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Thread: [*CLAN-RK2*] List of Orgs 100+

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    [*CLAN-RK2*] List of Orgs 100+

    List of CLAN Organizations with more than 100 members

    Version: 1.15/03.04.2006
    Removed the org "Genesis Voleris" since it is just a PVP org for "Genesis" and added the link to Genesis website (thx Rusty)
    Removed the org "High Society" and added the link to the Web Site of "Unlimited High Society" org (thx Maofex)
    Added the Web Site of "w0t0" Org (thx Kronice)
    Replaced the org "Portugal Clan" with its new replacement org "The Reborn" (thx nofaz)
    Removed the org "Alpha Omega Disciples" since it is the pvp/alt org of "Alpha Omega" (thx neco)

    Version: 1.10/16.03.2006
    Removed the org "PWN All Smelly Ommers" since it is just a PVP org for "Shadows of Sanity" (thx Obtena)
    Fixed the Web Site Link of "Podroznicy Rubi-Ka" (thx Pipboypl)
    Added the org "Devil Inside" and ref to their Recruitment thread
    Cleaned up some small errors in the list

    Version: 1.00/10.03.2006
    Snapshot of org listings taken from this link
    on 09 March 2006. Updates will follow (subject to rk4 time limits )

    Some Info:

    √ = Yes
    x = No
    . = N/A
    CoT = Counsil of Truth Membership (an exception has been made and I have listed orgs with less than 100 members because they are members of the CoT)
    PvM/PvP Status: By default, I added all with both checked. If your org doesn't PvM or PvP please reply in this thread to update the status on the list.

    Add link to recruitment thread for each org (if actively recruiting)
    Cleanup List from R.I.P. orgs (need info)
    Update PvP/PvM status

    Based on Upupa's thread and with his permision to use the same template, I try to list the Active Clan Orgs in Rimor (RK2) with more than 100 members (sorted alphabetically)...

    Ps: I wish I had html enabled... had to break tables to 4 posts, but mysql and php do miracles
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    Table 1

    AI Raiders_______________Jipyipy_________475________33____________________x______x____x
    Alpha Omega____________Revelator_______281_______196____________________x__________
    Angels of Rubi-ka________Engelburt________113________42____________________x______x____x
    Angels of the Night_______Whisperwill______821________82____________________x______x____x
    Athen Paladins___________Chrisax_________976________89____________________x______x____
    aTrox Caelestis__________Navian_________123________107____________________x______x____
    BaNaNa InC._____________Starhandy______159________55______________x_______x______x____x
    Black Faction_____________Lotchar_______315________100____________________x__________x
    Blood Pack_______________Zxcs__________78_________47____________________x__________
    Circle Of Fire____________Unknowninfo_____208________72____________________x______x____x
    Circle of Trust____________Fixfox_________161________102____________________x______x____x
    Clan Uprising____________Stormsammie____159________73____________________x______x____x
    Coven of Hunters________Jocelyn_________939_______111____________________x______x____
    Dark Crusaders__________Brimmer_________645________74____________________x______x____x
    Dark Ninjas______________Poeticon_______229________82____________________x______x____x
    Devil Inside______________Pharexys_______73________157______________________________x
    Dryht Guth______________Anwealde_______118________80____________________x__________x
    Equipe de France________Santana_________113________88____________________x______x____x
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    Table 2

    Fatal Shadows__________Fidothewofsi_____157________128____________________x__________
    Fist and Faith___________Penn____________118________86____________________x__________x
    Immortal Ascension_____Lorrides_________269________109____________________x______x____x
    Imperial Stars__________Angeliiuus________223________24____________________x______x____x
    Inner Monkey___________Silq_____________189________110___________________x______x____x
    Jacks Violent Crew______Hangfaced_______191_________83___________________x______x____x
    Jezdzcy Apokalipsy______Manur__________156_________69___________________x______x____x
    Kingdom of Heaven______Netaniel________127_________66____________________x__________x
    Knights of Ka___________Bazaz___________258________107____________________x__________
    Les Rebelles Francoph.__Hamadan________417________104____________________x__________x
    Lone Survivor__________Coldhawk_________156_________60____________________x______x____x
    Lost Souls of Rimor______Evari____________413________80____________________x__________x
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    Table 3

    Nightmares End_________Mahoromatic______319________82____________________x______x____x
    No Mercy_______________Memphisrain_______157________58___________________x__________x
    Nova Draconis__________Baneblade_________161________52___________________x______x____
    Octobre Noir____________Funkyfiona________186________66____________________x______x____x
    Order of Nyte____________Endallius_________163________79____________________x______x____x
    Ordre de la Rose Noire___Zallius____________148________43____________________x__________x
    Peoples Front of Judea__Catatonick_________322________74____________________x______x____x
    Phoenix Rising__________Entarn____________615________77____________________x______x____x
    Podroznicy Rubi-Ka_____Dziureq____________378________75____________________x__________x
    Rubi-ka Bounty Hunters__Steveo__________239________109___________________x______x____x
    Scandinavian Inc.________Zicku___________435________77____________________x______x____x
    Shadow Rangers________Mensat__________117________40____________________x______x____x
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    Table 4

    Shadow Society________Darrconian________101________91____________________x______x____x
    Shadows of Sanity______Firebeat_________830________127____________________x______x____x
    Silence Broken__________Exeqtr__________100________148___________________x__________x
    Silent Vigil______________Therys_________100_________66___________________x__________x
    The Art of War__________Helbrandt________307________71____________________x______x____x
    The Asylum____________Lattica__________537________84____________________x______x____x
    The Fairys Wing________Fairynt__________131________80____________________x______x____x
    The Firm_______________Drgreenthumb____120________61____________________x__________
    The Order_____________Dragonspy712_____501________51____________________x______x____x
    The Reborn____________Karniceiro_________70________93____________________x______x____x
    The Sentinals__________Armana__________252________71____________________x__________x
    The Syndicate__________Wiisper__________410________99___________________x__________
    The Ultimates_________Mzmarvel__________314________52___________________x______x____x
    Tiger Claw_____________Dongjr2___________906________112__________________x__________
    Tiger Cubs____________Rask______________147________57____________________x______x____x
    Unlimited High Society__Mardonge_________352________77____________________x__________x
    Venice Academy_______Dagget___________118________61____________________x______x____
    Vox Populi______________Ramid___________165________111__________________x__________
    Xan Shadow Guard____Felismaximus________113________33____________________x______x____x
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    Reserved for some statistics... (soon more to come)

    Fun facts (tm Upupa)

    top 3 guilds, average lvl
    1. Nemesis (202)
    2. Genesis (197)
    3. Alpha Omega (196)

    top 3 biggest
    (counting members*average lvl)

    1. Shadows of Sanity (105.410)
    2. Coven of Hunters (104.229)
    3. Tiger Claw (101.472)
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    I also call upon the Counsil of Truth to step up and unite all the Clans in order to destroy the evil Omni-Tek.

    Without Truth... there is no Freedom!

    Leet-Bloc will be applying for membership soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alcohool
    I also call upon the Counsil of Truth to step up and unite all the Clans in order to destroy the evil Omni-Tek.

    Without Truth... there is no Freedom!

    Leet-Bloc will be applying for membership soon
    I have been toying with some low lvl pvp and encountered several very nice and addited pvp´rs among the clans. Leet-Bloc is one of those orgs.

    On a side note...applying for Omni-tek give you a lot more challange at lowbie pvp

    Upupa (220/20/60) Valhall Guardians. equip
    Tantal (220/25/68) Atrox Keeper

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    bump, thx to the people who have pmed me and I have made some corrections to the list, keep the pms coming, i will be updating more info soon.

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    *Bumping sounds* Nice one, Alco.
    Row, row, row your boat, gently for teh win.

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    bump for new version 1.10

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    Very nice work!


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    Omni version

    Neutral Version

    This means that these two gets rooted aswell right?

    Proud agent of the Disciples of Omni-Tek

    Commissioner of the RKDC

    "One should not lose one's temper unless one is certain of getting more and more angry to the end."
    William Butler Yeats

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    gj alco
    Nostress (MP 220/23/69 Pathing Seems fine... NOT)
    Wexter (Soldja 220/30/70 Out of Ammo ftw)
    Haillady (Trad 220/16/61 TS for The masses )
    Wakeupcall (Shade 220/20/60 Ugly fella )

    FrOzen from 2010-03-15 Shuld i come back?

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    FYI Alpha Omega Disciples is the pvp/alt org of Alpha Omega. It probably isn't the kind of org intended for a list like this
    Necosileo, Pimpin Kingpin of Rimor
    Retired President of Alpha Omega

    Buff Begging 101
    All your thread are belong to me

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    *removed AOD

    thx neco.

    Also, if some other org is R.I.P. or alt or anything that doesn't fit in the list, please post the info here so I can update the list.

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    High Society is long gone. Legends of High Society were founded when the president of High Society went poof back in 2004 and is today known as Unlimited High Society.

    Also,you can update Ulimited High Society with web-page
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    Former President of Unlimited High Society - We're recruiting 220/30/66 Eternalist Mardonge - Equip 220/25/70 Savior Bioth - Equip 220/22/64 Dictator Cratzi - Equip 220/22/58 Mogul Stressed 199/22/45 Don Riksmongo - Equip 194/19/52 Spetsnaz 176/18/42 Master 5th Dan Maofex - Equip 100/10/28 Biomare - Equip Foremans Twink ************************************************** Be vewy vewy quiet, Im hunting whinomen

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    Is to bad that alot of the org numbers dont show true numbers on activity .. Alot of air castles im afraid. Many orgs consist of people that havent logged on game last 6 months. In my own org i hold mainchar info on all chars.. im stone tuff on it and i kick people that havent been online for the last 6 months. So Genesis reflect the activity fairly ok we are atm 7X active mainchars with 14 that is mia wish atm means i have some 80-90 mainchars in total in org.

    If you like i can dig up stats from infonet system for you here regarding activity info
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    Florentino"Marlark" Suitt
    Master of the Universe of The Asylum

    [Genesis] Marlark: First rule of Genesis, Blame canada for anything and everything with other words blame Rotender.
    [Tsunameh]: i just bought this acct on ebay and you're only friend on the friendslist. There's no creds, could i get some plx?
    [Genesis] Marlark: **** HAPPEN WHEN YOU PARTY NAKED!!!!!!
    [Nipntuck]: what org r u in

    Originally Posted by "Thetweek" : yeah well its a big thing to do marlark is like god :> so hard to go against him hehe

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    Black Factions president is called Qwazeech.

    The rest of the info on us is correct though.

    Alien hunter Shinya - nano engi
    In progress Rhinoceros - Atrox crat
    Rerolled - Spaceboy - Now neutral fixer
    Nearly there Tentonhammer - Former Squad Commander of Black Faction Take care out there guys

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    Alco stop traveling so much and come to AO... we need more raids...

    Btw this si Nostress couse Pala is a foooooob, so he uses my account.... and my cash, and my IS time, and my will.... im not giving u MY girl pala U HEAR...

    Nice Thraed Alco....
    Nostress (MP 220/23/69 Pathing Seems fine... NOT)
    Wexter (Soldja 220/30/70 Out of Ammo ftw)
    Haillady (Trad 220/16/61 TS for The masses )
    Wakeupcall (Shade 220/20/60 Ugly fella )

    FrOzen from 2010-03-15 Shuld i come back?

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