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Thread: The Smuggler's Tale...

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    The Smuggler's Tale...

    ((Thought I'd move this here to show some more of the smugglers story and background. Zhere was active before she ever came to Newland, or Ka for that matter...

    The story of the hunt and subsequent capture of the smuggler can be found here ))

    From the investigation into the recent escape from NLC Prison


    Recording taken from the security logs in...

    Newland City Prison

    Mehfis eyes the caged nanotechnician with a mixture of relief and frustration…
    “Shame there’s no death penalty for a cheap smuggler…”
    Zhere spits,
    “When I get out of here you’ll be the one facing a death penalty, you weak sentimental fool!”
    Zhere waves her hand around, “This town is full of ‘em…hippies, do gooders…you all make me sick!”
    Wishing, not for the first time, that the good townsfolk of Newland City were less inclined to do their civic duty, Zhere gives an evil grin and looks at Mehfis.
    “So how’d a defenceless little orphan like you get to this planet?”
    Mehfis screams and throws herself at the bars,
    “You ****ing *****! You made me an orphan! You and your poor unwitting brother…”
    Mehfis trails off and looks deflated.
    “Yes, you sure took care of him…he was a sentimental fool too…”
    Zhere cackles like a banshee,
    “And the look on your face when you thought he was part of my own plans was worth his sacrifice…he was worse than useless…held me back at every stage of my plans…you saved me the trouble of ‘dealing’ with him myself…”
    Zhere pauses and looks far away for a moment
    Mehfis starts to cry
    “I came home to my parents’ house and found you and him…there was blood everywhere…oh the blood…”
    Mehfis falters…
    Zhere looks unhinged as her peals of evil laughter echo around the prison
    “He took my dagger off me…too late – the deed was done, then you burst in, saw us standing over your parents’ pathetic corpses…”
    A shiver of pleasure runs through Zhere’s body…
    “…priceless! “
    Zhere looks scornfully down at the little metaphysicist
    “And that little scene you and he played out as he was dying and you stupidly thought I was dead…”
    Zhere lets out a moan of pleasure…
    “Oh that was just sublime…’I tried to stop her…I love you Mefhis…’ and your tears flowing down to mix with the blood gurgling in his throat…so poignant”
    Mehfis glances at the guards
    “Its almost a shame the security around here has been improved since the elections…
    “I hope you escape…I hope you get off…”
    Zhere looks taken aback
    “I want you were no-one can see…where no-one will see you ever again… “
    Mehfis looks almost evil herself for a moment then composes herself and looks at the twisted nanomage…
    “In any case, I am applying to have you shipped home. Once you have been interrogated and convicted here you will be transported and charged with the murder of my parents on Odaan IV…”
    Mehfis smiles a little,
    “You know the penalty for murder on our home planet don’t you Zhere?”
    Zhere looks sick.
    The judicial system on Odaan IV was her main reason for leaving in the first place. A throwback to the early days of colonisation, murderers and the incurably insane, rather than be a drain on the limited resources of a new colony, had their minds permanently wiped clean and put to work doing menial, unpleasant but essential maintenance in dangerous areas – sewage plants, mining facilities that sort of thing…the men were anyway…
    What Zhere particularly dreaded was what became of the females. The very idea of being given a serial number, being lobotomised and sterilised, then sold at auction as a slave to the highest bidder…Everyone knew what happened to those slaves…
    Enjoying the look of horror on Zhere’s face and feeling happier than she had for quite some time, Mehfis chuckles and motions for the guards to let her back out into the bright Rubi-kan morning
    Mehfis glances back at the evil nanomage and chuckles once more…
    “I will see you again on Odaan IV …I doubt you will fetch very much, but don’t worry…my parents estate will more than cover it I’m sure…”
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    ((Previously, Zhere was interrogated. A woman called Kristeve was present there, but she left saying: "Consider this my resignation." This is what happened later on.))

    Zhere wakes suddenly
    Zhere: What was that?
    Zhere had been exhausted from the interrogation earlier and had been out cold
    Zhere: The guards aren't here!
    Zhere: What's this...
    Zhere: A passage!
    Zhere Follows a long dark corridor until finally...freedom!
    Zhere: But who is helping me...and why...?
    Zhere looks at the mysterious figure...she saw her earlier but briefly
    Kristeve leans on the wall
    Kristeve is smoking a cigarette slowly
    Kristeve: Well, hello there.
    Zhere: Who are you...?
    Zhere: Why have you helped me?
    You can't see Kristeve's eyes behind the sunglasses but you have a feeling she is watching you closely
    Zhere: I...I saw you before...before that brute...
    Kristeve: yeah
    Kristeve: Kristeve
    Kristeve takes out a stim from her pocket and turns it slowly in her hand
    Zhere wonders not for the first time what plots within plots are happening on this crazy planet...
    Zhere: What's your interest in me?
    Zhere looks at Kristeve
    You recognise the illegal stim you were smuggling
    Kristeve: No interest really
    Kristeve: You're just a smuggler
    Zhere: Where'd you get that?
    Kristeve smiles slightly
    Zhere Looks at the stim in Krysteve's hands.
    Kristeve drops the stim on the ground and smashes it with the sole of her boot.
    Kristeve: So many questions...
    Kristeve: Let's call it justice.
    Zhere: I didn't bargain for any of this...I am a smuggler...a courier if you like.
    Kristeve: You're just a means to some end.
    Kristeve: Anyway, you're free.
    Kristeve: But... I'll be watching you.
    Zhere: Everyone seems to have a stake in this...what's yours?
    Zhere doesn't believe she is totally free for one minute...
    Kristeve: Do what you want outside of Newland but no smuggling in MY city.
    Kristeve: Understood?
    Zhere: I see...
    Kristeve: No, you don't.
    Zhere: How do you know i will do as you ask?
    Zhere tries to understand.
    Kristeve: Believe me, I will know.
    Zhere is chilled suddenly by the tone in Kristeve's voice.
    Kristeve throws the cigarette on the ground and extinguishes it by stepping on it.
    Kristeve: Now, go.
    Zhere: That is all you want from me?
    Kristeve: Yes.
    Kristeve: No criminal activity in Newland.
    Zhere makes good her escape and wonders if she'll see the mysterious figure again.
    Zhere: I think I will somehow...
    Zhere flies off towards the desert...she knows where she will be safe for now...

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    (( There is a warrant for Zhere's arrest on the front page of Newland News: ))

    A Bar In Old Athen

    Zhere watched the grizzled old soldier enter from her corner in the shadows. She pulled her hood further down to conceal her face…she wanted to be sure he wasn’t followed. She was already taking a risk…her picture and details were plastered all over Newland News and a lot of folks could use that reward. Greydan’s warrant for her arrest only made her current plan all the more sweet.
    “Hah! How many of them would do their civic duty without a reward?” she muttered to herself.
    Her contact seemed to be alone. Keeping her hood and sunglasses covering her features, Zhere sidled over closer to her contact and whispered the prearranged codeword…
    Liek peered at the thin bony nanomage before him.
    “Reporting for duty”
    Zhere motioned for the heavyset ‘trox to follow her into a booth at the back of the dimly lit bar. Given her recent notoriety in the Newland area, she had made her way to Old Athen to meet this link in her current plan… More faces and people to lose herself in, and the Clanners seemed always more concerned with their own troubles than to worry about some fuss in Newland.
    Liek studied the nanotechnician with interest. She certainly didn’t look to be worth all the fuss. He could crush her in a second…But there seemed to be a particular aura about her…he had seen some sights in battle and in his travels around the ‘hotspots’ of the farther reaches of civilisation. This one was different though, she wasn’t fighting for a cause or a leader.
    He looked at the clanners nearby. They had a cause, honour even, he could respect that. And he was glad to be in their territory… the less contact he had with the Corporation the better. He wanted to have a long and peaceful retirement…
    “When you’ve quite finished gawking we’ll get down to business!” Zhere hissed.
    She shook her head impatiently. She didn’t like ‘troxes…Zhere didn’t like dealing with anyone, but she couldn’t do this alone. She needed a contact to sell the goods off world and Liek seemed to be the ideal candidate…bright but not too bright, and she knew how hard these old soldiers were to kill…that’s how they got to be old. Anyway, if this all went to plan she might have need of him again and Zhere didn’t like to have too many people around to double-cross her – find a good tool then use it until it is no longer needed…then she would ‘tidy up’
    Zhere cackled.
    “Are you sure you’re not too old for a caper like this? You ain’t gonna keel over and die from a heart attack or anything?”
    Liek growled at the poisonous witch
    “Like you said, lets get down to business”
    Zhere nodded and went on in a lower tone
    “Good. Now I’m not gonna tell you when the snatch will happen” she smiled “Or where”
    Liek expected as much. He didn’t want to know the details. Better to let this evil crone do her bit and get shot of her as soon as possible. She gave him the creeps.
    Zhere eyed the retired soldier
    “All you need to know is the account for depositing the money…nearer the time of course. And I will provide the goods just before the handover. You shall get the second half of your fee when the deal is complete. Understand?”
    “I didn’t get my first half yet…”
    Zhere looked scornfully at the gruff ‘trox
    “You will find it is in your account…when I leave this bar safely. I will transfer the payment from a terminal elsewhere. Can’t be too careful you know!”
    Zhere cackles again.
    “How do you know I won’t double cross you?” Liek eyed Zhere curiously.
    Zhere removed her glasses and Liek felt her glowing evil gaze bore into his brain.
    “You better not or your part in this will become public knowledge.” Zhere reached a claw-like hand over, sunk her nails into Liek’s huge arm and hissed...
    “And I will come for you in the dark and I will feast on your freshly cut flesh as you scream for release…I will cut the tongue from your head first – we will share it together!” Zhere’s eyes rolled back in her head for a moment and she licked her lips with anticipation.
    Liek drew back from the twisted harpy and shuddered. He reminded himself that for the kind of retirement he was looking forward to, he needed more creds. Rubi-Ka had a lot to offer but it wasn’t the cheapest of places to live out your days in luxury…
    “Ok witch…I have my own reasons for doing this. I don’t deal with your sort lightly. The sooner this is done with the better.”
    Liek shook his head to clear the vision of evil from his mind.
    “I will do my part, the deal will be arranged and I will await your signal.” Zhere nodded
    “Good, check your account when you leave here. My next contact will be after I have procured the merchandise”
    Zhere gave an evil grimace Liek could only assume was a ‘smile’
    “The people of Newland and that oafish baboon Greydan will be sorry they ever crossed my path…”
    Liek watched the shadowy figure making her way out of the bar and shook his head.
    “The sooner this is over the better…”
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    Zhere got out of her Yalm and walked over to a small campfire. Flames danced, sending long shadows into the growing darkness as the fierce Ka suns finally set. Brivetz turned and Zhere saw a small shiver shake the Opi's silhouette. She couldn't quite make out his expression.

    "You need some meat on your bones" she cackled. "...Or is it fear?"

    Zhere didn't care which it was, she rather hoped the latter - it might hone his senses a little. She knew she was scraping the bottom of the barrel a bit with this one but she had no more time left. The merchandise was due to be shipped to the legitimate buyer and she had to make the snatch now. This one was only needed for the simple job of moving the stuff and he would be an easy loose end to 'tidy up' later... Time enough for that she thought to herself as she looked at her accomplice in the warm glow of the fire.
    Brivetz looked at the evil nanomage and wondered why her gaze left him so jittery. He had mixed feelings about this anyway...his new boss had her face in the news regularly and was a nasty piece of work by all accounts. Pushing the doubts to the back of his mind he forced a smile.

    "Fear? ...I am fearless! Ask anyone about Brivetz the Brawler. I'm the..."

    Zhere cut him off with a wave of her hand.

    "Spare me the stories, I only care that you have two arms and transport that won't break down. We will run into no trouble. The stuff is unguarded in a 'secure' location known only to members of The Hand."

    She chuckled as she pictured the headlines. The much talked about consignment of new Nonpartisan Armor Boots for the Newland Militia was worth a bit of money. The true worth to her though was the chance to get her revenge on the 'good people of Newland city' who had managed to put her in prison...according to the local rag anyway. What really went wrong that day was the grid failure which plonked her down in front of the guards. She got a mental image of Head of Security Greydan chasing her barefoot and cackled again.

    "Ok. Follow me there. I will only be on the ground long enough to break the security. Then you are to load up and meet me back here."

    The bony nanomage paused and glared at Brivetz...

    "You better not get really don't want me to come looking for you..."

    "Lost? Me? You know I coulda been a ..."

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. Tell me another time."

    Her raucous laughter made him cringe as she jumped in her Yalm. Ten minutes later he saw her descend towards a small group of shacks, fenced off near a new city. He got out and watched as a crackling stream of energy shot out from her fingers and danced around the security panel on the first door.

    "Whoa! Cool!"

    "Get busy" she hissed.

    Zhere opened the next one then jumped in her Yalm and sped off.
    Brivetz hoped this would lead to better things. As he loaded the boots he considered his options. This could be a regular partnership. Yeah she was obviously mad, bad and dangerous to know but this was easy work. And that cool thing she did with her fingers...

    Back at the campfire he parked next to her Yalm, some distance north of where they had met. He got out and followed her to an old dead tree. Zhere reached into a hole in the trunk and suddenly a trapdoor swung open.

    "In there please!"

    Brivetz started down the steps...

    "No you fool! The boots!"

    Brivetz grinned and did what he was told. No sense of humour this one he thought to himself as he worked. When he was finished Zhere closed the trapdoor and they went back to their transports.

    "Now, as I have told you, the handover is in three days. I want you here and ready on time. You will have nothing to do except just be here and do try to look tough."

    Reaching into her robes she pulled out a small flat box. As she opened it small wisps of vapour dissipated and he caught a whiff of something he couldn't quite put his finger on.

    "A present for you...a token if you like, of our new partnership. This has gone well so far and you have proven useful."
    Zhere's bony fingers fastened a heavy ebony-like collar around his neck. He shuddered again as her fingers brushed his skin.


    He was quite taken aback by this sudden friendliness and the collar felt cold and somehow odd against his skin. He would take it off as soon as he got away.
    As he took off Brivetz pulled at the collar. The smell was worse now and he was starting to feel ill. He felt the collar move suddenly and with one hand he scrabbled for a clasp of some description. There was none. As the collar tightened around his neck Brivetz' other hand left the controls of his vehicle...

    Zhere watched with an evil grin as there was a brief flash on the horizon and then just a trail of smoke rising into the clear night air.
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    ((Posted on behalf of Eva Kristeve. Its quite long so I split it in two...))

    The summer sun was scorching the streets of Newland City. A large
    trox stopped suddenly and looked down. "Uh, sorry..." he said and
    blushed. A small reet shook a bit to strengthen its feathers. "No
    problem mate" it said and flew off towards the main gate. The trox left
    in the direction of nearby wompahs still blushing furiously and minding
    his step carefully to avoid such incidents happening again.

    Kristeve reached in her coat's pocket for the cigarette packet she always
    had there. She needed a smoke. The packet was almost empty, she noticed.
    Well, the meeting with Yetva wouldn't take long and then she could get
    another one from the apartment. She lit one cig and slowly went up the
    hill with the radar dish.

    The minister was already there waiting or just hanging out or
    whatever. She didn't look very well, the agent noticed. Her face looked
    pale and drawn. An unhealthy heat pattern from Yetva registered on her
    ocular implants.

    "Good afternoon, Minister" she said.
    "Hello, Kristeve. How's business?" Yetva smiled.
    "Pretty good..." Kristeve stopped as she saw Lanmir approaching the
    table. She didn't expect to see him there...but why not use the
    opportunity, she thought. The minister, seemingly reading her mind, excused herself and left.

    Kristeve looked at Lanmir. She had some previous intel on him but had never
    met him in person. He seemed fairly professional, but young and brash from
    what she'd read. Well, let's make this quick, she thought. She had Zhere
    to catch later today. She knew where she would be tonight most probably
    and she was hoping for a little chat...

    The agent turned her attention back to Lanmir.
    "Fancy meeting you here" she said.
    "Is that so?"
    She cringed in her mind. He was going to be difficult. What an
    annoyance. She slowly exhaled a small cloud of white smoke trying to
    decide how to start the conversation.
    "Actually, I was looking for you. I have a small... matter to discuss."
    "I see." Lanmir gave her a measuring look, then motioned to the seat across the table.
    "Have a seat then, shall I?"
    He sat down and continued "Go on..."
    "I understand you have lost a certain... merchandise."
    Lanmir raised an eyebrow giving her that annoying look as if he was
    calling her bluff or something. She really hated the PR side of this
    job. He glanced quickly at his comm tapping something on it.
    "You do, do you? Right.. and what might I be missing, according to your
    Kristeve imagined a small figure of Greydan running in circles on the tabletop
    barefoot. Supressing a smile she said just one word
    This was going nowhere. They could play this "I'm so tough" game for
    hours on end but she was a busy woman
    "Let's stop beating around the bush" she said, impatiently. "I know who
    stole them and I know where they are right now."
    He just continued to type, smiling. She'd love to wipe that smirk off
    his face but... the clock was ticking. There was a job to be done.
    "Is that so?" he said, still typing.
    "Yes, that is so" she let the annoyance get the better of her. She took
    the datachip out of her pocket and showed it to him.
    "The coords."
    "Ahh - coords for some boots, I take it?"

    Then it hit her. She cursed herself for stupidity. He was
    calling for backup. All that typing, not getting to the point,
    prolonging the conversation...he was stalling for time. Very smart, she thought. And she had fallen for
    it too. So stupid... She tried to tap into his comm, but it wasn't easy. He really must have some nice equipment there.
    In the meantime... she needed to get away. She was brains, not brawn...

    She tossed the chip towards Lanmir for him to catch. He put it on
    the table.
    "Now..." he said, fixing her with that look again "Assuming you know something, and assuming you're not
    stupid.. What's in this for you?"
    Kristeve smiled. The conversation was over.
    "Have a pleasant evening" she said. "I have a small matter to attend to."

    She stood up and walked away from the table still trying to hack into
    his comm. He wouldn't let up so easily, she knew. She was also very
    angry at herself. She hadn't been paying attention and almost let her
    guard down. She had underestimated the fixer.

    He was following her of course. "Hold it!" she heard him shout.
    She slowly turned around. "Yes?" she said looking at him. His gun was out now.
    "Come with me" he prodded her with it. The gesture didn't have the desired
    effect, it served only to annoy her even more. Irritation must be a secret
    weapon of his, she thought. Still, he had the upper hand for now. She cursed again
    in her mind, badly.

    He motioned his gun towards the nearest backyard meaning her to go
    in. No way she'd do that. She wasn't stupid.
    "No, I don't think so" she simply said. "I'm not looking for a fight with you, Lanmir. Not
    yet, anyway."
    He smiled and didn't give up of course.
    "Only one way to avoid that, Ms. Go."
    " I suggest you go your way" she ignored his words. "...and I will
    go mine." She carefully and slowly slipped two fingers into her pocket so that he didn't suspect she
    was pulling a gun. She produced her business card and gave it to Lanmir.
    "You can find me at this address."

    Aha! So that was his game! She couldn't tap into his comm in such a short time without
    preparation but she could check who he was sending messages to.
    "You are not listening, dear.." he laughed. Let's not have something
    terrible happen to you... Ok?"

    She almost laughed in his face at the mention of 'something terrible'.
    Self preservation instinct took over then, and she looked him straight in the eyes.
    "You misunderstood me. I have some pressing business to attend to..."
    Speaking very carefully and clearly, she went on
    "As it is urgent and none of your concern, I suggest you go play with that
    toy of yours..." she nodded towards the gun "someplace else." It
    sometimes worked, but not on this one it seemed. He took off his shades
    and just stared back at her.

    She took off hers. The look of her metallic ocular implants worked wonders
    sometimes which was a nice fringe benefit of having had your eyes
    removed so painfully. Not this time though.
    "If you have any questions... keep them to yourself" she said. "You may
    come in for a chat if you so desire. Just NOT right now. Have a good evening" She
    added and started walking towards the Neuters bar....

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    ((continued from the previous post...))

    Riawn! He was calling his boss Riawn! Well, this wasn't as bad as it
    had looked at first. The minister could want to get rid of her but she
    also could appreciate the benefits of having a professional around. The
    intel didn't say she was stupid so it all might be turned to her
    advantage after all. There was the risk that Riawn would send a regiment
    of assorted goons instead of actually turning up in person but... no risk no
    gain, as she had always thought.

    She dodged instinctively. A heavy blow aimed at her skull landed on
    her shoulder and back. She winced but quickly regained control of
    herself. That was only pain. She turned around knowing who she'd see
    there. Lanmir seemed to be wanting to try another blow but stopped.

    She looked him straight in the eyes and sighed. He waved a gun in
    front of her nose. So stubborn...

    "Ok, let's talk but make it quick" she said. "I don't have time for this
    He threw her a rather nasty smile. "Neither do I."
    "Can we go some place away from the crowd?" she knew she was
    inconsistent but she didn't care. Now she had more data. "Or do you want
    militia on your head?" she smirked.

    "So...who are you - and how did you acquire that disc?"
    Lanmir asked once they were inside the backyard.
    "You have your sources I'm sure. Check Kristeve, Eva."
    "Yes, and what will I find?"

    This "pleasant" conversation was interrupted by Minister Riawn Caris
    herself who strolled into the backyard.
    "Ooh, hello Minister!" Kristeve really wasn't good at pretending to be
    surprised but neither of the Handers seemed to notice or appreciate her attempt at humour
    "Hi boss" Lanmir nodded to Riawn.

    Kristeve felt annoyance sweep over her again... Did they bring tea
    and cookies too? She just couldn't believe this planet... There they
    were, chatting happily like this was a picnic or something...
    Finally, Lanmir went back to questioning her.

    "What will I find under Kristeve, Eva?" he asked her still pointing his
    gun at her face. Was he really expecting her to do his job for him? Yes, it would seem he was...
    Glancing at Riawn she gave Lanmir the basics
    "You will find my name on the militia payroll. Two months ago. That's
    when I left." She liked that militia job. It was a cosy little job that
    allowed her to do what she wanted without raising any su****ions.
    She thought of that ape, the security minister... One day she'd find a
    way to get back at him. One way or another.
    "None of your business."
    She really wanted another cigarette.
    "So, you have anything to assure me you're not the one behind the theft,
    and you're sending me on a goose-chase?"
    "Only my word" she couldn't help but chuckle at the ridiculousness of
    the situation.
    Lanmir raised a brow at her apparent amusement.
    "See.. that's where I have a problem... I see no reason to take your
    "Don't you?" she smiled slightly. "Well I think the good minister here may have one."
    She looked at Riawn who had remained a silent observer
    during the whole conversation. She wasn't showing any emotions, most
    probably trying to assess the situation. She remained a mystery
    to the agent. Kristeve was observing her reactions but even the heat
    patterns didn't show much. Was she actually that cold or was it something
    specific to the shade profession? She wondered to herself as the annoying fixer went on...
    "In all this time we've been chatting you never thought to mention who actually stole the boots...
    If indeed it wasn't you. What's wrong? Couldn't find a buyer?"
    "I'm doing my job. Giving you any info is not included in it"
    Kristeve heavily emphasised 'not'.
    "Well, you are no longer employed by the who are you working for?"
    "Check the Newland News. My ad is in there. It's also written on the card
    I've given to you which you didn't bother to look at." She couldn't stop
    herself from adding: "How... amateur."
    "Being 'amateur' would be letting some cheeky girl slip out of my grasp."
    She almost answered: "Do you grasp all cheeky girls" but stopped
    herself. This was no time for jokes, it was time to get serious.
    "If your goon here was doing his job properly you'd know why I won't say who my
    employer is." This performance was aimed at the minister now. She could
    gain a nice contact here... "I can only tell you the job involved
    returning the boots to you... Which should have been in your possession
    by now if not for this..." Kristeve glanced at Lanmir
    "Well, I can't help but wonder..." he interrupted her and gave her another of those nasty
    smiles. "Why won't your employer get the boots to me himself? Someone
    has something to hide...and that is why we are here..."
    She sighed. Was he really thick or just trying to annoy her? He didn't
    look at the card.
    "Do you really need a lesson in reading skills!? The card says
    'private' detective...I don't ask about their motives."
    She must have worn him down finally because he shrugged and said to Riawn:
    "She's all yours... I'm done with this..." and left the backyard.

    She looked at the minister.
    "I really think you should teach him some manners" she was speaking
    about Lanmir.
    "I'll have to see what I can do. Sometimes he just doesn't listen very well"
    the minister answered. "I'm sure you noticed."
    Kristeve nodded slowly not letting Riawn out of her sight for a second.
    "I'd keep those employees of yours on a short leash... they could bring
    you troubles"
    "I'll see what I can do about that too."

    Kristeve was a bit surprised by that answer. Still, this was a
    politician she was speaking to. Not your average crime boss. There was a
    lot to lose here... but a lot to gain too. She gave the minister her
    business card.
    "Contact me if you need someone more professional to take care of things."
    The minister took the card and looked at it quickly before tucking it away
    "I'll let you know if I need your services."
    Kristeve nodded "Is that all? I have some urgent business to take care
    Riawn glanced at her comm "Yes, I have an appointment myself."
    "Have a nice evening then, minister."
    "You have one as well, detective."

    Kristeve was off the hook for now it seemed. This meeting had proved very
    interesting. She wasn't sure if she had gained or lost anything at all but hey, mystery was one of her specialities.
    Motives and hidden agendas would be revealed in the future, she knew. Right now, she had an appointment
    with a boots thief. She needed to get new intel on Zhere.
    She reached for a cigarette, her last she headed towards her apartment, her discarded packet joining
    the trash blowing along the street in the arid Newland breeze.

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    Somewhere in Clon****...

    Zhere: Wha?!... Where?!...
    Zhere falls to the ground and shakes her head to clear it...
    Zhere: Huh...!? ...Where am I!?
    Zhere: Never again...I am never using that public ******* grid again...
    Zhere looks around a small, dimly lit room with no windows.
    Zhere kicks the door...Damn...locked!
    A noise comes from outside
    Zhere backs away...
    Jinenmok , a well fed lumbering trox fills the doorway. He closes it behind him, surprisingly quick for one of his bulk.
    Zhere: Where is this place!
    Jinenmok looks at Zhere
    Zhere: How did I get here?
    Jinenmok licks his blade
    Zhere tries frantically to nuke the figure before her but all the programs in her ncu seem frozen
    Jinenmok: listen to boss
    Zhere: Boss?!
    Jinenmok hits Zhere across her face
    Jinenmok: little one shut up
    Zhere spits
    Jinenmok looks at the trickle of blood on Zhere's face
    Jinenmok opens his bag and produces a small plate of food
    Jinenmok: little one eat this
    Zhere snorts at Jinenmok
    Zhere: Yeah sure...
    Zhere: I will eat something you give me
    Zhere cackles evilly
    Jinenmok shrugs
    Jinenmok: boss will come
    Zhere looks at Jinenmok
    Jinenmok looks at Zhere
    Jinenmok: goodbye, little one
    Zhere: No-one is the boss of me
    Jinenmok turns and leaves
    Zhere: Damn door still locked
    From the other side of the door the sound of someone eating and drinking noisily can be heard...then silence...
    Zhere spits again
    Zhere: there must be some kind of jamming device...
    Zhere: I can't do a thing
    Zhere looks at her cyberdeck
    Zhere: I am gonna be talking to that creep in Jobe
    Zhere: This is no good...
    Zhere starts banging on the door with her useless cyberdeck
    Zhere: Help! HELP!
    Zhere: Is someone there?! ANYONE?!
    Zhere looks around again, sighs and sits down
    Zhere wishes she ate the food offered some time ago now...she wasn't sure how long, could be hours or just minutes...felt like hours and she was hungry from all the banging and shouting
    Zhere starts to look worried
    Zhere then looks up at a noise from outside
    Zhere: I am going to claw that guy's eyes out
    Zhere hears more than one voice from behind the locked door
    Zhere can't make out the words
    Zhere: Hello!?
    Lanmir is carrying a small suitcase. He walks over slowly and takes a seat, meticulously placing the case in front of him
    Zhere: Well?...Did the other guy choke?
    Lanmir looks at Zhere
    Zhere eyes the suitcase
    Lanmir reaches up to his face and takes off his glasses, slowly
    Zhere: what is the meaning of this?
    Zhere: and where is ...this?
    Zhere looks at the door
    Lanmir stares at Zhere
    Lanmir says nothing
    Zhere: Why am I here?
    Lanmir keeps staring at Zhere, unmoving
    Lanmir gets up and slowly opens the suitcase, postioned so Zhere cannot see it
    Lanmir leaves the suitcase open and reaches into his chest pocket, all the while looking at Zhere
    Zhere: Maybe you feel humbled in my presence...or are you a mute?
    Lanmir produces a small elongated cylindrical thing of metal from his pocket, and reaches into the suitcase
    Lanmir starts screwing the silencer onto the pistol from the suitcase
    Zhere looks about wildly...
    Zhere: Okay! Okay! Just don't kill me!
    Lanmir points the gun, with the silencer mounted, to Zhere's face
    Zhere: I will tell you anything!! Please...I hate reclaim!!
    Lanmir pulls the trigger - thrice
    Lanmir unscrews the silencer, and puts the gun back into the suitcase
    As the life quickly drains from her body Zhere hears...
    Lanmir: you will find you are no longer a member of The Hand..
    Lanmir taps his comm for a second
    Lanmir closes the suitcase and leaves.

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    ((I want more ))
    Anamelle Marecki, adventurer, leader of Lumen Orien
    Llesa Varela, MP
    Alossa Laurence, beaurocrat, director of Newland News
    Erissen Altaire, doctor
    Vektria Ervasse, fixer
    Daeranne Smith, engineer, Last Ditch Academy scientist
    Lumen Orien

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