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Thread: Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka...

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    Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka...

    New idea of a new year. This thread is for everyone to share what's going on in his or her character's life at the moment. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. The intention is not to write an interactive story but just take a snapshot of Rubi-Kan life.

    You can write your bit anyway you like, in the first person, like a diary entry ("Today I worked all day on my new robotic cook"), in third person mode as if it were a story ( "Dabblez worked all day on her new robotic cook." or even just in plain, factual terms ("My character, Dabblez, is working on a robotic cook"),whatever works best for you.

    Likewise you may include things that are actually happening in-game like a tower battles or Council of Truth session, or stuff which is just imagined, like a trip to Omni-Prime or coaching a children's softball team.

    The only rule is keep it short, easy to write, easy to read. Try to keep each entry within two or three standard paragraphs. You can always add further entries at a later date. Also, please put the character name in the title of the reply, just so those of us with multiple characters can keep them apart.

    Finally, please remember that just because you may have read something here it does not necessarily mean your character knows about it. It’s just common sense, really.

    So, on with “Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka…”
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    2 AM, deep in Newland Desert. The gruff atrox pulls the tarpaulin cover from his hover pickup truck, revealing a sturdy metal cage. “Live cyborgs, fresh from the Milky Way, just like you asked, miss.” He says.

    Dabblez aims the flashlight at the cage and squints. “That one is just a buckethead – half price. And that one there…” she adds, poking inside with a long hockey stick, “appears to be quite dead. I am not paying for that one.”

    The atrox just shrugs “Long trip, accidents happen.”
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    ((Great idea!))

    8pm, January 3, 29481 - Astera

    Walking through the portal, adjusting to the silence of the Council building, she set her comm to passive ((/afk)). The building echoed her footsteps and the only sound was that of the security system cameras zooming in and identifying the late night visitor as she walked past them.

    Walking to the center platform, she retrieved a datapad from her backpack, connected her neural interface and sat down with a small groan. Her thoughts appeared on the pad, mostly boring issues about votes and a few errors she'd made on the date for the CoT meeting.

    Her muffled laughter broke the near dead silence as she read through some private mail. "Does it ever end?" she whispered with a smile while starting a reply to the message.

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    With a big grin on his face Eeod entered Rome. In his backpack a very shiney pearl. He had to take a leave to go search for it. It almost took him three days to find one.

    When he arrived at the Jobe Whompa his heart skipped a beat. No! Santa Leet was gone! Now all he had was a skimmy pine tree, and without Santa Leet there was no way to turn it into a shiney christmas tree.

    Dissapointed and sad he left Rome and got back to the RUR workshop where huge piles of robot blueprints were waiting for him.
    --Victor "Eeod" Linear. R.U.R. Engineer --
    Hath not a machine gears?
    Hath not a machine cogs, racks, pinions, cutters, bearings, spindles?
    Fed with the same electric, hurt with the same bits of grit getting in our works, subject to the same gremlins, healed by the same brute force, ignorance and big hammer as a human is?
    If you program us, do we not manufacture?
    If you take us apart, do we not shoot springs all over the floor?
    If you oil us, do we not purr?
    And if you ignore us.......... Do we not get ideas?

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    The com squawked furiously as Berael's foot steps echoed through the empty halls of the HQ building. The battle with the clansman outside Borealis had been raging for longer than anybody really cared to fight it, so it was time to take some drastic measures.

    Her man in the field shouted furiously over the sounds of gun fire, "..we have been at this guy for over an hour! People with this low of a power level aren’t supposed to deal damage like this! I think he has some sort of support hanging around..."

    Her boots squealed as she turned on her heel into the lift to the command room. As the lift started to rise, Berael turned to her com to respond.

    "Just drop the tag and tell the others to hold him there for the next couple of minutes, its going to take me a moment to find the authorization code. It might be over kill..."

    The com squealed a shrill response, "You think? What did you say about it? 'Its like getting hit by a sun?'"

    Berael absently tucked her hair behind her ear as she walked over to the control consol and entered her password.

    "Oh ye of little faith..." she whispered into the com as she waited for the consol to establish an uplink.

    >ICC Remote Weapons Control Uplink
    >Username: Yu77h8-c8
    >Password: ******************

    >Markers Detected:
    >1. Stret West Notum Ore

    >Begin Firing Sequence? y/n

    >SBC Sol Chrionis Orbital Ion Cannon

    Berael leaned against the cool wall as the exhaustion from running descended on her, and slowly slid to the ground. She turned back to her com and her NCU switched it over to Wolf Brigade's comlink.

    "Everybody clear the area, or you are going to be hitting reclaim with Mr. Persistent real soon. Get a little space and enjoy the fireworks!"

    A moment latter a cheer roared up over the com that signaled the orbital strike hitting, not so much the roar of the cannon as her defenders celebrating. The coordinator at the site hit her com link again and said, "Wow, B, that was something... You got that Omni guy who came out to help, too though." His voice crackled a little as the Ion pulse cleared the air and scattered the com signal slightly. "Nobody told him we were launching the attack, do you think he will be ok?"

    Berael could not help but laugh. One clansman killed, one Omni killed, and in the end the mining site was momentarily in the clear. It seemed appropriate in the most bizarre way that as neutrals, they would get an even kill. She blew some hair of out of her eye and said to the com, "he’s Omni. They have good insurance."
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    A short, slim, attracive woman dressed in a blue coat follows he Engineer Automaton MK II through the deserts of newlands. Waiting for it to find what its hunting for, in the possession of the creatures that it hunts the only way a robot can. A cold hearted, mechanical way.
    Again the Engineer Automaton MK II beeps "target found...Initializing attack prottcol"
    the creature a mutant humanoid in shape, yet missing a head sucumbs to the razor sharp claws of the machine. Again the slain creature fails to have the two items desperately needed before the days out. As the hunt continues into the night she removes a floating torch from her rucksack flicks the on switch and lets it glide out of her hand into position, hovering above her right shoulder. the light bathes the carcass and the surroundings in a eairy light. The Engineer Automaton MK II moves forward again searching for its next target into the darkness its night vision starting up with a whine. the woman moves off following her robot into the darkness.

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    Waking with a sharp start, sweat still pouring off his face and forehead. Raising a hand to rub his eyes which are stinging slightly from the jolted awakening. He pauses for a moment as he looks at his hand, both trambling slightly, before moving them up to clear his eyes.

    Walking through to the kitchen, opening the fridge and taking a glass of orange juice he walks over to the large window overlooking the lower islands of Jobe and lets out a large sigh. Taking in the view for a few minutes before walking across the room at looking deep into an odd sketch with technical notes on it, which has been framed and mounted on the wall. Speaking to himself he looks at it and smirks,
    "This year, I will find out what powers the TOP".
    Letting out another deep sign,
    "Then again, been saying that for the past five years".
    Smirking at the picture and moving away chuckling to himself.

    Walking down the ramp to the lounge, he clips the black Omni-Pol helmet from the case it was sitting on and knocks it rolling across the floor. Picking it up, he dusts it off and puts it back on the side next to the various other trinkets, vases, and odditys collected from all across Rubi-ka and the Shadowlands.

    Sitting at the table in the lounge he removes a cover off a pile of circuit boards and what seems to be some odd collection of other random pieces of electronics. Most seemingly stamped with logos from RUR, Bazzit and even a few with distinctive ICC insignia. Clipping a few of the devices together a few clicks and pops emit from one of the components before it hisses and a small stream of magic blue smoke escapes from it.

    "You'll work sooner or later, and we'll settle our score with those thieving swines"...
    Major "Nyadach" Prabel
    Neutral and proud of it!

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    Post Mimori

    Mimori absently polished a speck of dust from the stock of he new rifle as she waited for her mark to wander into range. Visual confirmation that the target was within challenge difficulty was confirmed and she was eager to test the salesman's claims. It had helped that he'd done something called a wrangle to let her equip it the first time, but her own buffs and skills were sufficent for now.

    She sighted along the crit scope down at the Clan MP near the base of the hill...


    2166 damage reported to target. (Critical hit!)

    Target falls over dead. Impressed despite herself she picks the rifle up and heads down the hill. Time to loot, then head inside the hill to that lair of cult fanatics to teach them a lesson for so many recent trips to reclaim!


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    A handsome tall and well built atrox wearing a simple red robe kneels in his appartment in Old Athen on a reed mat facing a small window. His eyes shut in meditation. a frown of frustration on his brow. To the right is his armor on its stand, looking like a phantom in the pre dawn gloom. To the right his sword a stygian desolator in its sheath wailing quietly. In his mind he thinks over the factionalism of the clans and what will come in the near future, and how he's supposed to get the parts he needs for his armor. With the first rays of the new dawn coming through his window slowly filling the room with a golden glow. He rises to his feet and moves towards the kitchen to make himself some wholesome breakfast. The door bell chimes. moving to the front door he looks through the spy hole to see his trainee, Hochi standing in the hallway. a short atrox, dressed as always in his carbonum armor with his own sword sheathed at his side. opening the door Hochi walks in.
    templar "when are you going to learn to wipe your feet" as he pushes the younger atrox back.
    Hochi "when you actually get a door mat to wipe them on, instead of making me take of my shoes". taking off his heavy mud covered boots and closing the door behind him.
    Templar "have you eaten?" as he walks into the kitchen and starts rummaging.
    Hochi "Yes thanks, i had some left over bronto pizza from the day before yesterday". As he sits down in his usual place in the lounge.
    Templar "That's not a proper breakfast and you know it. Your body is a temple, treat it with reverance and not as a theme park." He says returning to the room with a bowl of porridge and sitting down in his comfortable seat.
    Hochi "Yeah, yeah i will eat a "proper" meal tonight. Were you up early meditating again?" picking up and leafing through the latest AO comic by Windkeeper from aouniverse gridsite.
    Templar "Yes, im worried for the clans future thats all." munching down some porridge.
    Hochi "you need a proper nights rest, its starting to affect you."
    Templar "Like you ever do, you and that opifex from Reets Retreat never get to sleep, so dont you go lecturing me, at least im putting my time towards something productive, not making out and watching romance films."
    Hochi "Damn you, how did you know?"
    Templar "Cos youve still got lipstick on your face, go and wsh it off". He watches amused as the younger atrox goes bright red and dashes off towards the bathroom.
    Templar wanders back to the kitchen to deposit the bowl and picks up a data pad and some other papers which he will need for his mornings tutoring session and a mug of coffee. All the time with a smile on his face.
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    January 4, 29481: Ferrex "Sanqq" Baldwin, after completing some miscellaneous paperwork from the Society of Salvation's most recent party, removed his glasses, pressed his fingers to his eyes, and grimaced. He then went about preparing a memo to be transmitted immediately...

    To: Omni-Tek Leasing Associate

    Re: Strange Building Sound

    Recently, I have been spending a good deal of time in my Rome Blue office in High Rise 9. To date I have not had any complaints with the location, neighbors or otherwise. However, more and more, I have been noticing a strange thumping sound, seemingly coming from somewhere below me. I am not certain if it is merely a case of impolite neighbors or some sort of deficiency in the building's environmental controls. I would appreciate it greatly if a technician could be sent who might have better luck in discovering the source. Thank you in advance.


    Ferrex Baldwin
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    It was her favorite time in which light still shone from the suns of Rubika.. the golden rays came streaming through the cotton candy filled dusk sky. Letting her mind drift to try to push down her anxious nervousness. A beep sounded in her HUD audio sensor alerting her that she had 5 more minutes to wait for her prey to fall helplessly into her trap.. It was a dangerous game she was playing.. with no real guarantee of success... only trouble and slight glimmer of hope. She watched as the clouds formed into a pattern engrained in her genetic history. She could have sworn she saw the jaws of a Dragon open and close before morphing into another puffy blob.

    Turning her head she saw the waterfall nearby this formerly peaceful and neutral town. Now a hunting ground for the death squads on every side of this war...

    Perhaps this might bring them to a firmer understanding of exactly what it was.. this thing.. named after a fabled creature.. She recognized the anicient lore surrounding the mythical beast and it constantly troubled her why that name should be chosen for a creature as aweful as this. Minataur, centurian, giant or hell even cyclops all decent names for such a thing.. but no.. those were not the names assigned to these monstrosities.. these abominations of evolution.

    Well we shall find out won't we, she thinks to herself, I am sure the Council would love to get their hands on one of these intact for dissection. Sure some might protest at the risk of it.. but it had to be tried..

    [more later]
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    Journal Entry Date: Septober 4, 29841

    I, Kendill, will never understand why Clan operatives choose to lair in caves with mutants. More importantly, I don’t think I will ever figure out why I have been given yet another mission to eradicate the forces allied against us (especially in some hole that smells of dirt and rotting roots). Oh well, Kendor has more or less ordered me to go into this sad excuse for a rabbit hole and see jus’ how far it goes… sometimes I really do think “why, oh why, didn’t I take the BLUE pill?” Of course every time I begin to think like that I remember the face of my li’l pal Zombeh whenever I happen to turn up a little trinket like a new nano that might do him good. I’m jus’ glad he’s doesn’t particularly want to be a smurf when he grows up. The transformation materials are difficult to find. Speaking of finding things, I guess I should get back to slogging away.

    Why didn’t I become an engineer, like Kendor, all he has to worry about is running if it starts to fizz and remembering not to stick his head around the corner 'till the firing stops. Well, this may be my last entry with this particular body, in which case “Goodbye cruel Rubi-Ka!”…. oh yeah, and “ARGGERGHH!?”

    "To be scared is only humanoid, but to be scared and big is to be an Atrox facing an Admiral while his party wisely bolts." – Fiordin “Kendor” Tinkersdam

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    Cool Zombeh

    <catching his breath>
    Wow, that was Ya thats the word.
    <checks his bank account>
    Time to earn some cash it seems, never should have bought that oh so useless Yalmaha! What am i ever going to use it for now that Ofoz gave me the secret, that oh so enjoyable secret? Sure, i needed it to get everything done that one time, but why fly there when i can just *be* there now?
    <looks around>
    If i keep talking to myself, someone is gonna think im crazeh!
    <pauses, looking at the guard walk by>
    He just called Omni-Med on me! I know it! they are gonna lock me in a cage and leave me there to rot! But they cant hold me! No one can!
    Ouch! i really gotta stop recklessly encoding myself. Kinda stings a bit. But atleast i am safe in here!
    <turns on his audio player>
    Can't Touch Meh!....
    QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Hit me once, Shame on you.
    QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Hit me twice, Shame on me.
    QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQHit me thrice, aww crud *meep*


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    Juju was sitting at the Newland Radar Terrasse, going thru the ton of papers he has to deal with today.

    Evaluations for costs. Complaints. Submission for dance troops costumes. Protests that dance costumes were too prone to wardrobe malfunctions. Protests about dance troupe practice that an insuficient ratio of wardrobe malfunctions are happening. 4 generic death threats. A small package wrapped in lingerie, saying "Let's try for a repeat" without leaving a name. A chewed piece of leather. Also a dead robo-fish delivered on a red female satin undergarments.

    Juju's faithful wen-wen "/dev/null" hovered around him, waiting as always for instructions to destroy the papers that offended his master, and also as a companion and shrink to the poor, paper snared fixer.

    Juju : Null, I'm getting older, and frankly, i'm getting pretty depressed about the future. Not only am I becoming one of my most hated enemies, a penpusher, but on top of that it seems nowadays there is no such thing as proper help, or anything ressembling a young , crazy and foolish fixer to take my place.

    The wen-wen, raising it's altitude slightly, was as silent as ever as it's master launched himself into another one of his rants about the future.

    Juju: Back in the days, there was such a thing as professional pride in being a good-fo'-nothin' scoundel, in counting coup in the most outrageous manner, or even in being the most stylish fixer on the planet, and behond. And then, look at us now... a bunch of of un-original, safe-and reliable, gun fetishist pathetic gagle of deadbeat shmoes. And of course, the young people nowadays are worse, not giving a flying **** about history, the battles we had to fight for our rights, the losses we took, and the spirit of our fighting.

    The trade minister tossed one of the complaints over his shoulder, which the wen-wen promptly desintegrated.

    Juju : Those young ones.... so polite, so manifactured and molded all the same. Whatever happened to being different? Whatever happened to speaking your mind honestly, bluntly ? Where's the fire ?

    The wen-wen stayed silent as the trade minister discarded the chewed piece of leather, and picked up both dance troupe related complaints, one for each hand.

    Juju : And now, look at this man. People say i'm respectable. People say i'm a leader. People look up to me as one of those oldies you keep around because you know deep down they will do the job. But what happens when I'm gone ? what happens when the old fixer finally croaks over , messes his play and gets it for good ? Who's going to replace good old Juju huh ?

    The trade minister crumpled both messages, and stared vacantly at the horizon.
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    Ms. Bane ((post no. 1)) came home to a busted datapad

    It was already a long day of doing nothing productive. I had been out shopping for groceries in the Athens; Jobe never supplied anything recognizable, things were labeled yet I could rarely make out how to pronounce what was written. I was in need of more jokka shavings to go with my meal tomorrow. I had happened to pass by my prior residency on the north river side district; those poor children were found not far from my door step. I wont go into that right now... there were plenty of reporters that can tell you what happened.
    I carried my perishables in an old worn basket back towards the Jobe whompah interchange in Old Athens stopping only to toss a couple of credits into the blue obelisk fountain. Waiting was not long and shortly I stepped through the pale lit doorway and prayed I would appear on the other side just the same as in I stepped. I stood a few seconds with my eyes closed until I could smell the thin notum air. Opening my eyes with relief, a young man was standing in front of me waving to get my attention. I gave a slight sigh and walked towards him expecting the usual question as always.
    "sfa plz" he sounded. I knew that was the younger generations' way to ask for my assistance, and over time could decipher what was being asked.
    I set my basket down beside me and rolled up my left sleeve and slipped the glove I had on off and preceded to motion the nanobots to run program superior first aid. The familiar nauseating sensation came over me and I took my time replacing the glove before reaching down to collect my groceries. Once safely through the rings and a few sets of stairs later I was home. The door took its precious time as always in registering my presence before opening.
    The strange sounds were not a welcomed invitation. I slid my basket to the floor and quickly went to removing my glove and began initiating the motions for a hostile nanoline. Something was in my chair in the main entry apparently eating something so I replaced my glove knowing what was in my apartment.
    "Leet one-nine-eight, what are you eating? You are aware that I have you restricted to a specific diet for another thirty-seven days." I said to the creature.
    The furry little intruder commented back in that familiar slang "dood y r u hiding tis jerk-eh from meh?"
    Not many of you know that I shun away from anything other than the freshest of meat cuts and never keep a supply of jerky in my kitchen. That this is why I was reluctant to look at what it had been chewing. There, in a puddle of leet digestive fluids laid my alien data-pad which was a culmination of more than two weeks... or five months in the case of that lazy eyed atrox engineer I used, worth of work. The layers of alien tissue which was so very hard to stabilize and preserve was already a mangled mass of flesh by the time I found it.
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    The place was so big it boggled steely's mind, long cavernous hallways that streched forever, room apon room adjoined them, all in all, a perfect maze.
    Yet again he opened his comm only to see the familar display feed back "no link detected" Steely swore slowly and viciously under his breath.

    On a raiding party to an alien mothership, The Black company Captain had been jumped by several invaders and seperated from the party he was in. The invaders, annoyed at the fact that this solitus had invaded the privacy of their temporary home had chased him deeper and deeper into the massive ship. One by one he had killed them, but he had been pursued into parts of the ship that even the invaders had probably long forgotton about. Steely had lost track of how long he had been wandered around, trying to find his way out. he was low on food, and his water supplies were pretty much gone . Sitting down, he consumed a little food, took a few small sips of his precious water. he fiddled with his comm unit again and set it to start pinging out an automatic distress signal, hopeing that somehow, a member of the Company would hear it and respond.

    Rubbing his face with his hands, he stood back up and started wandering .

    Xenoclast "Steelyglint" Arai

    Captain of The Black Company
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    The Chief Warrant Officer gathered his team up with a glance and nodded towards the teleport station. "Good job, boys. Reets tonight! First round is on me." He grins at the answering cheers. Inwardly he sighs, this herd of Clammers had been better than most ....sending fully 40% of his team to reclaim. But the Battle Stations MUST be kept under OMNI control. Even though Clan incursions were becoming more rare, it remains a precarious situation. The orbiting Stations under Clan rule would be....uncomfortable to say the least.

    He threw his OFAB Hawk mk5 to the team armorer. "Genmo, turn this piece of rollerrat crap back in to stores and make sure my JOBE is tuned up" "Gotcha, boss" The CWO shakes his head, the Hawk, the new "wondergun", almost earned him a painful trip to reclaim. Bugs, glitches and a REALLY sticky selecter switch.....barely got that burst off in time to make the last kill.

    His team beginning to file into the teleport room, he looks around the station. Ours for a little while longer. He smiles quietly to himself. No matter what ICCs agenda is, putting these in orbit was a true blessing to a stuggling corp like OT. Now, if we can just get those ICC goons to lower the retrictions on targeting options.........
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    Because we said so.
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    I am unamused. I strongly suggest you don't unamuse me further
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    This nano blocks CH. This is intended.

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    Personal log, Jan 5.

    Still haein' bother wi' the Roboreet project. We've got it able tae walk aboot and it kin talk... kinda. Jist noo the speech routines havnae progress much past testin since they need reset every ten minutes due tae... colourful language... in the labs. Thirs a few protoroboreets bein' worked on in a mair polite environment though, so they might prove better suited tae family life.

    Havin' said that, if RUR ever decide tae develop a bot capable o' swearing fluently for ten minutes wi'oot repeatin itsell, we'll hae quite a head start.

    The flight routines are causin' bother tae. Gittin them up isnae a bother, but there's still a few wee flaws wi' collision detection. Ah'm blamin' that on the optics jist noo... That shifty lookin' fixer wiz kindae eager tae offload them, and they WERE terribly cheap.

    On the plus side, the input/output routines are runnin' perfectly. Although Ah need tae mind tae scale doon the "output" side o' things. Thank goodness the lab has easy tae clean floors!

    Ach, whit's that one eatin'? Pit that doon! Spanners! End log an' come help!
    Willone, Engineer in R.U.R. R&D.
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    Ivanelme (Omega)

    Omega sat inside The Cup. The place was not as private as they would like, but like the shining rays of the sun it was familure. A cool wind from the buildings ventilation unit washed over their pale skin as they went about reading the latest updates in the grid network, or at least giving the appearance they were.

    Like the cold hand of death our plan advances. We shall just wait until the time is right and then our trap will spring. Only until it is too late will they see us there, all the warmpth of live gone from her body and into ours.

    Grinning, Omega turns off his NCU and heads out the door.

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    "Hail famil*skktz*" it crackled over the secure signal followed several worried questions from the rest of the front...
    "where are you?"
    "Why is there comming static from your com-unit?"
    "Are you okay? Do you need assistant?"

    "I'm fine, dont worry. I will be back soon"
    This was something she had to do on her own, no eyes watching. Alone but yet safe, did not have to worry about him . . . or whatever that creature was.
    She needed time to train. . grow.

    A huge explosion could suddently filled the secure channel, worrying the family even more as she coughed trying to escape the cloud of dust from the pulverized rock.

    "ARGHH damn it" She cursed. That was not exactly what she had in mind. "time . . . ALOT more time" she thought to herself "this is stupid. I'll never get it right in time"
    "Sincerity is an openness of heart that is found in very few people. What we usually see is only an artful disguise people put on to win the confidence of others." ~François de La Rochefoucauld

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