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Thread: Best Moment as a crat ?

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    Best Moment as a crat ?

    Was just told by a freind that a MP renamed thier mezz pet after me :P

    Guess i did something right on the old SK grind.
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    Former Bureaucrat Professional Shevaya's Avatar
    my best moment:
    standing in pandemonuin with 2 corrupted Xan-Len (pinks) around me. 3 rooted hiisii's at some distance.
    my charmed blue (corrupted xan-cur) and my corporate guardian hitting on Scorpio (Zodiac boss) while kiting 1 spider and 1 blue who just keep on missing me and suddenly stopping looking around me and seeing all my raidbuddies their remains
    Last man standing ftw

    Second best moment:
    Hitting dodge the blame just as the Hollow Island weed dies and seeing about 15 to 20 people instadie and watching the 'tried to hit but missed you' spam. Took +/- 30 seconds before they killed me (Hollow Island Suzerain has nasty nukes i tell you)
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    Minis greatest moment was in the Temple of the Three Trains... all alone got trained by half the floor. Couple of area calms later she was picking them off one by one. Very satisfying after using other profs in there
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    After endless "your target countered the nano program" -spams, countless visits to mr reclaim due to that, and even more countless whines from team members for not having any xp perks trained, I decided that it's time to retire my crat (level 182). That was my best moment.

    What a whiner
    ...and that's the way the cookie crumbles...

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    gettin titled on my crat hehe
    workin towards rookie atm. hopefully i can keep it
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    1. Back when I played avon and you could still stack, I have a screen shot somewhere of 12 hecklers stacked up at xark lol... was an uber sk run. (Along those lines, was really fun stacking tui and beating the spawn also, man I miss shades that were really good <3) It's a shame they nerfed stacking, at least that made sk reasonably interesting.

    2. I was alone out at 6x in BF and a 220 type 3 soldier and a 220 doc came out to kill me. I hit def perks, ran in and stun killed the doctor while the soldier watched helplessly and tried to MR perk kill me before the doctor died in stun and I ran away. A few minutes later I came back and killed the soldier out of tms and took his title, lol.

    3. Taking neophyte from dimmufodr (or any other of the times I've gotten high titled agents by AoE rooting and then stunning em back to reclaim) It's a shame I went from high novice down to low apprentice a few days later, but oh well... that's NW for ya.

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    1. Soloing Smugglers Den from around 120 and having the Hangar with the Smuggler Pilot snared and calmed so I caould walk around safely and pick them off 1 by 1.

    2. AoE calmed all of sector 35 after it failed, except for a few that took me by surprice while the screen shot was being made ( Calmed Sector 35 )

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    lol nice 1

    Prouver que j'ai raison serait accorder que je puisse avoir tort.

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    Back before SL came out. Charming two real mean enforcers, thus becoming top DD while tanking at the same time. Also making the charmed mobs do /pet social prostrate infront of me.

    Calming the entire mission floor while the team was still buffing up and managing to clear it befor the last mezz ran out.

    Getting wtfpwned when both my charms broke at the same time.

    Charming my very first notum scourge.
    Good times.

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    not sure about best moment, but worst was when i finaly figured out i will not be able to charm ian warr at any lvl. lvl 200 crats were rare back in the days and i was just n00by crat chasing rainbow. but after all i understood we roxx0r anyway and there's no other profession in this game (other games too i guess) which was so fun to play.
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    Humm charming a juggernaught back in the day. 100% crit bug day went from low rookie to app in one day ( not to mention had some great duels and some great ganking fun). Pweening a few dumb n00b engies up that tried to gank me ( had no pets out at the time and was trying to get a wrangle to get my gun back on ). A long time ago for most of that

    Soloing the fiery soldier (such insane fun should of frapsed it, cause it was nuts). My numerouse Ganking sprees on old athens hill, ahh how i do miss those. Ganking the crap out of Petit3. Annoying esquobar in pvp
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    oh, also:

    charming lotv was uber, so was when miester got banned for abusing the broken charms, lol

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    @ lvl 165 in a 206 med mission, everyone else in my team got killed on the 3rd floor, and decide to take a 20 min break, then just re-roll a new miss. I charm a malah and a Vort, kill the framiliar for some faction, then solo the 226 boss, and loot a 70% CRU, which everyone else in team felt entitled to
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    Building a 400k sk pool on a org mate's toon while I was figuring out juggling pets
    And fumbling drain psychic at tl6 (which consequently wiped the team....again)
    Rubennib [220/30 keeper]
    Darooses [220/23 crat]
    Rubedoc [220/25 doc]
    Keritan [220/25 enf]

    and a few more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gelitche
    Building a 400k sk pool on a org mate's toon while I was figuring out juggling pets
    And fumbling drain psychic at tl6 (which consequently wiped the team....again)

    ^^ Being in that team on my Doc

    Drpajeron "Darooses" Killer.. seriously, info him ingame... that's his actual first and last name...

    Best moments? hell if I can remember (far too many :P)... though I can say I always felt good after a spell at 255/tinos/tiun when teams would thank me for my calming NOT just for the sk I'd produced
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    Admit it Paj, you had fun...

    and at the end of the day that's what matters
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    Darooses [220/23 crat]
    Rubedoc [220/25 doc]
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    and a few more.

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    My best moment:
    Executing Nanoprogram: Associate

    <3 the big trox
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    my best moment was.....
    when i hit lvl 200 with my Atrox crat (was first 1 at RK1 btw) )

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    my crat is still young but so far when my team got trained by 5 ely hecks..i mezzed everyone and debuffed the target before anybody died
    snowybunny rk2 - retried
    tonymontana rk2 - retired
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