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Thread: 130 Keeper Guide

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    130 Keeper Guide

    Here is a compilation of a couple posts by myself in regard to level 130 Keeper equipment and skills.

    There are spelling errors, and in some cases it might read a bit odd because I orginally posted as a reply in a diferent forum... and all ive done is copy/paste here after a couple people mentioned that it was very helpfull to them, but a pain because they needed to sign up for my Orgs webpage to view it.

    My Keepers name is Dagmir on RK2.

    If the keeper professional feels this is worthy of a sticky, ill reformat it and spell check it. Im personally not quite so sure this is worthy of that, others tell me diferently. *shrugs* All im saying is, if it does reach that point, I defnitly want to clean it up some for that.

    Im glad I decided to play a Keeper! I'm really loving it.. its very diferent from my Fixer main.

    Okay here we go:

    I was talking to a org keeper about why FBRs are good despite the -1100 melee int nerf, and it kinda moved into imps and symbs and stuff.

    So, here is a little post on how I got the skills to nearly self equip the FBR, cast all the nanos up to 165, and basicly have everything maxed and 20 levels of IPs coming that are gonna be extra.. at level 130.

    Note: Nothing I have is concedered uber by any means, im well equiped but I could guess that the total cost of items on this char is aprox 15-20 mil... (12 of that is the teir and ancient container. The symb brain is 5-6 mil, but many of us have them avalible for loan)

    Note2: I hit for 1550 on pretty much everything around at a speed of 1/1.

    Note3: This layout, and IP spending, puts a back seat to fast attack ecause the FBR just dosnt use it. (I stoped raising FA at about 600 skill) This layout is -not- for ai sword users, or excal users (Wish I had a excal)

    Note4: Atrox might have have a harder time with nanos.


    Basic Clusters & Symbs

    The key here is getting some nano pool! Left wrist is the "notum splice" from TOTW, it gives 200 nano pool, however its not specificly needed. What -is- needed, the magical key in all this.. the symb brain.

    Requirements to wear

    Notice the 270ish sense, this might need to be raised. There isnt much of a way to help get it up either, other then a chest imp and a ES buff.. ring of divine tear drops maybe.. however you should have enough IP to get 300 pretty easy. (Need it for evades anyway) Everything else should be easy to get, even the treatment with a little work.

    Final Bonuses

    191 2he and 191 melee int --> Not maxed at 210 because the waist imp that gives both, and sacraficeing 40 in one skill to get 40 in the other wasnt something I liked. Note: Its possible to equip a better waist, and should be if possible. (costs more money)

    Max nano, 247 + 37 nano pool (like 320 nano pool)

    147 bm / 140 pm... that +7 bm is actully "wasted" since the nanos take equal ammounts, but its pretty darn close. This was one of the tricky parts.. deciding where bm/pm could be droped and for what, because of some conflicts, so there wasnt a huge gap of wasted potential.

    140 si, is basicly a bonus, just kinda happened.. its helpfull (same for 86 ts.) they wernt a priority, great for 2he buffs!

    166 first aid.. could raise fast attack more, but since FBR dosnt use it there is no point. I like the better first aid spindles in sl... they are quite effective.

    260 "add all def" = max.. now after fighting for a while it certanly would be nice to switch this to "add all off" -IF- I wasnt always tanking.. it would mean concederably more damage.. but with damage comes tanking, and at 100% agg to get the FBR moving, im on the line as it is. So add all def it is.

    One thing that kinda sucks is I had to drop some stamina.. this effects the teir, but.. it is possible to pop in a temp imp, raise up the teir, then switch back without OE, so its not that big of a deal, just kind of a pain. (I have 150 ql teir at 130 so its not like im behind.)

    The ear is open for +XP or +NCU, I went with NCU because the aura start eating up a ton of it.


    IP spending: (at level 130)

    -Stamina: Maxed
    -Strength: Calculated to be exactly below stamina in a ammount that is req for teir. (although laster I maxed this for more 2he)
    -Agility: Up there, but not maxed (Maxed later for evades and melee int)
    -Int: Ussualy Maxed
    -Sense/Psychic 300 (took a while to get, wanst always raised)
    -Body dev: Maxed
    -Nano Pool: Was trying to keep this maxed, untill I got 500 or so more nano pool then i needed (after the symbs-imps)

    -2he: Maxed
    -Melee Int: Maxed
    -Fast attack: like 600, ill max it sometime easy ..its just not used with FBR

    -PM/BM: almost maxed.. not quite, only need it for 2-3 auras.. not needing CI may be a possiblity one day, or completly droping PM/BM from symb/imps for more combat orientated skills. I feel that having the best auras helps the party far more then some personal damage raising in small quanities atm.

    -SI: Enough for level capped weapon buff, and a little more for upcoming 135 evade. (also used for the str/stam/agi buff thats better then IC)

    -TS: Falls way behind... procs at this time dont hit that often, dont do all that much damage, and take up ncu that could be used for something like saber that always raises damage.

    -Evade Melee: Maxed
    -Evade Ranged: Wasnt raised at all for a long time, then like 128 or something I maxed it.
    -Evade Duck: Big fat 0, although I got all these levels coming up where im title capped, so it will be max soon enough. (Which it should be before 150, cuz ado hecks hit with duck if your "mid range" from them)

    -Treatment: maxed, but then I stoped after I got this stuff in.

    - Comp lit **BEFORE** you put in these imps, its always a great idea to put in 200 comp lit imps, and raise comp lit to 750! (with all the int buffs and such you can get) Then put in 64 memories, and 2 ai memory chips.. then you never have to touch it again for a long long time.

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    This part of the "130 guide" deals with damage! Its almost applicable to anyone however, and this is pretty basic stuff.

    Okay, and like always, I dont make these guides based on ultra uber stuff.. this is all easy to get ahold of. YOU CAN DO IT! 8O

    Bracelet of Arul Saba : There is MANY version of these.. I had to use the search function to narrow it down. Generally these raise health and some damage type, or another popuar version gives a lot of nano pool.

    They are cool because they take level requirement and nothing else... and really there isnt much to put in bracer spot to begin with. So health and dmg boost is defnitly desirable. Problem is, they are ussualy expensive.

    Howver, for Cold dmg keepers.. and enfo.. and to a lesser extent fire advs, they seem to be rather cheap. Like 1-2 mil each if you keep looking in the globals. So that falls into the easy to get catigory. (They do end up being about 10mil plus at the higher qualitys)

    Aru bracers can be made for free.. if you count free as camping 3-5 diferent dungeons from nasc to pen to get peices free. Price: Lots of time... so, 1-2 mil is worth it.

    So thats +42 dmg for our set.. which can be worn at level 100, so get these early.

    Ring of Power - Elements : 20 dmg X2 Note the QL changes the level req, these are the level 130 version. If your 150 you should get better ones. Again, buyable in the global for a couple mil or less, or just from doing a bunch of mish. (Dont buy the ones for 10mil+ , thoes people need to be shot to wake up from their dream world.)

    So thats another +40 dmg for the set.. or really, more like 35, because finding a exact ql 140 is pretty hard.. so we will go with ql 120 or so.

    Sacrificial Ensigns of Cerubin : Melee int 40 (nice for the FBR) + 40 off, and 20 dmg.. spiffy! (Keeper only)

    The Sacrificial Ensigns of Cerubin drops in COH (crypt of home) where all that other stuff like blackbirds, chiropeias, reanimator cloak drops.. I think they drop (commonly) deeper inside, rather then at the door so youl either need to be kinda tuff, or more realisticly, just ask someone who goes there to camp loots to pick you up one. It should -not- cost a thing.

    So thats +20 dmg and,
    +40 off, which translates into 'about' +4-12 dmg

    Barrow Strength : For the other shoulder... found in TOTW, everyone should get this.

    And.. plain old 2he (Or whatever weapon skill you happen to be using) will give you some more dmg. This means str+stam trickle down to 2he also gives dmg if your seriously-seriously tryign to squeek out all the dmg you can, but at this point you should start thinking about ai armor and stuff along thoes lines.. not covered in this guide. I personally get a slight bonus to this because my Keeper is clan, and I get org tower bonuses. I Also have a +100 melee int tower that makes my FBR swing 1/1 at 99%agg/def compared to 1.01/1.31 that I had without it... Also note, Collar Casero de la Cripta gives even more melee int, which you need with the FBR.. more speed on the FBR equals more damage over time.

    -Using off/def aura will increase dmg
    -Obviously using dmg aura will increase dmg (Its possible to run 3 auras at a time, just has to be 3 diff "base types")

    VERY IMPORTANT: When using the FBR, make sure you got all the melee int you can get. If your not swinging at 1/1 your missing out on doing lots of damage.

    And on a final note: +cold damage is -not- avalible by means of imp/symb. This means thoes cool type 112 swords can get +36 dmg from ql 200 +energy dmg imps/symbs why a 880/fbr can not. (I think thats the number) BUT.. Cant use the "Sacrificial Ensigns of Cerubin" anymore for direct dmg boost so it kinda balances out. (And youll need to switch all the rings and bracers to a diferent type.)

    So yeah, get that stuff and youll hit hecks for 1550 or so... which is a lot of dmg at these levels.

    - Adventure saber or wolf(with aura) is another 20-40 points. (Basicly the only one I count on)
    - Fixer dmg cloud
    - Solder aura (overites fixer)
    - Even crats have a small 8 dmg bonus... but their offence/def aura is even better.
    - Eng have a enegery dmg boost as well, that does stack, but its ussualy not used.

    (Remeber this is for standard level 130s, options change with levels, and tons of credits.)

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    In regards to A standard Atrox about basic game mecanics deling with treatment and modifying the 130 plan to get some things equiped: (Back to the 130 guide, This is posted in a context as a reply on a forum.)

    Hum, the first thing that comes to mind right away is the 535 treatment, it seems a little low. Generally speaking, treatment is something pretty much every profession maxes, despite its color... to a point at least.

    Froobs cant use symbiants so they can stop at 1005 treatment (counting buffs) which is imps with jobe clusters. (Even tho the jobe clusters are SL, froobs can use them) -- SL users on the other hand, should aim for at 'least' 1400 which is the ql200-220ish symb req. (explained why below)

    The reason treatment (symbs/imps) are so important is becase of the ratio to IPs spent vs. the results, the ease of switching them around, and they are not subject to OE factors. Or in other words, for little investment the return is great!

    Quick rundown on imps/symbs:
    - Imps can hold a max of 3 bonuses
    - There is often conflicting desired bonuses in imps (ie waist has BM and 2he conflict)
    - Imps will give more bonus per QL -when- its based on the requirements to equip. So pre ql 200 if there is no conflicts in a imp location.. its better to use the imp because it gives more bonus. (It is however sometimes easyer and cheaper to just buy a symb and loose a few points.)
    - As QL raises up, the bonuses start slimming down. After ql 200, the bonuses are droped down even more. So.. its sorta like a 210 symb/imp is like a 205. This means that a 201+ imp isnt nessasaraly that much better then a ql 200. (especally looking at the high requirements, and difucluty assembling a imp at that ql)

    - Symbiants, to a extent, eliminate the conflicts present in imps. For example the waist imp can not have 2he and bm at the same time, but the -infantry- symbiant does. This can make certain symbiants highly desired.
    - There is four types of symbiants: control, extermination, infantry, and artilierty. (or just "con, ext, inf, and art symbs) Each follows a general theme. For example inf generally combine melee skills, why art is ranged.
    - The problem with some symbs, is they either raise a nano skill thats simply not used or the more common desired combo of conflicts dosnt exsist. For example, there are no r-arm symbiants that have SMG and Burst.. for a fixer this seriously sucks because when equiping all the ai weapons the fixer is either short smg, or short burst.. there is no "balance" so basicly.. the skill is "wasted."
    - 200 symbinats are ussually cool because they offer the full bonus a ql 200 implant does. (Resulting in max possible skill, and perhaps even some skills now being raised because they were left out of a imp config because something else needed to be as high as possible.) The problem is, QL200 -imps- can be put on at level 130 why 200 -symbs- are more like level 200 stuff. Thats a huge gap.. (Yes it is possible to get them on before, this is generally speaking)

    Okay, so, that was a ton of info compacted into a tiny space. It not really "must know" info, but it does tend to help when deciding what one wants.


    Here comes the "Key starting point" in detailed terms.

    Note: A very helpfull thing to do with imps is to put in a lower QL imp to boost up some skills to allow a higher QL imp to be put in. This is especally true with treatment. (Its balanced pretty well tho, remeber how I said the bonus slowly scales down, its not really possible to indefenitly raise up a skill by going in circles over and over.)

    Okay, screw all that obscure treatment raising crap, we are only gonna use basic stuff that isnt a pain to get.

    Treatment is the starting spot, it can be buffed by 278 "easy"
    (SFA 80 + Expertise 20 + Med Suit 78 + Machine 100)

    Tossing on a comp atribute will squeese out 3 more.


    There is also a"Treatment Library" that goes in hud2. The parts are store buyable at ql125. (a eng will have to make it) It takes 535 treatment and 500 comp lit to equip. and gives 12 treatment.


    And then the semi easy stuff below:

    Agent FG and ES can add on 4 more I think.

    There is a rifle thats fairly easy to buy/borrow. It gives 10.

    If your getting real tight, you can pull off a bio-mech helm and cloak.. however note it takes psychic to get on. A ql 200 will toss on 10 more per peice, and can even give more then med suit boots.. but with a keepers semi low psychic in these levels, and your atrox, your prob looking at 5-6 points.

    Garden keys can add on some sorta okay ammounts, 2-14ish.

    Couple Rings are out there, most notibly a visionist tool that can drop from one of the named at stormshelter/nero in ely. It gives 4 from there.

    There are perks which can add quite a bit, but.. eh.. thats a pain in the butt kinda and can cause other issues (like lowering 2he or something) Kinda a final push if needed. Might take literally days to acheive.

    Adding this up... standard stuff is +296.. and ill assume you got at least one of the extra alternitives for +300.

    So, you got 535 base + 300 for 835.

    And now the final touches--> Temporary implants.


    Here is what implants give to treatment at QLs 100, 150, and 200

    Head: 55, 88, 105
    Eye: 33, 48, 63
    Right Hand: 22, 32, 42

    Treatment rquired to put them in: 479, 718, 951

    Given unlimited resources and the ablity to make your own imps and such its best to go hand->eye->brain to get the highest possible treatment as the brain gives more treatment per ql.. we want the highest ql brain.

    However, when a person has just the 100/150/200 variants, its possible to fall short in treatment to get that "bump up in ql" that we are looking for... and going brain/eye/hand is often better.

    In fact, for you this is the case.

    Since you have 835 treatment, you can put on a 150 hand for 867
    since you have 867 treatment, you can put on a 150 eye for 930
    Since you have 930 treatment, you can put on a 150 brain for 1003 (which is a mere 2 treatment short for ql200 jobe imps in my other thread)

    Thats not exactly the best we can do tho:
    Since you have 835 treatment, you can put in a 150 brain for 923
    Since you have 823 treatment, you can put in a 150 hand for 955
    since you have 955 treatment, you can put in a 200 eye for 1018

    Now if you had 863 treatment (28 more treatment then you have) you could:
    Since you have 863 treatment, you can put in a 150 brain for 951
    Since you have 951 treatment, you can put in a 200 hand for 1014
    since you have 955 treatment, you can put in a 200 eye for 1056

    1056 treatment is 38 more treatment, compared to the manual raise of 28.. or a extra 10 treatment. This is probably starting to get way to complex.. hopefully you can get a idea of how its possible to start tweaking ql and buffed treatment, to really maximize the final treatment.

    But, none of that matters right now, because you can get the 1005 treatment with a set of 150 treatment imps. (It will matter when you start getting into ql 200 symbs.)

    Now with that out of the way, we will move onto the other stuff (in the next post)

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    (Again with the forum reply, slightly out of context.. but these are actual values of a atrox keeper)

    One thing to note here: Your level 147 or something.. not quite 150, so your still level capped since about 130... you basicly have the same skills as me when it comes to stuff like 2he, except your trox instead of soli.

    Or in other words, the 130 guide is still applicable to your character. The next level of improvements comes around 165-175. (When we title cap again) So this 130 setup is good till then. This is especally true since you will be using 200 imps, which is basicly the max ql imps get for normal use.

    The only thing that we will really be modifying at the 175 level is the symbiants. And right now there is only three in the "FBR config."

    At level 200(ish) the FBR falls behind. This is when the QL220 ai sword is better for sure. At this time, I can see a rather large switch up in what imps/symbs will be used. For example +energy damage jobe clusters and fast attack are desirable. And since this revolves around when a 220 ql sword can be put on, the level this switch comes varries quite a bit. It may be even as low as 175 or something.. im not quite sure yet. -- The key is 1450 2he... thats when it all changes. (unless you get tired of the fbr and go with like a 190-200 sword.. many keepers do)


    So looking at the setup in the 130 guide.

    You need: (for the imps)
    404 int
    414 agi
    404 stamina
    951 or 1005 treatment
    and (for the symbs)
    271 agi
    271 int
    271 str
    271 sense
    and 715 treatment

    You have all this covered other then Int and treatment with just the base abilities.

    I went over how you can get treatment to 1005, by using brain/eye/hand first.. However... the hand takes 951 treatment, and since the hand is used to raise treatment you start experence the very common problem.

    The problem is, brain/eye (and sometimes hand) 'ussualy' take a ammount of treatment thats not achevable by not having in a treatment raising brain/eye. Or in tother words.. take the brain out, and they dont have enough treatment to get in a new brain since brain raises treatment... and since its not hot-swapable, they are just out of luck.

    However in your case, youll have like 960 treatment with the hand taken out, and the brain/eye put in.

    So right there you have a bit more to your "order of events"

    Put in 150 brain, put in 150 hand, put in 200 eye, (for treatment to..) put in everything else, take out 150 hand, put in the 200 hand

    Note: Often, pre level 130, stuff like agility or whatever is to low for some people. So secondary imps are put it, much like the treatment. The best example of this, is a leg imp that takes stamina to put in, which is highly buffable, and it raises agility.

    You dont need this for anything tho..except INT. And unfortunatly INT is pretty hard to buff up, so we are gonna have to focus on raising it by imps.. or eliminating the requirement of INT. (Which often is easyer.)

    Problem Imps:
    Ear (Gives PM)
    Hand (Gives First Aid and Treatment)

    First the Ear: PM is a extreamly important nano skill for the Keeper. Idealy you would have 850 PM at this stage. The symb version of the ear can remove int req completly if you go a infantry type, but then your limited by sense.. and in the end you loose 15 points of PM which may not seem like a lot, but it is.. especally when it messes up the balance between BM/PM as discussed in the 130 guide. So in other words, we really want to keep this as a 200 imp right now, and either get the INT, or remove the INT req.

    The hand: First Aid, and Treatment.. the first aid is handy if you use it. I use it -all the time- I stim the doc every battle with nano... I stim my health if I get some hits and I know the doc is gonna heal someone who is busy healing someone else who got agg... or stim someone else when the doc is healing a diferent person.. there is many applications to use this. And at our level of first aid we are looking at 1000 point heals, thats pretty decent. But, when it comes down to it, using a 150 imp to lower the int req isnt that big of a deal. However, even at the 150 ql level, you still cant meet the 304 INt req right off the bat, so this route is looking un attractive. So, we are at the same deal as the ear: Either get the INT, or remove the INT req.

    So.. raising up Int by using other Imps? Doh, it wont work for three reasons: The first reason is treatment and INT conflict. So, you could get the INT bumped up some, but then not be able to put the imps in because you were low on treatment. The second reason is you would only be able to squeese like 50-60 INT bonus, and thats short of the 120 you need. And The third is, the specific order of Imp adding requires the Rhand to be last.. that rules out the hand from working even if the first and second reason were not exsistant. (Might work on the ear if the first two reasons didnt exsist.)

    So that cuts it down to modifying the req to put it on.

    Ear currently adds nothing but PM.. makes it super easy. Just toss in concealment and PM and presto.. it takes agility to put in. Problem solved. (Easy to see using Imatrix, its a implant designer, if you dont have it.. get it!)

    The hand however, raises first aid, treatment.. and wait a sec.. weapon smithing? Yes... because I already applied this trick to the hand. Without the worthless weaponsmithing, the req would of been psychic.. and neither you or I (or any keeper at this level) is gonna have the 400 psychic. The INT however is a good thing to have, because it raises up nano skill. In fact Keepers ussualy max INT. (Lany HOBs level 210+ keeper 2nd higest ability is INT.)

    Okay so.. psychc is a no-no, and changing that cluster around dosnt afftect the imps req to anything other then INT and PSY.. other then "add dmg X" but thats a Jobe imp and it will raise the treatment req to 1005, and since the hand raises treatment we wouldnt be able to get that on. (Without a big bag of tricks that just isnt worth the time.)

    So.. if we drop weapon smithing -and- treatment keeping only first aid... we end up with stamina req. Hum, not to bad.. since at this point all your imps are in, the rhand being the last, there isnt much need for treatment. Sit down treatment kits arnt used in SL because they are so damn slow.. Rubi kits add enough as it is, and since we only buff every 2-4 hours, and the huge ammount of nano it takes, its just much more easy to stand at a treatment machine and click it to recharge. So dumping the treatment isnt half bad a idea and just raising First aid in the rhand location.

    But id start working on raising INT up regardless.

    Okay so, thats is that. Lets see what kind of final skills you would have:

    2he:603 -> 794

    Melee Init:585 -> 776

    Bio Mete:544 -> 691
    Psycho Modi:546 -> 686
    Time & Spcace:592 -> 678
    Sence Impro:552 -> 692

    Ill split this here beteween melee and nano:

    Add in CI, and composites. (+110) And note they will be like 10 higher because of trickledown. Primaraly because of the 50 Int.

    Bio Mete: 691 -> 801
    Psycho Modi: 686 -> 796
    Time & Spcace: 678 -> 788
    Sence Impro: 692 -> 802

    Level Capped Nanos, a good goal is to cast these when they become avalible. (Not always possible)

    Tone of Rapport (Nano) 145 -> 810 BM/PM (You prob got this)
    Ambient Convalescence (Heal) 125 -> 744 BM/PM (got it easy)
    Guardian Ward (Ward) 125 -> 760BM/PM (Got it easy)
    Imminence of Warfare (Off/Def) -> 802 BM/PM (You prob got this)
    Vengeance of the Virtuous (dmg) 100 -> 125 -> 669 BM/PM (got it easy)

    The Adjudicator's Blade (2he) 100 -> 692 PM/SI (got it easy)
    A Keeper's Physique (stam/str/agi) 100 -> 674 PM/SI (got it easy)
    Sharpen Instincts (evades) 135 -> 763 PM/SI (got it easy)

    So your set on all the level caped stuff, or are darn close.

    Looking ahead:

    Ambient Regeneration (Heal) 155 -> 824 BM/PM (Like 20 short, but will have 5 levels to raise it which cuts that down to a mere 10 short, and you prob have that already.)

    Vengeance of the Blessed (dmg) 155 -> 833 BM/PM (Like 30 short, but will have 5 levels to raise it which cuts that in half. Assuming your maxed right now. Thats pretty good... raise up INT, and count in trickle down, youll have this.)

    Finality's Edge (2he) 155 -> 851 PM/SI (Okay your low on this.. this can be helped out some with the same int raise, and level raise, but thats still gonna be like 20-30 short. So, you either just level some more past 155, or get a better brain and eye.. however thats the only nano of the bunch that isnt avalible!)


    2he: 794

    Melee Init: 776

    With "The Adjudicator's Blade" you get +110 2he, and then +20 from expertise.. total 2he: 924

    Toss on wrangle: 1057.. plenty for the FBR

    Speed though.. hum.. that seems low! I have like 200 more then that. Perhaps its not capped. With the FBR it really, really needs to be.

    So, after the final review.. It looks like all you need to concentrate on is melee int, and intellegence. (And of course the ussual stuff like 2he, stamina, stregth, body dev, pm, bm, ect. However Fast attack can simply stop for some time -if- you go with the FBR)

    And lastly remeber this setup is for FBR, its not for a ai sword, there would be lots of changes for that.

    As a soli, nano skills are okay up untill 185. (With the equipment layout in the post before this)


    And something I forgot:
    Trade Skills
    Comp Lit:560

    Add on 20 for expertise, and 3 ql150 comp lit imps (+160) and you get a total of: 740.. conceder a couple points from comp atributes, and maybe making the ql150 imp a ql155 and you got the required 750 comp lit to put on ql 200 64 NCU memories. This should actully be the first step before all the normal imps. blitz/buy 4 64 memories, and 2 viral memories and get your NCU as high as possible, becasuse these auras use it up.

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    Whew.. almost finished..

    Here is sort of a follow up of what happens in the 150-185 levels. I wrote everything above this at level 130 ish, now im almost 175.

    Couple of notes:
    - +675 dmg weapon proc is finally worth it, but then you start getting ncu issues and need the TS..

    - Can no longer self cast with the 130 setup, need a CI for some things depending on level.

    - NCU starts becoming a real hassle, especally if you want LC (Life Channler) Try to get Pen sanct key, Get a infantry leg ql 200 for 10 more NCU, possible put NCU in your ear or get a 200 Sup/Inf Ear. Add NCU to your wrist by imp or symb. Max out Comp lit and get 2 of the biggest viral memories you can once again. (Viral memory is still cheap at this ql.)

    - The 120 brain/eye isnt gonna get you enough nano skill for 185 nanos. You either need a new brain/eye, or a com relay. This is even more evedent as a atrox. Youll also need to switch your r-hand to a symb to get a bunch more TS for the procs. Hoods.. collar of amplifaction from foremans.. ect they might help you squeek by.

    - Breed Caps, Title caps -everywhere- no problem. If you have stuck to this guide, youll finally want to max fast atatck, brawl and some others which will be needed for the type 112 at level 200 or so. (Should skip parry+ripose unless you cant afford a type 112 ql 220, or LE expansion makes it do cool stuff.) Its safe to max all the nano skills that are used.. (no MM or MC) more nanos become self castable, but others still need CI.

    - Agility probably slacked off for a while, because IPs are tight for some levels around 130. It makes quite a large impact to finally max this out if its 100 some points behind. It raises up melee int and evades a good deal.

    - Hit for 1750 at 1/1, 81% agg/def (Still using FBR)

    - At 170, should really have bio shield, blessing, and crusade maxed allowed. I have a gimpy token board and about 8600 health. (and 10,500+ health with buffs)

    -Ado hecks are a breeze with decent healing. Grab a 13% reflect graft and alternate dev-shield+perk heals and bio coccon.. toss in first aid when needed. Can tank fine even at 80% agg/def, 50% seems like its possible to go afk on some hecks. Get a ql 200 agression enhancer if you want to make sure your the tank.

    -Pen mish are a little harder then hecks, but the reward is better. Dont generally tank for them. (I do these often with friends)

    -Still no fast atatck, no brawl.. and the dmg perks from reaver still stink. Also fury special does like 250 max on SL stuff, so its next to worthless. But the 675 proc and force opponet perk are pretty cool. Insight will boost everyones damage a little bit as well, and the healing can help sometimes. Its all good because, im still in the top of the DD's, it not the top.

    - This entire guide is geared towards PvM 100%

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trajal
    Nice set of posts, you may want to remove the comments about froobs and atrox though, because of course froobs can't be keepers.

    Other than that picky little detail a very nice set of information. There are things i'd say differently but it's mainly opinion, and you cover the basics well.

    Nice one! Bump for adding a link to this in the "Guides" sticky

    Yeah, that bit gets kinda off topic now that I actully read it again.. The intention was to have sort of a alternative bit of info for helping out some atrox getting INT req imps in, but I went off tangent and just started covering basic imp twinking.

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    Nice set of posts, you may want to remove the comments about froobs and atrox though, because of course froobs can't be keepers.

    Other than that picky little detail a very nice set of information. There are things i'd say differently but it's mainly opinion, and you cover the basics well.

    Nice one! Bump for adding a link to this in the "Guides" sticky

    (and i deleted my post and reposted here so your guide wasn't broken up, sorry about that) - Edit.
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    The previous goal was to have the best aura first because of the benifits to the entre party outweigh a single personal boost in my opinion, so some things slacked because there wasnt enough IPs at some stages. (Like letting agility slide kinda sucked.)

    Also, the imp plan left out right wrist, which could of been set up right away.

    Better brain/eye was also possible if the person has the money. It kinda goes back to doing things as effecently (cheaply, but maxed effects) as possible. The 120 brain (maybe 140 is better, especally for trox) is just enough to last untill 185-195, the longest I think its possible..

    Im thinking that in the levels to come, its gonna be about weapons first, then aura..although there will probably never be a IP shorage again, so they will both be best as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trajal
    (and i deleted my post and reposted here so your guide wasn't broken up, sorry about that) - Edit.
    hehe, totaly fine with me either way, a little chaos is good to keep us on our toes. I dont really expect it to be a sticky anyway, just want to help whoever needs some help.

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    Uber guide. Makes me want to play my keeper even more. BOO!
    I am Horrible

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    LOL this post is too big..i can`t read this..anyway..GJ for ure impressive writing skills
    Quadrivium .... a new begining :|

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    Why not MotR instead of Barrow?

  13. #13
    Org resources? He isn't very experienced and hes looking at a nice and realistic view of what a keeper can achieve at this level with little or no help good guide for all you keepers out there who are their first toon ^^ bumpz

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    A couple picky things,
    Notum Splice gives 190 Max Nano not 200 Nano Pool, major difference!
    Sacrificial Ensigns drop your AAD by 40, I don't like that loss.
    You never mentioned a Flurry which adds melee init but requires some fast attack which I'm sure you had prior to 125
    Otherwise not a bad guide, a bit disorganized feel about it though. But then again I'm a stickler for fluidity and train of thought

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    MotR falls into the "hard to get" catigory, and yeah.. this is "easy" stuff.

    Doh on the splice, and yeah its pretty messy.. maybe one day ill make it all nice and easyer to read, and fix these couple things... add in flurry which defnitly helps a non 1/1 fbr (or frosty).. not sure how i missed that.

    Removing 40 AAD does suck, but 20 dmg, 40 AAO, and 40 melee int I think make it worth it... at least in this 130 level range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keidric
    Removing 40 AAD does suck, but 20 dmg, 40 AAO, and 40 melee int I think make it worth it... at least in this 130 level range.
    Maybe so, but I'm a bit of an Evade whore

    220s "Wakizaka", "Sneakygank", "Wakimango", "Wakisolja", "Tardersauce", "Bushwaki", "Midgetgank", "Bugfixxx", "Ramsbottom", "Paskadoc"
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    Thanks for a nice guide!

    covers some nice things I had not thought about.

    And I really wondered how you got about 850 in some of you nanoskills at lvl150.

    But as far as i can see that WITH Composite Infuse Running?
    Am i correct?

    Becouse i got a decent setup with 150 support Eye /Ear symbs plus a 140 infantry brain, and i do not get close to 850+ in my nano skill.

    Ofcouse I do not count CI in. (although I do use Composites expertise)

    Isn't it just dangerous to rely all the time on a outside buff?

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    It was prob with CI, I didnt really expect many people would ready the guide, it was pretty much orginally designed for one single person I was helping and we talked alot on the side.

    Just dont die and youll have 7-8 hours of buffs with one CI not dangerous! hehe

    Im 199 now, and with a 200 eye and 190 brain I can self cast everything with a wrinkled hood and 2 rings of presence. -except- the 195 damage proc that does 1100 dmg. Its kinda a pain to put the hood/rings on, but its kinda nice not needing CI if I die and im in inferno or something with no mps around. If I had a com relay, id be set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keidric
    Okay, screw all that obscure treatment raising crap, we are only gonna use basic stuff that isnt a pain to get.

    Treatment is the starting spot, it can be buffed by 278 "easy"
    (SFA 80 + Expertise 20 + Med Suit 78 + Machine 100)

    Tossing on a comp atribute will squeese out 3 more.


    There is also a"Treatment Library" that goes in hud2. The parts are store buyable at ql125. (a eng will have to make it) It takes 535 treatment and 500 comp lit to equip. and gives 12 treatment.


    Adding this up... standard stuff is +296.. and ill assume you got at least one of the extra alternitives for +300.

    So, you got 535 base + 300 for 835.
    Your math is a bit off. 278+3=281. 281+12=293. I'm not quite sure how you lost 1 for the first number and gained 3 for the last one compared to what it should be...

    EDIT: changed what I said, didn't make sense to me

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