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Thread: Sector 42 Psycho Raid-O-thon 2006

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    Sector 42 Psycho Raid-O-thon 2006

    Sector 42 Final Boss Spawning Raids:

    GRATS TO RK2 for being the first to spawn Artillery Commander !!
    and.. GRATS to RK2 for being the first to KILL Artillery Commander !! (December 9, 2006)


    --NEXT RAIDS--

    Please try and join bot close to these times if you're coming!


    The Plan: (updated)
    1. 3 raidgroups in 3 different raidbots will enter and go to north, east and west areas.

    2. All groups will take down the first tower at the same time! and start fighting their General letting Signal Hacker rebuild tower (DO NOT AGG Signal Hacker at this point!!!).

    3. After Generals go down, the Signal Hacker is the target. All groups will continue to keep the Signal Hackers down before they can rebuild towers. (At this point it's ok to reposition the blob to 'catch' the Signal Hacker before he reaches the tower spot)

    4. This WILL spawn the Artillery Commander. Listen to the Raidleaders on raid day for strategy on how to deal with him!

    In progress Artillery Commander strategy thread:

    Further reading from Previous Raids:

    Saturday, December 2: WE SPAWNED !!!
    Saturday, November 25:
    Saturday, November 18:
    Saturday, November 11:
    Sunday, October 22:
    Saturday, October 21:
    Saturday, October 14:
    Saturday, October 7:
    Saturday, September 30:
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    220 enf r for action.

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    220 Soldier in for it!
    Gender 'Blackdog' Bender 220/26 Soldier
    Den 'Beskyddaren' Utvalde
    220/18 Keeper
    Kane 'Blacrat' Lives 218/15 Bureaucrat
    Bleeding 'Rofflewaffle' Screaming 180/13 Shade
    Den 'Tempelherren' Trofaste 165/19Fixer

    My AO vids:
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    Still Online!

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    Always up for 42 and bosses are even better

    220 Engineer

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    220 MA up for fun ^_^

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    I'll love to join in I fit in the team setup.

    Will have to see if I can make it when the date/time is decided
    Most times when you invite me to 42, I am always at work.
    Member of The Renaissance

    There are no miracles in this world. What is in existance, is the path one takes during the inevitable or unexpected circumstances.

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    Interested if it's on sunday evening (GMT 16-> i suppose, depends on hangover )

    216 fix.
    Kekkone 220/21 Fixer RK2

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    215 Doc, sign me right the hell up
    I made a reference to a fictional extra-terrestrial hive-mind race of beings collectively called Grthulox, and you need an indication that I'm not being completely serious?

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    Valriana (lvl 219 now, and I have a hunch you know the profession )

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    count me in

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    can add me too ^^
    Vassilis - lvl 220/30 Adventurer (RK2)
    Perasma - lvl 207/xx Enforcer
    Martingale - lvl 150/20 Fixer
    Gouryella - lvl 114/12 Trader
    Zocalo - lvl 95/10 Agent

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    I'm in perk reset so missing evades and AR but if you need a 220 umbral pole I'm all yours.
    Minge ?
    It will remain playable until : 2007-10-27 16:08:34

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    220 enf
    Brasco 220/30 soldier
    Enlightment 200/30 enforcer
    Quiz 200/12 NT

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    I'm in perk reset, but I can still do most stuff.

    Enjoying RK4

    STATUS OF SKY: Not Falling

    Gimp is a state of mind, nerfest is a state of being.

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    Harios - 220 Enforcer (Can only come on sundays)
    Harios - [Enforcer] cookies 220/30
    Advass - [Adventurer] nerf 220/21
    Wackios - [Shade] gankzsz 220/16
    Soldios - [Soldier] FA Burst 220/22
    Docios - [Doctor] healsplxz 220/20
    Cratios - [Bureaucrat] tape 220/19
    Proud Board Member of Dark Front Cookies >> Bacon, remember that!

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    This weekend is the apex of my perk reset too, but count me in, if i'm online. I have RK4 visitors saturday afternoon-sunday morning, so I might not be.

    Edit: wow, look, soldiers are the winningest prof! 220x6+217!
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    Famous "Azzamis" Pants -- 220/30/68 Soldier -- Retired

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    SUnday would suit me better too tbh

    Enjoying RK4

    STATUS OF SKY: Not Falling

    Gimp is a state of mind, nerfest is a state of being.

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    Mamman 220 enf
    Fluortanten 219 sol

    Depending on what's needed, either works for me.
    Mamman-_ 220/28 Enforcer Pretty!!
    Fluortanten 220/30 Soldier
    Pebble__.i_ 220/27 Shade
    Dogfood_._ 220/23 Agent


    STATUS OF KYAI: Not breathing

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    218 advy, will join depending on final time
    Resident of Rimor
    Ranged TL7 Adventurer Jonalethian
    Pewpew TL7 Doctor Mirkka
    Nerfed TL7 Agent Steinberg
    Parked TL7 Traderskiller Jonaleth
    General of the clan Coven of Hunters

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