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Thread: Funny quotes from ingame! Share!

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    Funny quotes from ingame! Share!

    Let's see what can I dig up...

    something older:

    Technomarine: damn dog (Edited by Sabynne: Inappropriate Language) all over my house
    Technomarine: wife has a yorkshire terrier little rat f!cker who (Edited by Sabynne: Inappropriate Language) in my house
    Technomarine: im this close to throwing her dog out my damn window
    Technomarine: hes like 3 lbs too
    Technomarine: i just wanna step on him

    [xxx]: ado hecks ?
    To [xxx]: yup
    [xxx] Thewalruss: what spot
    [Team] xxx: look for doc
    [Team] xxx: sorry The i dont see u clann we have other spots sorry
    You were kicked from the team.

    To [xxx]: ehm, what?
    [xxx]: omni and clanns have different spost sry
    [xxx]: spots*
    To [xxx]: i asked you what spot=where should i go. you didnt answer. and then you kick me. wtf?
    [xxx]: u wanno come to omni spots ?
    [xxx]: np simple hard to run
    [xxx]: i can reinv u
    To [xxx]: no
    [xxx]: then wath a problem ?
    To [xxx]: 1) you need to learn to behave 2) you obviously dont speak even the most simple english and i refuse to take my iq to negative levels
    [xxx]: i say sorry i wrong and stop learn me babe

    -> isn't this called "Askiles effect"?
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    One sunny day in ICC:

    Coen: RI pls
    Deniska: no!
    Coen runs off with a sad face

    Coen <3

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    now Walrus
    i KNOW you got more fun stuff than that

    give us mooooooooooooore..
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    [FromsomeoneisOTshopping] Sry teaching you scripts would be like giving Iran Nukeuler technology
    [Neu. Newbie OOC] Mish: and its a balanced game - any choice sucks only differently
    Quote Originally Posted by Vordai
    When you're surfing, or downloading large amounts of porn, latency matter less and bandwidth matters more.
    Jcorion: Y'know, it's kind of hard to be con****uous when you're an oversized kitty.

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    loved that last post...

    true too

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    Snatched from my org's siggie collection. None of these are my catches, sadly. If there's names, they're orgmates who know the joke. :D

    [Team] Razmato: Ah Reclaim, my old friend . . .
    [Team] Ithm: If it was sentient and female, I'd have proposed long ago.

    [Clan OOC] **********: All people who are online and amish please send me a tell. I am tryin to start an all amish/mennonite/polish organization

    Fraglimit: i lack the equipment as i said earlier
    Kyriakos: now for some closeups
    Serilas: i would have a word with your manufacturer, if i were you, frag
    Fraglimit: and i am not talking about my camera
    [Vicinity] Hilfy: Expecting?
    [Vicinity] Redtricks: Pregnant? No.

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    [xxxxx]: dont play innocent with the wolf
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    Means: about f'ing time :P
    Satenia: heresy <3
    Znore: Mastablasta <3
    Kinkstaah: I have agro from many mobs ;(
    Madarab: we are aoe class, we are supose to use pistols
    Marxgorm: the NT toolset does not fit into my raiding tactics

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    [xxx] : Ah great, he's neutral so can be trusted by anyone !
    Server first !!! Neutral Solitus Male Soldier named Boltgun to wear a short with pink spots on RK1 !!!
    N E U T R A L I Z E R S

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    [Team] Ditzie: That lady balefully stared at me! Kick her ass!
    (Ditzie vs. an Enforcer mob)

    [Devil`s Advocate] Tsuyuzamu: Oh god yesh, lag me HARDER
    [Devil`s Advocate] Tsuyuzamu: HARDERRRR
    [Devil`s Advocate] Tsuyuzamu: YEAH
    [Devil`s Advocate] Skybert: *puts on his robe and wizard hat*
    [Devil`s Advocate] Tsuyuzamu: Mommy likes the hard lag, freeze me!!
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    I'm still waiting for a funny quote
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    [Silverado]: I have uber pvp skillz

    there ya go
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    [Orgmate]: !online eng
    [Somedumbfroobengiwhomanagedtogetintoorg]: Can I help?
    [Orgmate]: Nah, I was looking for 1800+ skills
    [Somedumbfroobengiwhomanagedtogetintoorg]: Engies can give you that much skills?
    [Orgmate]: No lol, I was looking for a combine
    [Somedumbfroobengiwhomanagedtogetintoorg]: !items combine

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    [OOC] Sonofzhon: we must stop women now!!! Before they can complete their insidious plan to enslave mankind!!

    To [Sonofzhon]: rofl, and how do you plan to stop women from their insidious plan?

    [Sonofzhon]: I dont know damnit, but the first step will to be leave the lid up!
    You have not wasted your day if you have laughed at least once and learned at least one new thing. ~Jokzer

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    why do i find a funny feeling i'll be in here several times
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    [Team] Funkyy: EEEKS what the **** is she doin here ?
    [Team] Peekiri: who?
    [Team] Frumushel: lol
    [Team] Funkyy: my mother in law the witch
    [Team] Peekiri: LOL
    [Team] Funkyy: teh horrors
    [Team] Frumushel: is she hawt?
    [Team] Funkyy: no but big
    [Team] Frumushel: LOL
    [Team] Funkyy: huge

    [Team] Audraa: horror
    [Team] Dinkytoy: my ex GF here too ?
    [Team] Dinkytoy: oh THAT horror
    [Team] Thewalruss: lol
    [Team] Audraa: lol
    [Team] Audraa: took a sec..but fooking funny
    [Team] Dinkytoy: lol

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    Okay, once there were ppl on ooc talking about aodb being down. I told them that there was a new url for aodb. Some random dude decides to try the new url, and after he tries it with success...

    ...he says this (finally remembered!):

    [OT OOC] omgitworkedwoot!: maledia u a god u never know how many ppl are happy to see it back up
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    There is no IRL. There is only active in game, AFK & extended AFK.

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    damn I wish i kept all of them funny quotes i had when I reinstalled my comp a month ago

    this thread DELIVERS!!!
    Lillagumman 220/24 Soldier stuff
    Shibari 220/14 Crat Shibari about to be reconfigurated stuff
    Froo 165/12 Adventurer
    no i dont have more alts.
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    I miss Satenia
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    Talking Great topic :D

    im soo going to be flamed for this, but here goes :P

    [Europhia] Vociferor: [Team] Ubersol: guys remember to click on the thing and make sure it is in your NCU b4 u zone <--

    translation plz
    [Europhia] Trebbie: gate
    [Europhia] Trebbie: bio thing in the ground
    [Europhia] Trebbie: click it
    [Europhia] Vociferor: did
    [Europhia] Trebbie: you get a nano in your ncu
    [Europhia] Vociferor: didnt work
    [Europhia] Trebbie: that will allow you NOT to die
    [Europhia] Trebbie: right click
    [Europhia] Slapzor: :P
    [Europhia] Vociferor: some (Edited by Sabynne: Inappropriate Language) ninja buffed me and i thought it was it
    [Europhia] Trebbie: rofl
    [Europhia] Slapzor: haha
    [Europhia] Trebbie: darwinated
    [Europhia] Slapzor: hahahaha
    [Europhia] Vociferor: lol
    [Europhia] Meliania: lol
    [Europhia] Trebbie: my most fun apf ever
    [Europhia] Trebbie: 1/3 of the raid died at that spot
    [Europhia] Trebbie: i was laughing so hard i was crying
    [Europhia] Meliania: lol
    [Europhia] Meliania: i remember that
    [Europhia] Trebbie: had 60
    [Europhia] Trebbie: 20 died there
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    Darwin fence FTW \o/

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