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Thread: Anarchy Online Booster Pack with Land Control

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    What about non-guild players?

    Ok, there's a ton of replies to the original post, so I apoligize if this has already been covered.

    What about players who aren't members of a guild? Can folks who are strictly loners control land?

    -Crimsus (WHAT'S THAT PRETZEL DOING?!!!)

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    Originally posted by Georg
    Nice, a shame that it's an item which you have'll to buy while it should've been with the game ages ago or brought in with a certain patch (14.5? for example).
    Why do people always want more than the original release was over a year ago, so what if it didn't include 1/2 the things listed on the site big deal, stop wasting bandwidth with you and every one elses constant trolling
    ~I am the Virtual Virus

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