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Thread: Fixerspy's Ultimate Noob Guides, 2nd Edition

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    Wish we had rings back - I'd love some +2 poison rings ;/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raggy View Post
    There is literally nothing wrong with {Shutdown Skills} in it's current incarnation. What should be being looked at is the reason why it's needed so much. E.g, the incredible amount of Alpha being thrown around and the fickleness of Evade profs.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cratertina View Post
    I walk in to BS... could not perk people... with 3704 AR and 300 AAD drain... NT facerolled me, shade instagibbed me, after a few minutes I just decided not gonna bother.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Telcea View Post
    I've never actually bothered getting to 20 myself, but I believe that the level 20 kick comes from Playfield Item: ICC Shuttleport
    A bit recently, I logged in a really old toon at level 14. I played till level 23 then logged out. When I logged in next I was in Borealis. A while back, I also had a Clan toon, I played till level 23 before leaving the island. I'm not certain what impact if any that item has; but, it didn't affect me

    Something worth mentioning since I see and answer this question quite often:
    When you die below level 15 no penalty, you return to the respawn point or where you last saved.
    15+ you experience resurrection illness. That's a temporary decrease in all your skills (type u to check) over a short period of time.
    20+ your complimentary insurance through FC is terminated o.O I'd hit an insurance terminal on a regular basis in order to accumulate an XP pool; so, you don't lose experience =)

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    well... it seems it is about that time again...

    obviously some of the info is a bit dated or have been nerfed in the last several patches...

    there are times i jump for joy and scream OMFG That is So Cool! when they introduce new stuff... and other times i scream and cry and rant that they must be using my guides to nerf the weapon, armor, and ring drops on the island, lol.

    unfortunately it will be January before i have a chance to go back and reedit all this stuff... and for those that subscribe to the RecDiggy sites I hope to be upgrading them too...
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    Noob island AI mobs no longer drop weapons i believe.

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    correct. nothing is available on noob island anymore except stuff to tradeskill weapons and gear... and stuff available via quest. the rest of it is just junk...
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    a while back i had a ma on noob island. thoght i would stay as long as i could for the ai xp. i hit 21 no kick went to the tower went inside was fine. went out got kicked was in bor. funny thing was i got killed rezzed on noob island kicked after about 4 sec and a short message about being a to high lvl for the island zoned back in bor .where i got killed again and the same thing happend. thouht i would use this. so i made a new char on a froob acount for the island. parked him where my ma zones. got my main gave my ma a backpack of goodie then got him killed zone back on the island. poped the trade up and right before i could finish the trade i would zone .but i was dual logging bet if i had 2 comps it would have worked every time .would have been nice to tell ao of this nice bug on test.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Docaholic View Post
    36k creds for a start? and you farmed how long? Geez.. go to the mainland at level 5 (after maxing your aixp to get your level 15 ai perks) go to newland. Outside the bronto burger is a little girl, (leona) she has lost her alien doll. help her find it. (delete and reroll the mission to get one close by if necessary) once you return the doll she gives you a lamp. that lamp sells for 30k in omni map/furniture shop. (with the added sale of the loot got in mission you get close to 35k per mission. Rinse repeat and by the time you get to level 15 for your ai perks you will have enough lamps to have made your first million credits.

    The best thing about this alien doll mission is it scales to your level so at higher levels the normal loot gets better and better adding to the credit value of the loot.

    That's my 2 cents.. not a newbie island tip, but it might encourage some players to go to the mainland earlier.


    Is still still true?
    Is there furniture shop for clan?

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