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Thread: OTPC: Tarkhan Zora's Speech

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    OTPC: Tarkhan Zora's Speech

    OTPC: Tarkhan Zora's Speech
    December 03, 29480 - [Global]

    OTPC - We at OTPC took the Liberty of Recording Tarkhan Zora's "State of the Corporation" speech for your reading:

    Employees of Omni-Tek! We are at war, and it is in my best interests to protect what we hold dear.

    In the past few months, our technological advancements are coming along in leaps and bounds thanks to an increased ability to harness both what this planet owes us, and what we take from those who seek to oppose us. Our skies are getting darker, but we are working with the ICC to sanction the use of advanced military hardware on Rubi-Ka.

    We will defend both against the clans and the alien threat, right now, the placement of Goliath class battle stations is taking place in orbit of this planet, we will secure as many as possible, all four if need be and use them to take control of the skies and the land.

    The weapons on these stations can take out land and air targets alongside revolutionary armour and defensive capabilities. It is up to you, colleagues of Omni-Tek to assist in the defense of these stations and ensuring that they do not fall into Clan hands.

    The neutrals at this time do not pose a threat and quite frankly would be best to either sign up to the nearest Omni-Tek recruiter or if they're thinking of oppositional action, save us the trouble and shoot themselves or ask the nearest Unicorn officer to do so.

    These stations will last a hundred years, and when we renew our lease in forty-nine years we will ensure that these stations are operational and once again, under our control. The future of Omni-Tek is in safe hands, the future of Omni-Tek is in Unicorn hands and we will press forth under a banner of strength, integrity and an unyielding iron fist against opposers.

    Phillip Ross, one of the most influential men in Omni-Tek's history has shown little progress out of his coma as a result of the attempt on his life. As a result, Omni-Med Command on Omni-Prime requested his transfer back to his home planet and subsequently he was moved at 0600 on Friday.

    Under jurisdiction from Omni-Prime and Omni-Admin, my interim leadership has hereby been upgraded to complete Chief Executive Officer Status of Omni-Tek's Operations on Rubi-Ka for an indefinite period of time. While I wish Former CEO Ross a speedy recovery he will not be coming back to oversee Omni-Tek's interest in Rubi-Ka.

    As a result of this, I hereby remind all Omni-Tek employees that we are at war with the clans. Any fraternization of your colleagues or conversations that aren't done via a series of bullets or attacks must be reported to your nearest Omni-Reform officer so that said individuals can be corrected for their behavior and sent down the right path. It is imperative that we draw a line between friend and foe. Omni-Tek is your friend; the Clans are your foe.

    Omni-Pol, Omni-AF and subsequent tactical divisions have reported a total of one thousand, eight hundred and sixty-one sentinels killed since Ms Serugiusu started offering assignments in Omni-Trade. The high volume amount of deaths has forced the clans to review their tactical procedures, NOW is the time to strike against those who seek to oppose us. NOW is time to rise up and defend your corporation, your shares and interests. NOW is the downfall of the Clans at OUR hands!

    Our notum profits are at an all time high, grossing almost 100 billion a week, we're buying new security and weaponry from the Primus Shipyards and Armouries. Technology that can wipe this planet clean of any threat that is upon us. We are the superior race, we have the superior power and we own this planet. This planet owes its notum to us and we will take every last bit of it ensuring that our employees, our needs prosper above all else. We will keep enough to allow our nanomage colleagues to survive but ensure that we quell the opposition that is attempting to gain a foothold upon this planet. The Alien threat is upon us, and is growing ever stronger, with news of a massive attack force due to reach our skies in little under two weeks.

    Rome Red suffered massive losses from the onslaught that took place on the nineteenth of November and we are taking every step necessary to ensure that the estimated total of six million aliens does not threaten Omni-Tek territory. Omni-Trans sent a hyperspace fleet from the Morningstar station to intercept our weapons shipment and Goliath Battle station from the Targor system last week, but as you know, this was frowned upon by the ICC who stated that we would have to assist in the transportation of the weapons intended for all factions of Rubi-Ka.

    I for one will not support assisting the Clans or the Neutrals. Infact Omni-Tek employees found to be assisting them will be tantamount to betrayal; the only allowance of conversation between you and them is either in an attempt to get them to the nearest Omni-Reform station, or to give them a head start to run away before you shoot them.

    Betrayers of Omni-Tek will be dealt in the same way as opposers, warrant for arrest, reformation, and depending upon severity, permadeath. Consider it within your own interests to stay loyal to the company that has looked after you for so long or find yourself faced against the iron fist.

    We have always lead the way in technological advancements, rising far beyond clan and neutral theft of our technology. We set the standard and others follow, come the arrival of our Goliath Stations, we will be introducing factional research. This will allow us to work further into the development of clan and neutral extermination techniques. This will be based on the knowledge that you learn out and about on this planet and in the Shadow lands and I expect that you, as loyal employees, will use as much as the experience you can to further your benefits. If we were to fall behind, it may result in us having to make the decision to employ stronger enforcement techniques to ensure that the clans do not gain further liberties within our territory.

    While currently against ICC Regulation, we are working within the supreme ICC Court, to get the Omni-Tek Flagship; The Constanople and a squadron of the Omni-Tek fleet here to further put the fear into the Clans and Neutrals. As some of you may know, the Constanople itself is an Ion Cannon equipped vessel, and will allow us an added bonus in defense. It is a case of when we can get it legalized by the ICC.

    The time is now for our rise, our success and our ultimate domination of all opposition, the fate of Omni-Tek is in your hands. Since Omni-Tek's acquisition of this planet, our profits have seen an increase of over five hundred percent in the exportation of resources.

    Notum is THE resource of the corporation, one which we will ensure that we have a complete grasp over, once the full four holes mines have been reclaimed we will resume full exportation of the notum resources available on this planet. Our outpost here is increasing in power; Omni-Prime's realization of this has meant that they are further creating space stations closer and closer to this position. It won't be long before this planet will be deep within Omni-Tek territory and we can call upon the company to flood this planet with Omni-Tek personnel and outnumber our enemies one thousand to one.

    I can guarantee, that even as we stand here, there are people recording this conversation, ready to pass on to their neutral and clan masters. So know this, Neutrals and Clans; seek employment with Omni-Tek, or seek termination. That is all.

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    Are we hitting the bottom yet ?
    Server first !!! Neutral Solitus Male Soldier named Boltgun to wear a short with pink spots on RK1 !!!
    N E U T R A L I Z E R S

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    Prime really took Ross out of the picture... a shame.

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    In case ya'll didn't catch it, that was an open decloration of war from omni aginst Clans and Nuets.

    Should I say "I told you so" now or wait till they blast Bori and Old Athen?
    Point Blank

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    I think we should wait and do nothing.

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    Zora is a power blind prick. I for one do not want Omni-Tek in the hands of the unicorns. Nor do I think Zora's new "plans" about clans and neuts are a good thing. It wouldn't surpirse me if he arranged for Ross to be shipped off planet just because he was starting to show signs of recovery. My loyalty is to Omni-Tek, NOT the unicorn company or Zora. Omni-Tek protects, Omni-Tek saves, but Zora and the Unicorns are doing none of these. Zora is just a war-mongerer, who is useing Omni-Tek for his personal goals of money and power. Togeather we stand, divided we fall, and Zora is dividing us. Zora-Omni-Tek does not protect... it does the compleate opposite and makes us vulnerable.
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    Zora is an extention of the will of Omni-Prime. Your corporation wants a war. The Unicorn Company removed Ross and is now giving Prime what it wants.

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    I've a bad feeling about this.

    It wouldn't surpirse me if he arranged for Ross to be shipped off planet just because he was starting to show signs of recovery.
    You know, it wouldn't suprise me if they also arranged the shooting of Ross.
    This was a Declaration of War against all free-minded people of Rubi-Ka, too. Of all fractions, of all kinds.
    We'll see what happens next.
    A bullet may have your name on it, but a grenade is addressed To Whom it May Concern.

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    The chance for peace in this conflict has been lost forever.

    Victory or Death is now the only possible way. The clans will win this fight. No matter the cost to our bodies. Our minds. Our souls. We will never give in. Never surrender never back down! WE WILL DRIVE OMNI TEK OFF THIS PLANET FOREVER!

    It is time for everyone to make a decision on where they stand. This speech leaves zero room for interpertaion. With OT or Against them. What is it going to be?

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    Crowd Control

    Omni-Tek's Unicorn squad had to do some serious crowd control. They had a full line of commanders spread out just to keep people at distance. Oh how I wish some clan members got violent, it would have been so much more entertaining to see Unicorns massacre a crowd of clan members.

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    I can guarantee, that even as we stand here, there are people recording this conversation, ready to pass on to their neutral and clan masters. So know this, Neutrals and Clans; seek employment with Omni-Tek, or seek termination. That is all.
    <starts to wet his pants from panic> i need a towel!
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    I can see this new ...."attitude" ripping families apart. The neutrals exist for a reason, to live in peace, and not war. I for one think we should leave them to their beliefs. THey go on their daily lives not harming a soul. And now were punishing them for that? For that I am ashamed that I belong to the corporation.
    Tresa "Cylie" Burke

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    Oi Zora! Sod orf back to Prime will you and give us Ross back. Fine he didn't play by the rules and actally sought peace, but sheesh he makes you look like a slow trox in a closed box full of treacle trying to work out why he can't swim.

    Ross understood the neutrals. He knew we weren't a threat. He knew we just wanted to be left alone. Its your war, not ours! We never wanted to be part of it so stop trying to drag us into it.

    Look at this utter pile of rollerrats droppings for what it is. Nothing but mindless drum beating. And idiots like Zora are the ones who need to be removed from the corporation, not people like Ross. Ross was a good man stabbed in the back by mindless power grabbing thugs. Betrayed by his own corporation. If he was fit enough to sign the initial order to get the battlestations deployed on Rubi-ka AFTER he was shot, then he's perfectly fine to stay here and put this low life Zora in his place.

    And the ICC. Where are they now? they made a promise to the neutral population to "defend neutral citizens and property from Clan and Omni-Tek aggression". Zora has just declared war on the neutral populace. He has taken Borealis. What more does it take for you fools to understand what aggression is? You made a promise or don't you remember? I bloody well do as I was there when you made it to us. Now get off you backsides and do what you promised or as this leet on this hill here is my witness, you will pay as heavily as Omni-Tek will for breaking your promise. We might not have an army like the Clans, or even military forces of any kind. But don't ever oppress us as just like a monarch rollerrat cornered, we will always go out fighting if necessary!
    Major "Nyadach" Prabel
    Neutral and proud of it!

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    *dies laffing*
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    Quote Originally Posted by CEO Tarkhan Zora
    We are the superior race, we have the superior power and we own this planet.
    And they call me the mental one in the corporation.

    I also suggest he hire someone better then a 3 year old to write his "important speeches" ((read: Lost Edan Advertisement)) because it had no flow and since I don't have ADHD, I found it hard to follow.
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    The lunatic is in charge of the asylum, if there was ever a time in my life i was ashamed to be an employee of omni-tek its now. Oh Phillip Ross, where art tho?
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    War it is then, i expected nothing less from a puppet, damn omni scum, well i'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees in submission to Omni-tek and their omega masters.

    TO ARMS!.

    Xenoclast "Steelyglint" Arai

    Captain of The Black Company

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    Man, this is the best example of shooting your own foot off, I have EVER SEEN!!!

    I love to live in interesting times. =)
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    As a former employee of Omni-Drek, I welcome their declaration of war, because I don't see any ideal methods for them to attack Old Athen. And if they don't crush our cultural center, they don't crush our spirit - which is really what Omlet Prime is fighting. This is a war of ideology, the clans a philosophical movement against the very notion that things as complex as people and planets can be owned and used like cattle and soda cans.

    Omni-Tek's raping of Rubi-Ka is coming full circle, with all the weird crap in the Shadowlands that threatens the fabric of the planet's existence and the fact the aliens are pissy because of OT's insistence of exploiting the terrible and wondrous place that the Shadowlands is.

    The freedom, understanding and embracement of common humanity that the clans stand for could be our salvation. But I think it's far more likely that the consuming-producing economic animal that is Omni-Tek will see us destroyed when Rubi-Ka and the Shadowlands implode in on each other in the planet's final revolt against it's abuse. Or, failing that, we will all be slaughtered at the hands of alien invaders before the world dies from its injuries.

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    I'm starting to think the best thing to do would be stick Zora and Silverstone in a room together to duke it out, then lock the room and throw away the key, maybe then we'd all have a better life...
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