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Thread: MP Buglist, Revised

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    MP Buglist, Revised

    The Meta-Physicist Bug List, revised.

    This is a revised list of the MP buglist, as to better explain and display feedback on the bugs. And to conform to new formatting standards as provided by FC for lists.

    Items in the buglist are in no specific order. As FC has told us the order does not matter.

    The buglist is maintained by your Professionals (currently Metaing, and Shadowgod).

    You can view the old bug list HERE

    Some things you might be asking yourself about this thread:
    1q. Why is this thread locked?
    1a. We want this thread to be only for bug reporting and organizing. any discussions about bugs could be more easily accomplished via their own threads.
    2q. Then how am i suppose to report bugs?
    2a. you report bugs via the standard methods, via email to FC at, or through methods provided on the Test-Live server.

    You may also create a new thread about the bug you find, prefixed with "MP BUGLIST:" for community discussion on the bug, and how to add it to the existing list of bugs (this thread). Please insure these bugs are MP specific (granted, pet issues may effect engies and crats), and that you only discuss one bug per thread to keep things more organized.

    3q. i've found something that i'm not sure is an exploit or just a bug, how should i report it?
    3a. if you have even the slightest feeling or thought the bug you've found could be exploited, as in, gives a player an unfair and/or unintended advantage, you should email it to with as much detail as possible. DO NOT, and we seriously mean it, DO NOT post about it on the forum. do not talk about it with anyone other than FC officials who are apart of the Exploit Team. not doing this can result in you getting banned from the game.

    buglist on next post
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    Unable to cast nano
    When trying to cast a nano, you may get the "Cannot Execute. Wait for current program to complete" message, even when you haven't cast anything.

    This can be reproduced 99% of the time on Battlestations. Cast a nano right before getting warped out of Decontamination room.

    Can be cleared by jumping, sitting, etc.

    Boon creation has sync issue
    While creating Boons, sometimes a sync issue will occur between the client and server. making your client think that the boon you just created is in one inventory slot, while the server thinks its in another. currently, only zoning/relogging will resolve it.

    Pet Related
    SL Pets lag/sync issues
    Pets introducted with Shadowlands are more sensetive to lag and sync issues, compared to the orignal pet lines. Su****ions about an earlier increase to resync rate, has not been applied to the SL pets.

    TO REPRODUCE: outside of tower battles, its possible to reproduce it 100% when tried. Joined a couple of NTs (lvl 195, 201, later only 201 was left, but same result) area nuking the spirit temple, in penumbra valley (entrance at 2425x2400, rk2) for novictum. Start outside, run down to other end of temple, to front of the stairs to the second floor.

    The NT area nuke (using kel's neutronium plaything) all the way down the hallway to aggro spirits. At the area in front of the stairs everybody run in a circle, to reduce damage, while NTs keep area nuking. During the entire session the pets dont react to any commands at all (using both command line termionate, and macro attack/heal/follow commands). After the last spirit is dead, it takes a few minutes before the pets start to do what you have commanded them to do during the entire battle or any new commands, looks like commands have been buffered.

    While pets stay unresponsive we have no problems looting spirits, etc. No sign of lag at all, at least for my part. And heal pet works normally after recast (always died during the running), can command it around heal various people, this is still while the other two pets show no sign of reacting at all. Only thing pets do while we are running, is follow me and heal pet heals me. Gave them the commands before the session.

    Not sure why the pet commands just get buffered and then execute much later. The attack/mez pets even remember the target (if not dead already) when they start responding again. My guess is that pet commands have the lowest priority during heavy data traffic between client and server. (this on a 400kbit DSL)

    Pet pathing outdoors
    Pathing outdoors has been an issue for a long time. reported to be problematic at some heckler hunting spots, and inuneven terrain as well. Pets still appear to be too slow compared to owner, and fall far behind.

    We beleive if pets had a dynamic speed, it might solve some issues. Such as when the pet starts getting closer to the owner, they slow down, and speed up when start falling behind.

    Tests on flat road showed pets need at least 15% more base speed. possibly around 50% extra compared to the owner when they are too far behind.

    Snares root pets
    Pets are rooted by almost every snare. Only the very lowest QL snares (those which do 100 or less runspeed debuff) do not root the highest level pets.

    Healpet defaults to 'guard'
    Heal pets will default to a guard mode which will make it attempt to defend their owner by trying to attack, potentially leading into flagging situations.

    Petwarp doesnt reset pet healing target
    If the heal pet heals someone and you do apet warp, then as soon as the heal pet warps to you, it runs/warps back to continue healing.

    Colors in pet names
    May just not be implimented. colored pet names need to utilize the new chat system method of using html-style tags. although, they do not need to count for the pet's name length, as this would greatly reduce the length of the pets name.

    Pet swim speed is low
    Pets looks to still have minimum swim speed, and not the owner's swim speed.


    Perks cause casting animation to stop
    When casting nanos with long cast durations, executing a perk (spirit of blessing, etc) will cause the nano casting animation to stop. you only have the cast action bar to indicate you're still casting the nano. this is from the castor's point of view. whether others see it like this are unconfirmed.
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    These are bugs that have been on the bug list for a looooong time. I believe that these have been resolved, but would like confirmation on them. If someone is still experiencing these, please post up and I'll leave them on the bug list.

    Perks invisibly selecting self
    Some perk's specials will invisibly select yourself as they complete, but if that happens at the same time as you cast a nano, the nano will land on yourself instead of the intended target. which could cause someone to nuke/debuff themselves during a fight.

    1HB Creations arent valid for Quick Bash perk special
    The Quick Bash perk special does not recognize 1HB Creation weapons as valid for the perk effect.

    Heal/Mez stuck at zone borders
    heal/mez pets can get into a suck/frozen at zone border mode, seen alot when blitzing due to lots of aggro on pets and lots of zoning. Best way to get the pets out of this mode is to recast them.

    TO REPRODUCE: get a mob to attack the heal/mez pet and zone while the pet is aggroed. this will take the pet into astuc/frozen at zone border mode. to see whether its immobile, just run away from the pet.

    Heal Pet's 'heal' button changes to 'attack'
    in the pet window, the heal pet can lose its 'heal' button, which is replaced by an 'attack' button.

    TO REPRODUCE: cast an attack pet and a heal pet. put healpet on wait, run out of sight of the heal pet. (healpet's bar goes black in pet window), terminate attak pet (which is still by your side), and the heal pet now has an 'attack' button instead of 'heal'. zoning/recasting fixes the button.

    STATUS:Still occurs, though less frequently than previously.

    Pets despawn after [owner] dying
    After dying, you pets may despawn after about 2 minutes, while at reclaim, if you dont give a command or zone. When you arrive at reclaim, the pets might greet you ("i'm glad to see you back!"). if not they despawn after about 2 minutes. doesnt matter if you move around or not. THose pets who dont greet you will not follow, unless you zone or give them a command. Cant see the greetings from the SL pets due to they dont talk, but applies to the RK pets.

    Originally reported by Engies, but also applies to MP pets.

    Pet Healthbar greyed out
    Sometimes when pet returns from being out of range, its health bar will stay greyed out.

    When pets go out of range, and then come back, some of the pets buff will often appear greyed out, as though they're about to run out. even though they are still near full duration.

    This only seems to happen if the pet was in combat (or taking damage) when you/the pet got out of range, and didn't take any damage since it got back in range.

    Having the pet take damage sometimes puts color back into the bar. Buffing doesn't restore color (unless you use Healing and it's not full HP).

    The HP bar when you select the pet is still there in full color (like the mob HP bar), just the pet window doesn't update.

    MP Faithful [left] shoulderpad mispositioned
    The left shoulder pad for the MP Faithful armor is not positioned correctly. as verified on female nanomages.

    Chosen shoulder pads are positioned correctly on a male nanomage.

    Wearing tank armor (like HQ Heavy Tank Armor) at the same time, makes the misplacement more obvious.

    QW has no casting effect
    Quantum wings has no effect upon casting.

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    Resolved bugs:

    Pets can be charmed without flagging charmer
    A flagged MP can have their pets charmed without flagging the player doing the charming.

    Note: This applied to attacking or using other nanos than charms on pets as well.
    Fixed in 17.10

    Ebil Clammer T3 chest buffs less than Uber Omni T3 chest
    Fixed in 17.8

    Quark Containment Field Recharge
    QCF (Theoretical Research 3) locks TR3 for the length of the root, then the length of the stated recharge. This results in the perk being locked for 60 seconds longer than it should be.
    Fixed in 17.7.

    Ofab back stun resist is set wrong
    All Ofab back pieces have the Mezz/Stun resist added to "On Use". As there is no way to to use it (right clicking equips/dequips) the stun resist as no effect. (Need list of affected items.)
    Fixed in 17.7.

    Penultimate Ofab Sleeves buff wrong skill
    Penultimate Ofab Sleeves buff Dodge Ranged. Ofab and Improved Ofab buff AAD.
    Fixed in 17.7.
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