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Thread: Lost Eden FAQ 7 - Notum Wars Additions

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    Lost Eden FAQ 7 - Notum Wars Additions

    1. So how do we get bombing raids and orbital strikes?

    These are available to organisations and require the purchase of a laser tag and for the org to own a city plot so they have a HQ building.

    2. So where do we buy the laser tag?

    These are available in the victory point vendors in the Tower Shops

    3. So how do we use them?

    Someone in the org must place the laser tag in a valid land control area. Then a ranking officer in the guild can use the new terminals in the organisation HQ room to call up the GUI that lists all available tags. They can then choose the tag and fire at that location.

    A huge area attack will be launched at that location.

    4. Wont the enemy see the laser tag?

    No its invisible to others so they wont know where you placed it.

    5. What about the SAM batteries?

    These are available in the premade towers vendor in the Tower Shops. These can be placed in your land control area and once active give you a 50% to shoot down any enemy bombing craft that might attempt to launch a raid.

    6. Are the attacks powerful?

    Very! don't expect to live if you get caught in one!

    7. Won't these be overpowered?

    They require careful co-ordination between two people, and there is a 15 minute lockout timer on the organisation so they cannot be spammed, timing them correctly will be vital.
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