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Thread: Symbiants?

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    I know MP's have access to three types of symbiants... Control, support and extermination I think... But which of these symbiants are best for each slot?

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    Here is Ebagmp's:

    It'll prolly never happen, but meh, it's a goal.

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    Depends partly on your breed, weapon choice, whether you PvP a lot, mostly solo or group, whether you tradeskill... and sometimes implants are more useful in some slots than symbiants...

    Need a bit more info about what you're after to tell you which is best really.

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    In general control is better then support and everything is better then exterm.

    Never ever ever use exterm unless your saving money.

    As far as support vs control... IF there is a skill on the support symb that isnt on the control symb and you realy need it use support otherwise use control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebag333 View Post
    Here is Ebagmp's:

    It'll prolly never happen, but meh, it's a goal.
    Are there any MP's that can actually put in Intelligent symbiants?
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    There are a couple things to consider:

    Support symbs have no evades - therefor, Control/Exterm symbs are better in "evade" slots - foot, waist, legs

    Control Brains, Eye and Ears are the best, once you can get a QL250 Control Brain in, thats probably good enough

    AddAllDef slots (Arms and Foot) often conflict with things like AddAllOff, NanoDelta and Healdelta. The Deltas are important, AddAllOff only marginally so. Look for symbs that don't sacrifice deltas but NEVER EVER give up an AddAllDef slot. If you must implant in arm slots for weapon skills, use AddAllDef clusters

    If you want Conceal, you need Control Eye, Ear and Foot. You already should be looking for these symbs, as they are, in my opinion the best symbs in those slots in game, unless you're an AS user.

    What have we learned? Except at times when no good symb is available in your levelling/cash situation (for example you might not have the money for a control eye prior to QL210), Control Symbs are almost always the best, unless you need the slot for weapon skills. There are several situations where you would not want a control symbiant:

    1) You need the slot for weapon skills or the eye for AS in TL7 PvP (TL4/5 you should be using shield/parry stick probably)
    2) For reasons of missing QLs or hard to reach stats (int/psy/sense on a trox or something) you can equip a radically higher symbiant which does not sacrifice addalldef/evades. You can make an arguement for a QL300 evade imp in leg/feet for trox vs a 220 symb (I dont know if trox MP can hit the 250 control leg/feet), but it depends on how you gear your overall character I think.
    3) You just need ALOT more of some specific skill and symbs give a bunch of useless skills that you dont need.

    Quote Originally Posted by Davias View Post
    Are there any MP's that can actually put in Intelligent symbiants?
    I imagine with all the twinking items that yes, especially a omni soli or opi MP could hit 300 in some slots. Odins is uber, OT Gunship and Str/Stam sleeves are uber and Opifex Agi/Sense are uber. One of the keys is tiering your twinking process - twink in a higher QL eye and ear and you've got a little more int/psy/treatment, then twink a little brain for more int/psy/treatment then use those extra stats to get in a higher ear, and repeat (for example).
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    Check my sig. Used to have a 280 control eye and 270 control right arm. Thats what I am currently using. I do believe control leg is better, but I would have had to settle with a lower and with that lower evades.
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    Control is the best for most spots I would think. Support left arm, if you're using bow.

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    At 214, I'm using Control almost everywhere, except for 3 spots:

    Brain, there is the gap between 200 and 250 Control brains, so I'm using support here. Can't get the 1k abilities at once (yet )

    Right wrist: Custom-made Pistol-Burst-Fling implant, since the symbs don't offer anything here.

    Left wrist: Exterm, because it adds Projectile damage. You lose multiranged and a bit of nanoresi from a customized imp, but the add projectile damage jobe cluster is expensive, while the Exterm symb is kinda cheap.

    Pistol user obviously, but this perfect fit is one reason I like my pistols, you don't have any conflicts with AAD/Eye symb and get to use the buffing pistols as well.

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