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Thread: 16.3.0 Update Notes

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    16.3.0 Update Notes

    What is the downtime for?
    The downtime today is for the 16.3.0 client update

    Version 16.3.0

    Inferno Updates

    - Over thirty new quests added to Inferno including three great new story driven quest lines. Discover the mysteries of Inferno and beyond

    - Optimized playfield (reduced poly count) in places for better performance

    - Revised environmental visual effects to improve performance

    - General world changes to Improve playfield appearance

    New PvP Missions

    - Prepare to be sent deep into enemy territory as factional quests are added that will find players taking out targets in their enemies cities.

    o Clan players can seek out Eleanor Kiamarli in Old Athen

    o Omni players can seek out Bahirae Serugiusu in Omni-Trade

    GUI Changes

    - New Skill View

    o Automatic IP allocation option. We have added an option to allow players to have the system automatically distribute their IP for them based on their profession. A report confirms what the allocation will do and then prompts for confirmation.

    o Increased visibility of stats, base and buffed stats are now visible within the GUI, You can switch the detailed view on and off in the context menu for the window. ('i' in the top left of skillwindow)

    o IP Reset can be toggled on and off in the context menu

    o Core Abilities (Strength, Agility etc) can no longer be reset

    o Body Development and Nano Pool have been moved from the Abilities tab to the Body tab as they are not core abilities.

    o Skill view can be minismised via the context menu

    - There are now small icons that show up in your interface informing you of new things available to you. They can be clicked to open up the relevant menu.

    o Gaining new IP's. Clicking this icon will open the skill view.

    o Gaining new Perk. Clicking this icon will open up the perk view.

    o These pop-up icons can be disabled in the options menu (F10)

    - New Mission View

    o Now allows for up to twenty missions at a time to be held

    - New Planetmap View

    General Changes

    - Additional Notum Wars tower fields opened for building on Rimor so that both dimensions now have the same number of open tower fields.

    - Quest NPCs now have blue names. please note: this has not yet been rolled out to all of the older quest givers

    - Experience points awarded for completeing a mission or quest have been increased.

    - Increased cap on XP rewards for missions and quests from 5% to 20% of required XP to level

    - Missions should no longer reset the progress counter when leaving and re-entering.

    - You can now Zoom in and out in third person view by using the mouse scroll wheel.

    - New ICC Assembly Hall added to andromeda

    - A Tir grid point has been added inside the city limits again. NOTE: The Tir exit will now exit you at the new internal point. The grid terminal outside the city is still present for entering the Grid.

    - Fixed the issue with Shoulder-pads appearing incorrectly on Opifex characters (really we mean it, we aren’t making it up!)

    - Tracer effects should now fire in the correct direction all the time.

    - Only Fixtures (i.e. furnishing items) may now be dropped on the ground. Attempting to 'drop' any non-fixture item will prompt you with an option to delete the item instead.

    - The Test of Intelligence mission in the Shadowlands Starter area should be working again

    - Peter Lee now has a character model to match his name and intended gender!

    - Reduced respawn timer on Brad Willis in SL backyard

    - Fixed an error with the red hat mushrooms that could be taken up root and all, now players only get to pick up a sample.

    - Hacking an Enhanced Leather Vest should now produce Hacked Leather Body Armor correctly.

    - Corrected a typo in the activation text for the Fire Frenzy action.

    - Energized Bolt now requires Matter Creation.

    - Fixed a bugged mission entrance in Newland

    - Fixed some issues with trash king robots going missing

    - Sirocco can no longer be attacked

    - Portals now spawn for leaving Razor’s lair

    - Characters using the mouse for movement will no longer appear to slide as much when seen in other clients.


    - Added Multi-monitor support for playing in full-screen on monitors to the right or below the primary monitor.

    - Added Multi-monitor support for windowed mode on any monitor.

    When is the downtime?
    The downtime will start at 1100 CEST (find out when that is in your timezone here) and is scheduled to last approximately five hours
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