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Thread: Anarchy Online Booster Pack with Land Control

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    Unless they think this out very well, it will be the end of small friendly guilds.

    DAoC had to put in checks and balances such that if you owned a whole lot of keeps, the NPC defenses would get weaker and weaker making it easier to lose one.

    A guild like Storm could have a dozen or more of these things making them even more attractive.

    I've always hated the rat pack mentality of big guild gets all the loot so it attracts more people and gets bigger and is able to get more loot and more people join because now you 'have' to be part of uber guild to get the good loot so they are now bigger and can own several pieces of land and get guild bonuses so now you 'have' to join them to get the bonuses so they get bigger and are able to take over more land ....

    The smaller the guild, the harder it should be to take away their property, the bigger the guild, the harder they should have to work to defend it. Otherwise, simply call this the Storm/Council bonus pack.

    Why bother buying the Booster and your guild shelling out a 100 million credits if Storm or the Council is simply going to come over and 'own' you. I want to defend my land, but not against 300 other lvl200 players.

    They will have to break this down into brackets somehow. Based on the number of people in you guild, you may or may not be able to attack a guild's compound. If my guild has 30 people in it, then I would expect our compound to be attackable by guilds with between 20 and 50 members.

    If my guild's average level is 100, then I would the above restriction to apply and other guilds would have to have an average level of between 90 and 110 to attack our compound.

    This way we set up equal forces on either side of the struggle for control of the compounds.

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    Originally posted by maxflier
    Specialone,i'm not sure where you live ,but around here you can NOT find AO on shelves.Sure you can go to EB or Gamestop and probably find it,but the big stores like Wal-Mart and such carry all kinds of big computer games,yet you can't find AO at Wal-Mart or K-Mart or any of those.
    Well just to answer your tangential question, in the last 2 weeks I've seen the AO SE at CompUsa, Software Etc (mall), Circuit City, WalMart and Electronics Boutique (mall) which is every store I went to when I was looking for a new Vid card. Those are the only 5 major chains within 15 miles of me.

    I live in Connecticut (god help me)
    I long for my home away from home, Eastern Oregon...

    As far as the expansion (i mean booster) is concerned:

    A) The guild stuff is a great and LONG OVERDUE addition. It's unfortunate that my guild just dissolved (over 200 members I believe)...

    B) I won't buy it. As it was so clearly addressed above, I don't think we should have to pay for content when the ENTIRE premise this mmorpg is based on (and what keeps us paying) is that content will be added to the persistent world on a regular basis. I know we are getting a wee bit of content, but considering that the AO population is generally voicing the same concerns ad nauseum re: high lvl content, boredom, minimal tradeskill usage, pet and mob pathing issues unresolved after a year etc...

    Besides, I tend to think that it will end up as a free dl sooner or later anyway.

    FC - I think if you really want us to buy an "expansion" down the road, you should not ask us to pay for this booster. I would bet that if this booster was a free dl (or optionally a minimally priced CD) and it was really quite good, most of us would be happy to pay for an expansion down the road...

    in contrast, if I pay for a "booster" that ends up being a disappointment, it is unlikely that i'd even think about buying an Expansion later.
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    If it worked like that, with equal forces, then lowbie would never get into these guilds.

    As it is many guilds have lvl caps to get into them. It should be encouraged for the lower lvls to learn from the higher lvls (without guilds creating 100s of low lvl alts)

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    I love the idea, but I have the same concerns as Bionitrous. What will keep a giant guild from going from tower to tower, crushing all the small guilds defending them?

    That, in turn, will lead to the small guilds losing members to the larger guilds or having to band together into one big guild for protection. Unless handled properly, it will be like what happens to the small mom and pop stores when Walmart comes to a rural community. The small stores are forced out of business.

    Please, please, please put checks and balances in this expansion.
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    About the small guilds versus large guild discussion - I'm sure this will also be brought up today in the chat and your answers will be lying there. Just hold on a little longer, guys.
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    waaaagh I can't wait! haha

    I know I'll miss it.

    2pm PST right?
    that is erm something BST?

    I have some real problems with time zones!

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    How will Booster/non-booster be handled? If only 50% of my guild buys the booster will we as a guild be able to mine resources, set up towers/guards and protect it?

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    One point that needs to be made. When I'm in my guild's compound there should be only two sides. Me and anybody who is not in my guild.

    I'm Neutral and proud. I will remain Neutral forever unless the Shadowlands wakes up one of the other two sides into not being jackasses and loot whores. I look forward to our guild being able to have a place of their own and the opportunity to PvP to protect it.

    I however, don't want Clan or Omni forces to be able to walk into my house and have the 'shoot first' nonsense. I would love for other Neutrals to be able to come to my backyard free from risk. But, if it comes down to it, it should be my guild's right to shoot first at anybody who steps on our property.

    Unless some special changes are made, then Elite Operations will again become Neutral-Hater-Extroidenaire Gaute's butt-buddy as we will be sitting ducks who are not able to shoot first until Storm comes in and blows away half our guild with alpha strikes while we sit there unable to defend our own home.

    Two options:

    1.) Anybody in your guild is friendly & everybody else it freely attackable.

    2.) Anybody in your faction is friendly & and everybody NOT in your faction is freely attackable.

    I prefer option 2 as we would be able to help some of the more pacifist Neutral guilds to defend their lands. But, 1 works in a pinch.

    And it should take a full out major assault to be able to take away something that a person has paid real-life money for and a ton of in-game credits to aquire. Last thing anyone wants to see is the constant swapping of territory like in DAoC where nobody really cares about who owns the Keeps as they change from day to day. The loss of a guild's compound should be real news and a major blow to loser. After all, I suspect my guild will have to pay upwards of 200 dollars for the majority of us all to be 'boosted' and able to claim a compound.

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    I'm gonna give props to the small vs. large guild concern, and add a second concern: Off-hours play. Many guilds are wholly or primarily composed of people in America. But there are also a significant number of guilds that are composed of people in Europe or the Orient.

    What happens when a guild that's mostly on GMT-5 decides to attack a guild stronghold that's on GMT? Or vice versa? A smart tactician would time operations against enemies in other time zones for when most or all of the other side's members will be at work, in school, or asleep. Ie - time zone differences will leave many guild compounds undefended or nearly so for 6 to 8 hours a day at the very minimum.

    As a side note - props to neutral's rights. Give neutrals the ability to defend themselves effectively in this boost.
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    Angry Explain to me how this isn't camping?

    We wanted less camping. So now we get more places to camp?

    Jobii: Anyone want to head to camelot for the loot roll?
    Hexyl: Me! I really need the hood.
    Jobii: Isn't it your turn to guard the mine, Hexyl? Sorry man.

    Maybe if we put in enough camping, then camping won't be a problem?

    Not. Guilds are already timing the NPC spawns (18 hours 20 minutes give or take a few minutes) and sending teams accordingly. I'm sure they'll just leave alts or un-needed members at the mine(s) they own, and no big guild will want to mess with another big guild's mines, because that just invites retaliation.

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    Exclamation Deception

    There are people in the USA who are in jail for these types of corporate practices. We can see through you Funcom. You promised us these features along time ago and you want us to pay more for them?. That is deception and I wont be part of it.
    Account cancelled.

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    I really believe that Funcom could put together an expansion that balances and fixes everything,adds guildhousing and just about every other thing any on has ever asked for,have the Funcom CEO personally deliver it to everyones door free of charge and there would still be people who find stuff to complain about and post on the forum that their account has been cancelled as if people care.

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    Originally posted by maxflier
    I really believe that Funcom could put together an expansion that balances and fixes everything,adds guildhousing and just about every other thing any on has ever asked for,have the Funcom CEO personally deliver it to everyones door free of charge and there would still be people who find stuff to complain about and post on the forum that their account has been cancelled as if people care.
    well said

    I really love the changes in 14.4. So much so that I decided to return to AO. I just want FC to continue moving forward. We know you're working hard and we appreciate it. Most of us have been through the ups and downs are are really happy with the way the game has improved in the last 2 months, so naturally we become concerned again when we are told about exciting new content we have been expecting since day one and that we'll have to pay for it.
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    Tottally Stoaked about 15%

    Bump on the idea of 15% gas (or rejig the present schema so that 25 becomes 50)

    I don't mind teaming with you and I know we are both on the same side but you are on my property and if you aint a member of my guild, I'm gettin the shotgun and loosin the dogs.
    PLEASE, give use a simple YES or no answer as to whether or not the CoH chests can be opened

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    The content of this expansion (the real word when you sell something) seem great and its the kind of thing that will me try pvp but I'm afraid that you will have difficulty to sell your true expansion for that. a big part of the player will choose between the 2 and the majority will buy this booster because it will be less expensive. Give this booster free and increase the price of your true expansion if you really need money!!!

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    Arrow today's chat

    please make a log, so that people who miss it (me will be 1) will be able to view it,


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    Cosmik or anyone else, can you confirm that 2pm PST is 23 CET ?

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    I'm amazed you think there's enough people to support this. I can't even find a frigging team this game is such a cemetary, much less people to defend a tower.

    I forsee a lot of level 180+ traders and MPs holding every square inch of land in the game and ganking people running around trying to get to missions. Oh well.

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    Timezone help

    there joo go......
    We have enough how about a fountain of smart?
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    Another thing.

    The idiotic idea of putting level requirements on things was because of the Shadowlands.

    Now that the Shadowlands is pushed off past the New Year, how will this affect patches 14.5, 14.6 ...

    You've got time now before release of the Shadowlands. Perhaps you should re-consider those 'uber-buffs' that were supposed to be dumped into the game with the Shadowlands and come up with a better system that doesn't require level-locks.

    Let the people who actually enjoyed the game and stuck with it for a year have the ability to play the game they bought and payed for for over a year. Take your time and balance the Shadowlands out properly so you don't make a mockery of the skill system and lose the remaining players you have.

    I would hate for any new nanos coming in 14.5,14.6.... to have the unanimously-despised level requirements on them in anticipation of an expansion pack that has just been announced as being pushed off into an indefinate future.

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