View Poll Results: Do you report client crashes?

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  • Every single time, even if I know it is the same crash.

    249 24.65%
  • Normally, but not if it seems like the exact same crash as 2 minutes ago.

    121 11.98%
  • Only if I get the same crash over and over again.

    102 10.10%
  • Now and then, if I feel like it.

    148 14.65%
  • No, I never report client crashes.

    159 15.74%
  • What pop-up box? I do not experience client crashes.

    104 10.30%
  • I would if I could. The crash report does not work. (Freezes, never shows, etc)

    127 12.57%
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Thread: Do you report client crashes?

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    Question Do you report client crashes?

    Our dev team is curious as to how many of the client crashes that happen get reported.

    Note, this is client crashes only, not disconnections from the servers and similar issues.

    If your client crashes, you will get a pop-up box asking you whether you would like to report the crash. If you select "Yes", you will get a new window where you can fill out extra information if you want, but the main info (crash log, system data, etc) is already included, and very valuable to us.

    Hence the question: Do you use this report option?

    Poll will run for 2 weeks.

    {Edit: Added the last option.}
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