There has been several issues that have been brought up in new threads in regards to scammers, cheaters, hackers, or other problem causers. There are correct avenues on going through to report these issues and posting their names in these forums and saying that we don't do anything about them are not the correct ways to go about it.

As it states in the Forum Rules and Social Guidelines:

Funcom or Funcom policies (including these guidelines and their enforcement), exploits and account status are not topics for this bulletin board. To contact Funcom regarding these topics, please use the Contact Support form or, if it's regarding these guidelines, send an e-mail to
There are reasons behind this and other rules that are on these forums as it has been known to cause more problems with no rule in place. Such as many previous issues of a player who doesn't like another and will go and post in the forums that they scammed other users just to drag their name through mud and get mobs of people to essentially destroy their name and that person possibly didn't do anything to recieve that. This has happened several times and therefore the rule is do not post names of these people or their orgs or it will get edited/removed even if the case is real.

If you feel that you have been scammed please send in a petition or mail into and I assure you that it will be handled as quick as possible and they will get taken care of if it is a rampant issue. This does not mean, however, that you will get a response as to what we did with the guy as that is only between Funcom and the account holder. So please do not post stating that we don't do anything to these problem causers as you will not know if we took action against them or not. Also, the action may not be immediate as it takes investigating and actually catching that person in the act of cheating, scamming, etc.

So please stop with the 'Funcom has no souls' or anything like that. We do look into these issues, we do take care of them, we just don't report it to the general public as it is a privacy issue and its their account and please keep the posts in regards to these out of the forums or it will be removed.

Again, if you feel that someone has scammed you, is cheating, is involved in farming, is harassing please send in a petition or a mail to with as much details as you can so that we can look into the issue and get it taken care of as quick as possible. If you have any questions in regards to our policy please also send those in to support email or if you have a suggestion in regards to how the policy should be you can send it to