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Thread: MA Profession Bug List

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    Post MA Profession Bug List

    MA Professon Bug List

    Older Bugs

    - The Beckoning (Adv perk line) cancels our fist line and is not restoring this nano after the execution of it is completed. It is forcing us to recast our fists buff.
    Status: Unresolved

    - Dimach skill 1-1000 has a 30 min lock and does 1-7500ish PvM damage. Dimach skill 1000-2000 lowers the recharge by a lot but only does 7500-10k damage. I would like to see it doing maybe 7500-15k damage since it's kinda pointless to spend so much IP just to get a small damage increase and slighty better time. I would'nt personnely increase it higher then 1250 about.
    Status: Unresolved

    - I'm concerned over Parry and Ripost. The skills themselves don't work and they only really help for using BWT, Parry shields, FOL and UwS. I find that too high of a cost in IP VS the usefullness of the skill. Would be nice to have a fix or to see more items using it.
    Status: Unresolved

    New concerns

    {Removed by Bbyron : Connection to possible exploits}

    - Shen attack has way too long recharge to be even remotely useful. Diversity is good, and reducing the lock time to five minutes (or even less) would make it worth getting. I hate to see potentially good additions to our toolset have rediculous flags to them, making them what I call broken.

    - Balance of Yin and Yang has too long locktime, just like Shen. It's a nice backup heal, but the recharge is so rediculous compared to the amount it heals for.

    MA Profession Concern/Wish List

    1. Fist of "XXX" Nanoline Additions

    I would like to see our fist buff nanoline increased since that +26 damage when you reach 220 is kinda funny not a mega concern for me but still.
    Status: Unresolved

    2. Bow Buffs

    This is a great idea. The question is who gets it? Mp's and Ma's seem to have just as much Bow wielding power but definitly having at least someone get a bow buffing line would be a start. I've always loved seeing alternative ways to do damage.
    Status: Unresolved

    3. New Abilities/Nanolines

    More nanos please. MAs have extremely few buffs, and most of our nanos are really, really old. Some new nanolines or reworking of a few existing ones (NR/% evade buffs and the Fear-line comes to mind).
    Status: Unresolved

    4. Disharmony Functionality

    FC was supposedly going to fix Disharmony in a patch a while back, but the proc hits still trigger damage/reflect shields. This is actually one of the most crucial issues we have at the moment, fix this! It isn't as bad as it used to be, with damage shield damage being halved, but fix disharmony.
    Status: Unresolved

    5. Adding Agility/MA to Infantry Symbs

    As Infinity stated in the original post, this isn't as much of a concern as it is a request. Especially adding MA in the L-H symb would be great.
    Status: Unresolved

    6. Nano Stacking: Old Evades/Run Buffs/SL Buffs

    The Nano resist % and Evade-Class % buff lines were the only new nanos Ma's got with SL and it's safe to say that our buff nanos are lacking. They are more or less useless because you can't stack them with our current Evade line. Making Reduced Inertia the only real option, except for some PvP encounters (the short duration makes it a pita to keep running aswell).
    Status: Unresolved

    7. Obliterate usefulness

    Would'nt mind seeing a small increase to the % needed to cast it. Obliterate usefulness is really suffering because of the "Target health must be less than 15%". Make it like Seppuku Slash please.
    Status: Unresolved

    8. Incapacitate Requirements

    Having perks dependant of eachother is a neat idea, but this perk is obviously not working as no Adventurer I've ever met has Bleeding Wounds. Perhaps this could be changed to "The effect of this perk special will be more effective is target has Bleeding Wounds running" instead of its current state?
    Status: Unresolved

    9. QL 250+ MA Special Availability

    I like the idea of having to camp the top QL ma attacks so I don't see it as a problem really. The Parry/Riposte requirements on the attacks make most of them useless on this level. Also a "desire" would be to have the attacks that are shop buyable, also be tradeable.
    Status: Unresolved

    10. MA Tier Armor Graphics

    Blueberries and oranges <3 Not really an issue, but I wouldn't complain if they ever changed it. The current meshes are really ugly
    Status: Unresolved

    This list is a compilation of both Infinitynova's original thread and Redliner's more recent thread. If anything serious has been missed, please let me know and I can edit this post and forward the changes to FC.
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    reserved for new items. Feel free to post here , and then it will be added to this post sometime soon.
    You have till Sunday to post new items so get them bugz out of their hiding holes (no not aliumz bugz)
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