, that wid be guid. Ah dinnae want tae be an embarrassment"
    Indeed. The shower is still where it usually is. Remember to wash the sap out of your hair
    "Aye. Willone out."
    Tool? It's Spanners. I have some interesting log footage you might want to see...
    See if you can raise some of the other Bots too, Xerves can relay it...
    Willone, Engineer in R.U.R. R&D.
    Where the thinking does the robots

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    Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka in a cupboard...

    '* Giggle *'
    --Victor "Eeod" Linear. R.U.R. Engineer --
    Hath not a machine gears?
    Hath not a machine cogs, racks, pinions, cutters, bearings, spindles?
    Fed with the same electric, hurt with the same bits of grit getting in our works, subject to the same gremlins, healed by the same brute force, ignorance and big hammer as a human is?
    If you program us, do we not manufacture?
    If you take us apart, do we not shoot springs all over the floor?
    If you oil us, do we not purr?
    And if you ignore us.......... Do we not get ideas?

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    - Dammit where's that rocket ?

    Looking around his office, Boltgun start searching trough a mix of papers, used ammo and weapon parts. Grabbing a circular object under an armoire he hears a click. And bring back a long range remote control he just pressed.
    He look awkwardly at it, knowing that when he'll release it whatever it is connected to will be activated.

    Meanwhile in the desert, at a little smuggler camp.

    - Boss! Hey boss! I managed to bring back one of those mechs ! Look at it, it has guns and everything!
    - Good job kid, with that we'll be able to err... Why it is getting up ? And moving toward us ? And pointing its guns at us ?
    - Err... Boss... I love you.

    Server first !!! Neutral Solitus Male Soldier named Boltgun to wear a short with pink spots on RK1 !!!
    N E U T R A L I Z E R S

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    somewhere on rubi ka...

    *thud* a omni body hits the floor of a secret factility.
    the walls are splattered with blood and gore, and in places have slash marks in them.
    Wearing his now blood stained Tier 1 armor Templar moves on down the hallway.
    From down the hallway challenges are shouted and a group of omni tek security personnel come charging towards him firing their weapons from the hip.
    Most of the shots miss, though some hit, but bounce off the armor, they continue firing as they near him.
    With lightning speed Templar jumps into the air, swinging his two handed sword in a downwards swing, his first opponent is cleaved from the top of his head to down between his legs. the corpse falls to the ground in two halfs and spurts blood onto its fellows.
    The other three fire on full auto at Templar hoping to shoot him down, but he's already moving sidesteping quickly to the right he lungs and catches one in the chest, the blade comes to stop with half its length protruing from the corpses back.
    With huge effort Templar swings the sword and corpse round, the body flies off the blade and knows over one of the last two. As his comrade looks on in horror, trapped underneath the corpse of his sargent, he watches as the sword swings and decapitates the last omni guard standing.
    The helmeted head bounces and rolls to a stop facing the trapped guard.
    "no no" cries the trapped man trying desperately to free himself.
    Templar gives him a dismissive look and says, " if you do not want to see the fury of a rightous freedom fighter then i suggest you leave the corporation." as he turns and continues to walk along the corridor.

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    "Two years'd have thought they would have given me access to an office," she mumbled to herself, sitting on a cushion in the entry hall of the Council building, reviewing some notes for the next meeting.

    The whir of the security cameras panning around the building were the only sounds as she drew her legs up close to her, resting her chin on her knees.

    Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that a camera that normally faced a door leading into the hall had panned and now faced her directly.

    Rubbing her eyes with one hand, she considered who might be sitting behind the monitor at that moment. The thought of doing something inappropriate crossed her mind but quickly passed. Goodness knows where that video might end up if it was Jacobi behind the screen.

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    Working on a stationary weapons platform in the northwest corner of wailing wastes, Miss Delila decides to take a lunch break and watch the troops come and go, as they patrol the Sentinel base.

    She looks in her backpack, pulls out a large tin, removes the lid of the tin, opens a hatch in her robot's stomach, presses a few buttons and sits down.

    After a few minutes, a beeping noise comes from the robot. Lanforvi removes the tin with a flower patterned oven glove, shuts the robot hatch, puts the tin on the floor next to her and pulls out a knife and fork from her coat pocket.

    "Pie!" She said.
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    meditating in his lounge on his reed matt, with shafts of golden light from the morning sun landing on and all around him. Templar gains a new insight into life and death, the struggle of the clans and all of its true meaning. He feels more wise and ready for what is coming.
    He rises to his feet and walks over to the coffee table, he sits down and pulls a leather bound book filled with pages of parchement towards him and picking up his pencil attempts to write down his new insights into the life of a warrior and his own undertanding of the war with Omni Tek.
    Even though he has meditated all night he feels somehow refreshed and understands that he will not have to meditate for some time as he felt as though a curtain had opened in his mind to reveal the true meaning of his life.
    He scribbles away, preferring the old style of recording information for the basic fact of it being an old way of doing it.
    Rising to look at a picture hanging on a wall, he says "Words do not win wars. Deeds do." the picture is of the Council of Truth building in Tir, he now believes that Silverstone is right in his beliefs that the clans need to begin to act, not just endure.
    He also gains an understanding of Silverstones view of the neutrals and mumbles, "You are either for the Clans or you are our bitter foe."
    He sits back down and continues writing.

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    Dabblez stands over the smouldering ruins of RUR's former grid house and frowns. "So, how did this happen?" she asks her security chief.

    "At approximately 22:00 hours, two cyborg strike squads hit our town. One team ransacked the warehouse for robot parts, we presume to use as spares. The other team took out the grid house to prevent anyone interrupting them. They were in and out in under three minutes. It was a very professional job, well executed and well timed."

    Dabblez squints, "Let's have a little less cyborg adulation, shall we? Try to remember which side your on."

    "Sorry m’am. Of course m'am."

    "And we are absolutely certain it was cyborgs."

    "Yes m’am. They made no attempt to conceal their identities."

    "Then you better pray our insurance policy covers Acts of Borgs, otherwise we are all going to be in deep, deep trouble.”
    Dabblez - Rubi-Ka Universal Robots (RUR)
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    Wink The Insurance Frau.....Claim

    [This is taken from the private logs within Jaymonays Jobe appartment, and are not to be used for anything more than Jaymonays personal review]
    [Opening Log: 029481:27:03]

    "Wow, these insurance forms sure don't leave any question unasked"
    "What do expect master, they are made by bureaucrats"
    "I Guess, but what do they need to know the Horoscope for Leo on the day of the attack for?"
    "Well... they might..."
    "No they won't. They never do that anymore, not since..."
    "I am aware of that story, you need not repeat it."
    "Fair enough, I need to finish this form anyway. Let's see now, 'The cause of incident?'
    Tool of Chaos, is borg assault covered by our policy?"
    "Sorry Master, RUR only has the 00-1970s-80z Horror/Sci-fi/mayhem policy"
    "What does that even cover then?"
    "Giant squids, little grey men, UFO attacks, evil death rays, giant radioactive Lizards, among other odd things."
    "Well, we will just have to be creative with the application then, won't we?"
    "I don't believe what you are saying! You are a bureaucrat, bound by honor to file every form with the utmost accuracy and honesty, never..."
    <Jaymonay presses a button on his wrist comm, and Tool of Chaos powers down>
    "I really need to change that protocol, that speach gets really annoying. Or, I can always learn to stop triggering it"
    <after a short delay, Jaymonay taps the button again and Tool returns to life>
    " oh, I can't seem to remember what I was saying"
    "Thats alright, we will get you an overhaul later"
    "Thank you Master"
    "Now, back to the form, Dabblez wants this finished right away"
    "Might I suggest the giant lizard?"
    "Good idea, we can forge some 'evidence' to support that rather easily. If we can get Miyuki, Destroyyou, Mikep, and Kheana to help, this will be no trouble at all!"
    "While you finish the forms up, i will summon Thehawt1 to create the images, as she is talented at such work."
    "Wow, a bot with initiative, how could i be so fortunate."
    "Am i to take that as a compliment?"
    "Of course, saves me barking orders all day."
    <Jaymonay grins, then returns to filling out the various questions>

    <Some time later>
    "Master, I have returned with the photos that you needed."
    "Great work, Tool! let me have a look at them."
    "Here you are Master, this folder contains the standard two images required for the claim, and one for hanging on the wall"
    <Tool of Chaos hand Jaymonay the Folder containing the images.>
    "Oh, these are good! Remind me to thank the members involved here, off the record of course."
    "Destroyyou requests 10% of the insurance money, and Thehawt1 agreed"
    "Too bad for Destroyyou then, as Hawty does not have sufficient rank to divert such funds, and thus cannot keep her word to Destroyyou."
    "Master, they really should give you a job in accounting..."
    "Nah, its way more fun chilling in the repossession department."
    "Master, my battery has run low, i must recharge."
    "As do I, this form will be mailed in the morning."
    <Jaymonay shuts off the light and falls asleep in his appartment>

    [Log ends]
    [Error:Log not found]


    ((ooc the link again for safety sake The Images))
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    Sefus: hello?...... hellooo??
    Grid Specialist: yes. sorry about that. where did you say you were?
    Sefus: Well.... I'm not sure. I can see the grid below me but I can't get to it.
    Grid Specialist: Below you? Like... you're on top of it?
    Sefus: I guess.... Every time I try to walk up or down there's a dead end.
    Grid Specialist: I will inform ICC of your pro..
    Sefus: WHAT!? ICC!??
    Grid Specialist: Yes sir. We will have to inf...
    Sefus: WHAT? Hello? WHO IS THAT!?!!
    Grid Specialist: Sir?
    Sefus: Wha??
    *mumbling in the background*
    Sefus: Jeez! That scared the crap out of me.

    Sefus picks up his comm.
    Sefus: Oh.... um.... sorry... wrong number!
    Sefus throws his comm into the next room.

    Sefus: Stupid dreams.... stupid ... i ...c ...seeeeee
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    Somewhere in Newland at 2:00 AM...

    "How goes the hunt?" asks the keeper.
    "So so, looks like I got one interested, another considering the offer. You are taking a great risk financially, with the recent scandal the company may go belly up and what you got now may already be worthless chief." replied the fixer.
    "Maybe, but it's a risk I'm willing to take. I didn't do as well as my family expected as a clan leader, perhaps as a businessman I can do a greater good for the clans."
    "Sure sure...anything else?"
    "No, let me know when you have enough secured so we can do the transfer."
    "Will do, take care."
    "You too."

    Both men go their separate ways.
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    "Bloody hell hole", Steely muttered wearily. unaware that he'd left his commlink on.

    "Sorry captain?". Leftenant Astera's reply crackled in his ears, the intense area conditions wreaking havoc with the signal.

    Steely didnt reply, he pursed his lips and surveyed the scorched, blistered landscape of inferno spread out below him from his point on the mountain top. He'd been here many times before, following the footsteps of those who had risked the journey before him. But this was the first time he had actually just stood there and looked. Rivers of lava, poisionous sulphurous water pools and long dead trees and plants dotted the landscape, as if a pyromaniac had taken a giant blowtorch over every square inch of the land and destroyed all that was good. There was none of the lush green of the lower shadowland provinces, none of the tropical feel of adonis, or the stunning crystal beauty of penumbra. it was just dead. Dead and depressing. it always amazed him that anything could live here. He fiddled with some buttons on his armor, His thoughts drifting.

    Jilien, The Black Company Doctor had told him no fighting, he needed R and R after his ordeal in the alien ship. The shuttle that he had stumbled on had returned to Rubi-ka on remote, guided down by contollers in Outzone. A cleaning crew had found him laying in the galley and unceromonously tossed him out onto the landing platform thinking he was dead. Cracking his head on concrete woke him out of his unconciousness enough to whisper into his comm for a medic. Who had bought him back to HQ, he wasnt sure.

    R and R. he shook his head, there were too many things that needed to be done. Jilien had tended to him for a day, running all the medical checks she knew, and then some she'd invented on the spot, testing his bloodwork, fitness tests, the full works. A saline drip had replenished his fluids.
    The doctor had ordered him to stay in and rest for at least 2 weeks. "two weeks!", He'd protested, but she was firm. Steely stayed in Hq for two days. waiting till the doctor was off on another errand, then sneaking out and ending up here on the the peak of the mountain surveying the hell that streached out below. The doc was going to be furious.

    A warning beep filled his ears, sparks and smoke came out of a part of his right arm armor. Steely pursed his lips harder and flipped the small panel open to reveal a mess of melted electronics. The intense heat had fried the enviromental control unit. salty sweat began to run down his face.. Shakeing his head he closed the panel, "Yuttos dont ecu" he thought to himself and left it at that.

    Steely bent over and picked up a small rock, throwing it in the air and catching it several times then tossing it over the edge. His augmented eye following the stones path till it was gone from sight. Nothing stirred below him. The stones path was his path, as the stones path was those of those who came before. The ones who came seeking enlightenment. Steely wondered breifly how many of those souls had made the journey succesfully, and how many had perished in this desolate wasteland.

    Not one to take chances he pulled his pistols out of their holsters and checked the loads. "if i must", he whispered to himself. "If i must"

    Steely Jumped.

    Xenoclast "Steelyglint" Arai

    Captain of The Black Company.

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