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Thread: Main outstanding bug list.

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    Current outstanding bugs for the Bureaucrat Profession

    Current outstanding bugs for the Bureaucrat Profession
    updated for patch 18.0

    This thread is locked:
    All bugs reported in the other bugthread that can be reproduced will be listed here.

    Currently the bug list thread is missing

    Every so often and after a major patch i will update this for the FC devs to see

    Bugs related to Bureaucrat Nano Programs

    1. Recharming certain mobs (like chimera type mobs in Inferno outdoors and Demons located in West Penumbra) gives an 'unaffected by your charm nano' message. Charming it first time works with no problem but recharming it doesnt work. Using calms on certain mobs (weavers, rafters, kolaana etc) can randomly give 'unaffected by calm nano' message.
      Status: Reported

    2. Baton does not give a system message when it runs out while our other team buffs (like speeches) do.
      Status: Reported

    3. Some of the lower Team Empowered charms (Team Empowered Solicit Support and Team Empowered Impose Will) have to be skipped by the levelling bureaucrat. their nanoskill requirement is easy enough to cast but the Spec 2 requirement makes em level locked at level 91. The nanos should only require Spec 1.
      Status: Reported

    4. Team empowered charms should give a failure message when used on a monster with a psychic lower than the maximum required but higher than the actual requirement (due to number of teammember and leadership). Currently you get the message "Mind control activated" but you do not have a charmed monster.
      Status: Reported

    5. Trying to charm a calmed mob does not give an error message, instead you get the message "Mind control activated" but you do not get a charm. This happens also shortly after breaking a calm, while the effect is still on.
      Status: Reported

    6. There is no system message when a root or snare cast on a mob has ended. The visual effect (green or blue aura around target) is still there yet the mob has it's full run speed.
      Status: Reported

    7. SL roots display the effect on the mobs without actually rooting them. It is possible that this issue is related to the effect on the snares. This bug can be reproduced rooting Unredeemed Custodian's in inferno missions.
      Status: Reported
      Feedback: Since the release of Lost Eden no Custodian mobs has been seen in inferno missions, has to be verified if it is still a problem with other type of mobs

    8. Using Gallant Slave raises the charmed mobs level but upon charm release the level of the mob doesn't return to what it once was. (is a new bug since 16.3). Upon recharming the mob no longer has the gallant slave nano in it's ncu (due to NCU wipe upon release) but it's level remains higher so rebuffing it with Gallant Slave is impossible. Only on some occasions it kills the mob as intended.
      Status: Reported
      Feedback: This is happening when using Dryads located in Penumbra Hollows

    9. None of the lower Gallant Slave nano's appear to be for sale. There was no Gallant Slave in Thrak/Shere/Shere Sanct/Roch/Roch Sanct/Dalja/Dalja Sanct or Vanya garden. First Gallant Slave nano had a level requirement of 180 (Gallant Slave: The incensed subordinate). The lowers appear to not be for sale anymore.
      Status: Reported
      Feedback: Looking at this thread "Complete List of Shadowlands Nano Programs" that was updated last time at patch 15.5.4, the nanos have never been available in garden shops.

    10. Calming *-Cur mobs with "Empowered Disjointed From Reality" or another Empowered Calm, never produces a "What am I doing here" message.
      Status: Reported
    Bugs related to Bureaucrat Perks

    1. The snare effect of confound with rules malfunctions and works like a root instead. It also gives no message when it has stopped running. (same for succumb also no msg on ending).
      Status: Reported

    Bugs related to Bureaucrat Pets

    1. Despite that pets are given same runspeed as the master the pets are always out of range because it is possible to 'outrun' em. Verified (just run through a whole zone, you will have to wait for the pet)
      Status: Reported
      Feedback: This very much depends on the Zone, ie if you have 2000 runspeed and go to PW and run, you will loose your pets for up to 1min depending how far you run, but if you run around in Belial Forest, the pets keep up pretty well and will not be more than a few seconds late. It is belived that the root cause of this issue is related to the pet pathing in the zones, and therefore it will be different depending where you are located, some zones has better pathing than others -/Lunaspell

    2. Robot pets have pathing issues in inferno (near the sorrow village and the Tiunnisik island) and Pandemonium (TNH island, corner to first center Zodiac and The Beast lair itself).
      Status: Reported

    3. Any pet (be it robot pet/Carlo Pinetti or a charmed pet) has it runspeed set to 0 if it becomes snared with even the smallest snare.
      Status: Reported

    4. Pet behaviour from robot pet and charm pets differ. Like when a mob is calmed charmed pets will try to attack it as soon as they are done with their current target, same with Carlo Pinnetti.
      Status: Reported

    5. Charmed pets hatelist is not always cleared when doing /pet behind or a /pet follow.
      Status: Reported

    6. Pets have a tendency to run away to random location (including out of the master range) whenever a mob is calmed with a Empowered calm. Especially Charmed pets seems to be able to completely vanish even out of a mission area.
      Status: Reported

    7. Pets can get stuck in random walls in Battlestations, or go out of range easily (when using teleporters). This seems to happen when your target runs away and out of range, then the pets do not always return to you, or is stuck in a random wall, or if they are aggroed, they warp to the opponent even if he is at the other side of the battlestation.
      Status: Reported

    8. Sometimes it seems as Carlo is stuck in the attack position but doesn't attack or produce attack messages, this has been seen when attacking players that are capturing a control point in Battlestations. Also if pets attack/fight a target and the target zones out via the teleporters, they seem to get stuck in the attack position.Status: Reported (but no more /pet hunt)
    Bugs related to Lost Eden Research Procs

    None reported so far.

    Bugs related to Weapons / Mechs:

    1. The Ofab Peregrine weapons has wrong attachment in the models hands. When the model is idle, the weapons points in a ~10 degree angle to the right, this also effects when shoting and the guns actually pointing away from the mob, while traces are hitting it. Its a purely visible thing, but we do like to look properly
      Status: Reported
    Bugs related to Equipment
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    Resolved bugs or explained bugs

    Cast time on Associate nanoprogram (Carlo Pinnetti) is capped to lot of seconds, which consumes a lot of time in the Decontamination Room in Battlestations. Make it as fast as Corporate Guardian nanoprogram so we can actually buff after casting pets.
    Status: Fixed
    Update from 18.5.1: Carlo is now cast instantly

    Empowered Calms do not pacify the target and wipe the hatelist. They are no real calms... only long duration stuns with the added drawback that the mob regains HP at it's normal rate.
    Status: Working as intended
    Reason: Every SL calm has a special effect (pacify and wipe aggro) for a limited level range (you can see the range if you look at the nano in auno). The chance of pacifying and / or wiping hatelist is low, so do not expect them to do that all the time.
    Update from 17.5: Empowered Calms are now pacifying target and have longer duration.

    Commanding presence does not affect your pets or the pets of your teammates.
    Status: Working as intented (for now)
    Reason: Pets are not team members. Hence they cannot receive team-only buffs (baton, reflects, etc).

    Pets are seen as hostile inside Battlestations and therefor we can not use our Corporate Leadership nanos to AoE deroot/desnare our own and the pets of our own faction.
    Status: Fixed
    Feedback From Funcom: As stated here the problem should be fixed in 17.1
    Resolved: Pets can no longer be tabbed inside Battle station as of version 17.1

    It is possible to have the Carlo timer screwed due to simple things like going link death. Even if you make it back in game in time so it hasn't despawned the timer will be off by the duration of your link death giving you several minutes of no charm and no Carlo.
    Status: Fixed
    Resolved: Since 17.3, there is no more timer

    The Carlo timer sometimes doesn't show in NCU (while being still active) after a death.
    Status: Fixed
    Feedback: It would seem that after the release of Lost Eden the timer is always present in the NCU upon death outside the Battlestation.
    Resolved: Since 17.3, there is no more timer

    If you enter or leave a mech or turret, Carlo timer isn't removed, which doesn't encourage the use of a turret or mech while having Carlo.
    Status: Fixed
    Resolved: Since 17.3, there is no more timer

    If pets are rooted/snared or calmed they are not warped in buff room when we die to have their NCU cleared. This makes Carlo Pinetti useless for the duration of the Calm.
    Status: Fixed
    Resolved: Since 17.3, there is no more timer

    Roots break before the nano recharge of the root nano ends. ?
    Feedback: Would like some more information on this (Luna, what is this bug o.O)
    Feedback: no clue why this is listed, though it may rely to the very short duration of the low QL SL roots that last 17s and has a 4s recharge -/Lunaspell

    Use of snares in SL leads to mob warping. (not always)
    Status: Reported
    Feedback: More information on this is needed, and a way to reproduce the error.
    Snares are not intended for use in the shadowlands, using the RK snares on SL monsters is not inteded, and therefor it cant really be classified as a bug -/Lunaspell

    Rabies is a pure PvP nano, intended to hit for 1500 per tick. As it can be only used on PvP (with halved damages), making it actually hit for 1500 in PvP would be more logical, other nemesis nanos do not get their intended effects cut in half.
    Status: Reported
    As far as I can tell this is intended, if it actually did 1500 damage it would be to usefull -/Lunaspell

    The nemesis nano Rabies cancels when the adventurer cancels morph... Maybe it was intended, but it makes it easy to remove compared to other nemesis nanos.
    Status: Reported
    The description says "morphed", so when target is no longer morphed it should cancle, working as intended -/Lunaspell

    Attacking skill "Psychology 100%" on Confound With Rules and Succumb from the perkline Bureaucratic Shuffle is a useless skill causing a somewhat unneeded IP sink.
    Status: Reported
    This is not a bug, its more like bad planning from a development point of view that makes it impractical to use these perks, since the vast majority untrains the Insurance and Directorship at level 220, you also miss out on the Psychology these perklines are adding. Even when having both perklines trained the total amount of Psychology you can achieve is still not enough for it to be useful, but its not a bug. -/Lunaspell

    You can not equip the Monitor Smoking Suit while wearing the inferno boots, you have to take the boots of and equip the Suit first. Zoning while wearing the inferno boots, will make the Suit inactive, and to fix it you have to take of the boots and reequip in the right order.
    Status: Fixed in 17.5

    The QL300 Ofab Bureaucrat Vest loses HP and Nanopool when upgraded to Improved Ofab Bureaucrat Vest and loses even more when upgraded to Penultimate Ofab Bureaucrat Vest, in our opinion the MaxHealth should increase and not decrease when upgraded. All the other Penultimate parts give 350 HP, for a comparison.
    Status: Fixed in 17.5

    The requirement of Improved Red Tape has jumped from 538 PM/SI to 751 PM/SI with patch 17.2. This has to be a mistake (the nano is ql 116) that prevents players to use it at this level.
    Status: Fixed in 17.6

    The message of failure to perform of Double shot perk (pistol mastery 8) when the perk can't be executed is not really a proper english sentence.
    Status: Fixed in 17.6?

    If a Bureaucrat is flagged, an opponet can kill our pets without getting a PvP flag them self.
    Fixed (flags opponent)

    Wrong window doesnt affect nano damage ("Add. Nano Dam. 4" instead of "Direct Nano Damage Efficiency 4%")
    Status: Ninja fixed

    Inertial Adjustment doesnt affect nano damage ("Add. Nano Dam. 1" instead of "Direct Nano Damage Efficiency 1%")
    Status: Ninja fixed

    Wrong window has an incorrect description in Research window that does not match the proc description and effect.
    It says:
    - Enables Special: Wrong Window (In combat when wielding ranged weapons, you will occasionally cause your opponent to slow down.)
    instead of:
    - Enables Special: Wrong Window (In combat you will occasionally increase your ability to do nanobot damage.)
    Status: Ninja fixed

    Improved Pet Attention does not affect Carlo Pinnetti anymore while it still works on bots.
    Status: Fixed

    Aura's from the perklines Directorship and Commanding Presence don't always refresh right away after zoning.
    Status: Fixed (refreshing right after zoning)

    In Battlestation when you die and under certain circumstances, your pets become out of control, so you have to recast them. Moreover, the previous pets are still following you, so you are running with multiple inactive pets that spam you with "Pet is out of range" messages etc etc.... Very annoying for other pet professions as well.
    Status: Fixed

    Our nano "Improved Red Tape" does not give a message if it is resisted, it only gives a message when it lands succesfully. Same for the new LE red tapes.

    Status: Fixed
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