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Thread: Foxy Gui 2006

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    Foxy Gui 2006

    Its been a long time...

    But I been working on my gui, and updating it.

    Down Out Vr2.1
    FoxyGui Site <- download here

    The old gui is located here:

    The new Gui is now hosting on my Guild site here:


    Fixed Control Panel buggs.
    Added Targets to top of screen (Can be turned off in Gui)
    Removed 1 button from top Left
    Moved other button down to center.
    Added more buttons in menu

    Button: Extras - (
    In here is list of Script that can be used ingame.
    click on calmed - and a msg with appear in team chat Calmed Target
    click UBT and a timer starts and when timer ends a msg box comes up saying ended.
    click Attack macro, Makes a macro of your current target.

    Button: Assist - (
    same as above but quick access to make a macro or assist a target.

    Im working on More scripts and how they should be used, Which is taking awhile.
    I know alot of people dont like spam, so trying to find out what script timers people want team to see or self to see.

    I been using a UBT for myself does not tell team but it does tell me when started and timer end pop ups, mainly cause dont want to cheese team off with spam

    I might make 2 sets of scripts 1 spammer 1 hidden, then you can choose which you would like.

    The idea came around from when i team i run out of space on Shortcut bar, and if typed /ubt prob get a dead team member.. with my typo's So clicking a button would be loads quicker.

    I used to use a Ref screen with all scripts in then use it before team, but as it was a link it spamed the team 1st, which sorta sucked.

    Ive tested the new style all day today and seems to work very well.

    Should have a full download public version this weekend.

    Screens: Full screen Full screen Full screen Targets Buttons

    Please Post here if any ideas of Scripts to be added.
    So far done:
    Attacking target
    UBT - timer
    Guardian - timer
    TMS/AMS - timer
    Treatment transfer - timer
    Crat Xp pool buff - timer
    CH warning - team msg
    Iorn Circle Warning to team
    Helpbot whois
    Bio-regrowth Perk - timer
    Damage dealers
    20min dyna - timer Pop up
    Fun scripts - misc ones eg fake 220 ding
    dance scripts - misc ones, need updating
    Assist scripts msg teams etc.
    Bot Joins and raid info ( Omni rk1 only at mo ) - i use but might not be added on public one.

    I used to have all the Wrangles too, eg click button sends user tell that i added 131 wrangle to them.. But i use all these in my ao at mo, basically customized for me. But can add them to public.

    ::::: to come soon ::::::::
    Download to public of course
    Maybe doing packs of scripts to go with Gui.
    I was working on CLan omni neut Graphics for skins so might finnish that off.
    maybe 2nd Button with scripts in Located somewhere easy to click like middle of screen.
    got lots more ideas, just not alot of time..
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    Ohh, thats looking very nice. I like the idea of adding scripts into it like it, will have to get used to it. But it does looks like a nice improvement on an already very nice gui. Will be wanting to get my hands on that

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    loved your old and and used it for a long time.

    Question: with 16.3 coming out very soon, any expected complications with the new interfaces they are putting in?
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    Ye were soon find out on that hehe :]

    Im sure it be ok... Fingers crossed X

    if not ill sort it.. cant play with out me gui, it be like driving a car with no wheels
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    Idea of implement scripts looks great - i'm so looking forward to download and try this out

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    I like the idea of the scripts, it would make playing easier.

    As for timer scripts - is that a warning to say "x buff is running out in x mins:secs"? Or is it intended as a small clock showing how long a buff will remain?
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    Nice looking gui Foxy. Those standard scripts look like a handy feature

    Btw, your fix's SWS has run out.

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    Looks really nice I will have to give it a shot: after I backup my current gui as I dont recall where I picked it up.

    as to Scripts, the only one I would suggest to add to "fun" scripts would be a Anti-cred begger script, basically one that spams cred begger with Advice on farming cred and a finishing note that a second attempt at cred beging will be responded to with a /ignore (along with advice to see the NPC : lord of the Void in nascence as he is a "secret" NPC that gives out Ubah credz to those that target him and hit Q when he gets close enough )
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    looking forward to the new timers gw! always wanted a tms timer hehe
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    Slight delay.. as i got closes to 220 over weekend, i aimed to ding.. and got it

    so now got more time to work on stuff

    Should be out in next day or 2
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    Aww, damn. I was looking forward to seeing it today!

    But grats on the 220

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    Be out 2night, Had issue of Target button hiding the nano bar.

    Some slight Graphics issues, but Should have Test one up 2night
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    delays Grrr...

    Just tested it on diff res, and its all messed up.. Typical.

    Now re working it for diff res.

    Also having slight problems with copy over to spare machine..

    Im working on it should be out asap
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    Looks awesome Can't wait till its done =D

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    Bump for you
    Originally Posted by Marinegent
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    Aww, and here I thought it was at the top because it was done and we could get our hands on it

    *waiting impatiently*

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    Guess i'll bump too But no rush

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    Ohhh, awsome, gona update my current skin (your previous version) with a new one.

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    Tested with new patch still works all ok.

    Should have it out tonight if i get my finger out and not load up battlefield 2142 when i get home..

    due to server issue, was unable to get it done, will try 2night
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