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Thread: Anarchy Online Booster Pack with Land Control

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    Originally posted by Bionitrous
    It's an extremely smart idea (even if they don't know it) to force a box onto store shelves in the near future.

    The majority of the gaming populace doesn't even know Anarchy Online exists.
    I've seen the AO Special Edition boxes on the shelves at all the shops i've been to in the last few months. It's gotten as much publicity as any other game out there, but unfortunately AO has a terrible rep after it's pathetic launch.

    To say the boxes aren't out there is wrong - to say nobody is buying AO because it's a FREE dl now is why there's no demand. Seriously, why on earth would anyone BUY the Spec Edition when you can dl the whole thing for free?
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    You gotta pay 19.95 for the game if you download it as part of the 7-day trial if you continue and subscribe.

    Sure you can have the game client for free. But you won't be able to do anything with it.

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    Originally posted by Specialone

    I paid $50 to get my AO copy a year ago and now anyone can dl the entire client for free? It pisses me off...and I just barely missed getting a backpack too

    I hear ya. Same thing happened to me. They techinically termed that I missed the pioneer backpack cut-off date by 3 days. When the fact was I was one of the unlucky jokers that received an invalid key with my copy and it took them a week to get me a working key.
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    The only question I have is if there are going to be certain hours that the gas will be 25% what about the guilds that have no intrest in PVP.

    This sounds like a combination of PVP advancements and the guild housing problems, but I feel that in not letting the guild control the if the gas can be changed will exclude those guilds that have no intrest in PVP.

    Now dont take me for a carebear I just dont get into PVP its not a real goal of mine and to be honest anytime I have been near MMD with all the people that are talking in "leet speak" or "dude speak" it just turns me off even more.

    I just hope that Funcom adds in a option that can turn of the PVP permantly when the land is purchased and I do mean permantly. When it is setup the guild leader needs to decide right then if the gas can be switched and the only way to change that decision will be to start all over, spending all that money again just to keep guilds from changing to stop an attack.

    Just my 2 cents everything else about it sounds great

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    Re: Re: Anarchy Online Booster Pack with Land Control

    Originally posted by jakespeed

    Question: Do we have to buy each booster pack and if so what is the expected price per pack.

    Also, what if we have two accounts, do we have to buy a pack for each system?
    Ok, I'll go by points.

    *No, you do not have to buy a booster pack to continue to enjoy Anarchy Online. Gaute, in today's chat, will cover what is offered to players that do not buy the booster pack and what is offered to those that do.

    *We are still discussing pricing, but it is likely the booster pack will cost less than an expansion pack.

    *Like the way expansion packs are set-up, the booster pack will contain a cd key that can be used with one regular Anarchy Online account. If you have two accounts and wish to 'boost' both of them, you will need two booster packs.
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    Specialone,i'm not sure where you live ,but around here you can NOT find AO on shelves.Sure you can go to EB or Gamestop and probably find it,but the big stores like Wal-Mart and such carry all kinds of big computer games,yet you can't find AO at Wal-Mart or K-Mart or any of those.

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    What about neutrals?

    My first thought was yay something new that's great! And then woooha.. slow down.. what about neutrals? Does this mean that clanners and omnis can come to our towns (newland and borealis) place their towers and then own the cities? If so, how will we ever be able to get them back? We can't start a fight... the occupying department/guild can walk around safely and laugh at us while we run around shouting "Shoot at me damn you shoot!"...

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    Originally posted by Scorus
    Great news, IMO. A few questions since I won't be able to make the chat today:

    1) How will we get this (we can download the full game but the booster pack is too large?)? How much will it cost? ETA?

    2) Will we be able to buy machines (insurance, reclaim, bank, sales) in our towers? Will we be able to hire guards?

    3) Only certain areas of the map will be buildable on?

    4) How will this be tested?

    5) This will not affect the already existing structures in the game? We still won't be able to assault an NPC outpost and thereby switch permanent control of it (well, permanent until someone kicks us out)?

    1) You will be able to buy the booster pack in stores. We haven't ruled out download options, but that's still to be discussed further.

    2-5) Scorus, I've passed this along to Gaute in the hopes he can answer them today. I'm sure they shall be asked by others there as well. If some remain afterwards, I'll jump on them.

    This also goes for the questions about neutrals.
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    A vent

    I simply will never understand how a company would want to make its customer base, that is already subscribed to a service for a monthly fee, pay for a new features that were promised as patches a year ago.

    I don t understand why such an important feature won t be available to all the player who do not wish to purchase or cannot invest in a expansion(I mean booster packs).

    I do not understand why this is not a patch with an offer to buy the cd if you don t have the bandwidth.

    I think Funcom needs more ressources or should cut down on their promises, broken promises lead their player base to frustration.

    A cut in, half version of Shadowland as you seem to put it, seems like your last effort to have something out to counter competition that will arise around this xMas.

    Wake up, selling a patch to your customers will only make them try another game.

    Hell if I got 50$ in my pocket and I got a chance to try SWG/AC2/NameIt or buy the AO Booster pack, I am gonna get SWG/AC2 to try it. I d figure I could always get the booster pack later if I didn t like the title I have just purchased and it wouldn t stop me from playing AO. (make a poll and ask players if given the choice, they would buy a patch to AO or try SWG with a free trial month, granted not everyone would, but can you afford those that will?)

    In fact, this is the first time in a few months the idea of quiting goes through my head.

    The fact is, I am happy you are comming out with something before Xmas. Yes I would rather have some then none at all, but your approach of squeezing money out of your customers and the unbalancing act this will create with the ones that won t buy it, only makes me think that AO will loose so many more of my friends(the best reason for me not to quit), that in the end, this idea of yours will loose you more customers then it will gain you!

    If you want to push a box in stores to get new cutomers, fine do it, but take care of your existing customers.

    If 12.95 per month is not enough to cover your yearly development efforts, have a second subsciption plan, charges us 14.95, and let us have the patches without a trip to the store!

    Its give and take, in life, and I think FC has done alot more taking then giving in the last year.

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    Booster packs will come with a price. Why? I can understand a pricing for expansions, but as you yourself say, this is to small for an expansion.

    Ok, oyu dont know the costs for it yet, but will there be a nontly cost as well? if so, count me out.

    This have been something you FC have been speaking of a long time. Adding player controlled areas. Nice you got around to it.

    How about the things us players are asking for. Its us that play the game, its us that pay your salary.

    We have been covering the aspect of apartments for a long time. How about fixing those, so we can have more items in them?

    How about adding furnitures so we can get those in our apts?

    How about guild houses? Will they come in this booster pack or will they come in shadowlands?

    Or will they not come at all?

    I am sure people have been asking for player controlled areas, but I think I read about it first when you (FC) brought it up.

    Read the forums and bring the words we speak to the dev teams. Listen to us. As players I believe we know what we want.

    I am not saying that you shouldn't add content we as players haven't asked for, but I also wish you woudl add things we are asking for.

    When I am here I would also like to ask about player made misisons. You disabled them due to exploits. How about fixing those exploits?

    I know, this is about the article regarding the booster pack, I am unable to attend the chat later on, so I ask these questions here, as I am really hoping you can answer them.

    Also in regards of the neutrals. the press release states it will escalade the conflict between Clan-Omni. I dont think there will be any possability for neutrals to get to own land areas. As I understand it neutrals can't start a PvP fight, only defend themself

    I hope I am wrong tho. if you add something like this it should be for all 3 sides

    Regarding those towers. How about making it so engineers or anyone with the right tradeskill can boost them, by adding better defensive and offensive weapons/items?
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    What about engies

    (and other profs that suck in PvP)

    Can we build workshops? Can we place 100% fields around certain spots? (or buy guards to defend an area)

    So many questions.

    What else is in the pack?
    Is this the reason for the lack of recent patches?
    Will these packs do away with patches?
    Will areas such as the cities stay in their current control what ever? (/me see OT taking over Tir and all the new chars being shot as they leave the backyards)
    Will this include new land areas?
    Will profs be balanced in PvP?
    Will PvP be developed into a more demanding game?

    ok I'll stop there.

    New stuff is great though it will be hard to keep it even for people with and people without the pack.

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    Swims like a Duck...

    Ok I admit the cynic in me is comming out but...

    "The first Anarchy Online booster pack is scheduled to be in stores for the holiday buying season of 2002. Pricing is yet to be determined, but should be less than the cost of an expansion pack."

    You see what is "THE" price of an expansion?

    Am I the only one who has issue with this?

    This looks like 1 of 2 things to me, and i need some help getting past my thoughts.

    1. No patch's in 6 weeks, this in 8 weeks, I'm fairly confident that these changes could have been delivered over 12-16 weeks in 4- 1/4th size patch's.

    2. This *looks* too much like a get money scheme from a company with new CEO and has reorganized, booster pack, you mean cash flow to fund expansion.

    I admit the dark side has drawn me ..... please shoot holes in this so I don't feel so much like a sucker.

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    indeed, what about RPing guilds?

    I've (very) recently joined Red Tape / Omni Admin, and one of the main reasons I joined is that

    A: I'm a bureaucrat.
    B: PVP isn't great for me... I'm a bureaucrat.
    C: I, and I imagine most of the members of my bureaucrat heavy guild, would prefer to RP the "talking it over" aspect of our profession.

    I don't think this proposed system would work very well for our kind of guild... and a profession-specific guild obviously has less flexibility than a balanced one. I mean, and engineer only guild? Could lose almost everything if a few area-effect roots are run.

    Can there either be a way of making structures permanent (but provide less of a benefit due to the risk involved, perhaps?) or either allowing macro-guilds to have structures? IE, bureaucrat guild X can't defend very well, but they're allied to soldier guild Z...

    Just my 2 credits...

    [edit: some grammar]
    - Machiavelli - RK1 Clan Bureaucrat

    Under "Other, Additional Information" I listed "main is bureaucrat"

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    So many questions, chat still hours away

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    This is great news. I will certainly buy this booster pack.
    But what i also want to se is a booster pack where u can be able to buy guild houses or/and private houses so we dont have to be in thos apartments. And also add furniture.
    This game need to be more social, and we need something to spend our credits on. Ex buy a villa for 60-100 mil or so and it cost maintaince to run also.

    Btw can i buy the villa in galway castle ;p

    Level 151 adv whit 40 mil credits,, and i have nothing to spend it on, just collect.
    And what to do whit my 2000 token board? ,,, get us a new ability to upgrade our token board at 10000. That will take a while to reach but certainly a goal.

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    Originally posted by Greygal
    This is great news. I will certainly buy this booster pack.
    But what i also want to se is a booster pack where u can be able to buy guild houses or/and private houses so we dont have to be in thos apartments. And also add furniture.
    I am against putting guild houses in a boosterpack. If a game have the ability to let the players for guilds, then the game shoudl have guildhouses. those should not come in an booster pack or an expansion pack.

    It seems fearly straight forward to me to add them. They add new static dungeons. Adding guildhouses shouldn't be so hard. Making a ptach only for guild houses would probably please a bunch of people. Adding them to an expansion or booster pack would not.
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    oooh, just saw the newletter in my inbox

    another question I have to ask before I forget.

    Can guilds join forces in any way or will this lead to huge guilds like storm becoming even more powerful by holding all the areas?

    I can see this as another way the large guilds will grow and suck in other guilds. (to get the bonuses you must be in a guild that controls towers, the more towers the more bonuses)

    The more I think about it the more problems I forsee.

    We might end up with 2 giant guilds (clan and OT) battling for power, with anyone not in these guilds (such as neutrals) losing out in a huge way. (is this the end of small friendly guilds?)

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    Originally posted by L1V1D

    We might end up with 2 giant guilds (clan and OT) battling for power, with anyone not in these guilds (such as neutrals) losing out in a huge way. (is this the end of small friendly guilds?)
    This is what concerns me too. I hope consideration for this has been taken into account.
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    Adding some usefullness for non traditional pvp classes in this land control would be great.

    Say that Engineers could upgrade/repair tower defences.

    Crat's could organize aditional defence orders, like add gun turrets or whatnot.

    Also maybe say that traders could add/operate supply shops in the towers.
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