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Thread: With the 5th Anniversary of AO ...

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    With the 5th Anniversary of AO ...

    ... which basically is my 5th anniversary in AO as well, I would like to say goodbye to everyone, now it's my turn to leave.

    I've always been bad at saying goodbye, but well it's been a blast working together with the NT community both as troll and NT professional for this long. I really really hope that many of the NT professions issues are gonna be addressed in the near future, in LE and/or whatever else.

    Hopefully, Mastablasta will also be able to get a suitable sidekick again, can't leave the heretic in charge of things all by himself.

    Regarding myself and my future, I won't be leaving for another game, just to rule out that possible rumour. It's time for me to put more focus on the server called RK4 and its own timesinks. Also, if you see any toons called "Satenia" and the similiar run around in other games (there are a few copycats in WoW), that won't be me.

    And just because it's being expected, no, you can't have my stuff, my toons are taking that with them to their grave

    So, here's a big thank you to the NT community, I'm going to miss you all.

    Yours forum troll and ex-professional,

    Former NT Professional and post count farmer.

    Goodbye everyone, it has been a blast.

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    Bye Sate it's been great.
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    Means: about f'ing time :P
    Satenia: heresy <3
    Znore: Mastablasta <3
    Kinkstaah: I have agro from many mobs ;(
    Madarab: we are aoe class, we are supose to use pistols
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    Can I have ur stuff?

    (someone had to ask)

    Bye Sat.
    Uni "Unixint80" Idoru, 206/13 Neutral NT Veteran of Shattered Dreams
    What I've Got My Perk Setup My Nuke Setup (All slightly outdated)


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    Bye Sat, have fun whatever you do

    Also, how come I doubt you'll stop trolling forums?
    Revelator: There is no FC love that will fix gimpness of the mind

    Warning! If you ever see my use "lol" in any of my posts, I'm not serious!

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    cya sat and gl
    Main : Dobbbbbbbbbb atm<>Dobbbbbbbbbb past

    Alt : yes i'm crazy

    10 B in my name, easy to find no ?

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    Nerf, well I only ran into you a couple of times in game, but the forums won't be the same for sure :P Who's the new Empress?

    Good luck.

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    Bye Satenia. You've made a huge difference in my AO life, and your friendly advice is always thought about, and remembered. Thanks for all you've done, not just for NT's.


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    Thanks for all you did for us

    Cya when LE comes out
    Nerf "Goupille" Me
    RK2 Clan NT 220/27
    Veteran of Phoenix
    Setup : pvm / pvp

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    Edis - Level 220 AI29 - Atrox, Keeper.
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    Deadbaby - Level 216 AI20 - Opifex, Agent

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    Goodbye Satenia
    GL on rk4
    U have to enjoy the fight to be really good.
    Devil Artemisv Hellcaster (retired)
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    Though I haven't made myself very visible here on the forums, I've still read a lot of your stuff, and it's sad to see you go...

    Have a good one Satenia

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    May I bring your attention to paragraph 2 subsection (ii)a of the Keeper Code.

    "All leaving keepers, whether alts or mains, must first offer their 'stuff' on either server to the keeper known as "tsunameh" or "traj". This is part of being in the keeper club and is non negotiable."

    Will miss you Sat.
    First Savior of Rimor. Former keeper professional.

    Legends sometimes come back to haunt their enemies.

    Playing WoW as a facemelter.

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    Bye bye Sat..ive talked to you under other names and you are a great person. Hope to see you back for LE

    Have fun on Rk4


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    Wow, that's unexpected. You've been around for so long...
    Goodbye Satenia, you (and your trolling) will be missed.

    Now who's gonna expand the Empire?
    Finalizer Telperion 220/22
    Manager Laurellyn 125/5

    Member of First Light

    [Account Cancelled]

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    Your chocolate still sucks.

    (AO's community will suffer from the loss of a love/hate figure)
    Don't be lonely anymore.

    Look at your post, now back at mine. Now back to your post, now back at mine. Sadly, yours isn't mine, but if you stopped trolling and started posting legitimate comments it could look like mine. Look down, back up, where are you? You're scrolling through posts, reading the posts your posts could look like. Back at mine, it's a reply saying something you want to hear. Look again, my reply is now diamonds. Anything is possible when you think before you post.

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    best luck IRL

    No Atrox Allowed!
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    <3 R.I.P. Omni Infantry <3

    Quote Originally Posted by Kinkstaah
    Trader alpha: Landing any nano then taking as long as you possibly want and/or feel like to kill people with regulars.

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    bye sat

    take care
    220 enfa
    220 doca
    220 keepa
    220 shada
    220 engia
    220 crata
    200 ma/fixa/nta/enfa

    im proud to say i ones was advisor in Apocalypse and Dictator in Forsaken!
    captain smek irl! "Timelapse: I'll never forget Smekkes the soviet"
    aka bakerman

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    This game just became unworthy to play anymore. :|

    Meaning soon it'll be time for me to move on as well.

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    AO's 5th is my 5th also. Xenixa toons birthday is server live day.. I know, I know, I level at a snails pace. Who can blame me, look what FC hasn't done to keep NT's on equal footing... but I digress.

    G/L in your future endevours Sat.

    Xenixa - The one who sits around in the Crats offices and drinks all their coffee.
    Xenixa - Gear/Setup
    General of First Order

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    No degree of acceptance can ever change the facts.
    Translation: You may come to terms with being screwed, but nevertheless you're still screwed.

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