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Thread: BOOKMARKS: Guides, References, & More!

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    BOOKMARKS: Guides, References, & More!

    The Great Meta-Physicist Lexicon of Links!

    This is meant to consolidate our sticky threads, and to maybe provider a better method for linking important sites, threads, and other useful information for MPs.

    MP Guide (by XtremTech) (Thread) {Edit by Dancingrage: This guide is very intensive, going into IP expenditures and many things an up-and-coming MP might want to read, but it's effectiveness stops at about AI with inclusion of Rihwen's stats. Does not include LE/LoX.)

    The Little MP Guide by Dancingrage (discussion thread)

    HOWTO: The Rihwen

    HOWTO: Process of Spawning Bosses

    HOWTO: Soloing Hard MOBs
    (of note in the thread, Davias's Post)

    LE Proc Specials (By Threeze)
    Last edited by Dancingrage; Jan 10th, 2010 at 17:38:46. Reason: More new stuff, dating the Big MP Guide.

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