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Thread: Atrox and Blood-Soaked Cloak of Dishonour

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    Atrox and Blood-Soaked Cloak of Dishonour

    Hi! Figured someone might find this useful.

    Blood-Soaked Cloak of Dishonour has a 750 agi/sen req.
    Assume: You are 204+ atrox shade.

    Atrox 204.
    We start out by getting tier3 hands on.
    QL220 hands has req of 805 agi and 660 sense.
    Sense for gloves:
    Base:                                                440
    Poor Essence Brain Spirit:                           460
    Pitiable Heart Spirit of Essence:                    506
    Pitiable Midriff Sprit of Essence:                   534
    Galahad Inc T70 Zig Zag (L):                         554
    Galahad Inc T70 Zig Zag (R):                         574
    Nar Shere's Earring of Tapping (or omni version):    577
    Rat Catcher Googles:                                 585
    Human Skin Hood:                                     590
    Personalized Robot Brain:                            605
    Kirch Kevlar set QL200 (body/2xsleeve/pants/boots):  630
    Ring of Divine Teardrops (QL200) (L):                655
    Ring of Divine Teardrops (QL200) (R):                680
    Buffs (Comp attri/ES):                               707
    QL300 City HQ:                                       715
    Agility for gloves:
    Base:                                                540
    Pitiable Midriff Sprit of Essence:                   559
    Pathetic Spirit of Essence:                          600
    Rejected Spirit of Feet Defense:                     631
    Full Acrobat:                                        661
    Kirch Kevlar set QL200 (body/2xsleeve/pants/boots):  686
    Ring of Divine Teardrops (QL200) (L):                701
    Ring of Divine Teardrops (QL200) (R):                716
    Buffs (Comp attri/FG/prowler):                       833
    QL300 City HQ:                                       841
    This will allow us to wear QL229 gloves, they add 17 sense at
    this QL.
    We now have:
    Sense:                                               732
    Agility:                                             841
    Now take out Pitiable Midriff Spirit of Essense (+28 sense)...
    Sense:                                               704
    .. and put in Somber Dispirited Midriff Spirit of Essence (683 agi/sen req)
    Somber Dispirited Midriff Spirit of Essence:         737
    Now take out Poor Essence Brain Spirit (+20 sense)...
    Sense:                                               717
    .. and put in Somber Essence Brain Spirit (716 agi/sen req)
    Somber Essence Brain Spirit:                         740
    Now take out Pitiable Heart Spirit of Essence (+46 sense)...
    Sense:                                               694
    .. and put in Dispirited Heart Spirit of Essence (683 agi/sen req)
    Dispirited Heart Spirit of Essence:                  748
    So we're 2 points in sense short.
    Here's a few ways to get them:
    a) Higher QL teardrop ring(s). The QL200 rings has a CL req of 800,
    the robot brain has a req of 961 - so obviously you can get
    higher QL rings on too (you needed Cyborg board for the robot brain).
    b) Bracer of Killing Intent.. low ql will do the trick - AI expertise 3 not
    c) Eva Pourais' Snakeskin Patch (or omni version, don't know the name)
    from Omega Eva Pourais in Adonis Unredeemed Underwater Temple, adds 4 sense.
    d) One perk in Enchanced DNA.
    Used 2 Zig Zags, they have a nasty multiranged req of 508.
    I got 750 CL pre-tl6 on my atrox shade, getting enough for robot brain
    (req of 961) should be no problem with cyborg board.
    I'm gonna figure out how to do it with Bloodlusts too I think, don't wanna dump
    too much IP in MultiRanged (not that I'm short of IP)

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    where do you get a base of 440 for sense? I have a breed cap of 404 as an atrox shade.

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    400 base
    +10 per shadowlevel
    = 440 at 204.

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    Ok nice.
    Didn't know that.

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    lewl @ trox
    Neophyte "Ruberaa" 5/0 - lolequip

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubera
    lewl @ trox
    yeah, have fun getting merc on.. or affording commando

    trox ftw

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    use an extruder bar, dont remember exact name, but +2 to all attributes

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    "Extruder Nutrition Bar" looks like a doo doo cake.

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    Added it to the guides list as it's pretty helpful for one breed.
    Kelvera 220 Shade
    Emerelda 220 Crat

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    I'm not even going to try to remember the pain it took doing it, sorry, but I will state for a fact that you can put the following on an Atrox shade @ 190:

    Blood Soaked Cloak
    QL220 Faithful Hands
    QL240 Strong Armor

    (yes, at the same time)

    Only problem is you either 75% OE the hands and armor when you swap back to your offensive spirits (which is what I chose to do) or you sacrifice alot more AR by using different spirits than you gain by having the armor @ 100%.

    I got sooooo sick of looking like Spongebob Squarepants after a bad barfight though, that I camped a Shroud and got rid of the BSC by 199.

    Is it worth it? Maybe not, its alot easier to do after 200, but it IS possible

    (NOTE: I did it w/out Flycatcher's Specs ... those would make it even easier ... and IIRC, getting the hands on first was priority because of the extra SEN buff)

    I've been trying to build my Inf ring @ 201 and I'm maxing out around 1200 Complit ... so I'm giving up ... I probably won't bother until 204 when I can perk NCU 7 or 205 when I can get mittens from Pande. But I was REAL close If I was willing to do even more perk resets and lose PM, I might be able to pull it off via Atrox Secondary + Enhance DNA (I had to perk both for the armor above @ 190), but by the time I go through that all again I'll be 205 anyway.

    However, since I took off all my gear to attempt the Inf ring, I went ahead and twinked on some Sorrowful spirits on the trox @ 201. Again, could have gotten on Sorry spirits if I'd reperked more ... pretty easily in fact. And yeah, I know how early you Opis get them on, this post wasn't for you
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    Got it up at 203...VERY EASY! :P
    ...but its still OE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrstabber
    Got it up at 203...VERY EASY! :P
    ...but its still OE
    Same, put it on at 203 without resets...

    ...still OE at 211

    Not that it matters, OE doesn't affect those evades. Just ACs in BSC.

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    I got it on on my shade at lvl 160and only used a few perks in secondary gnome

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    Euryke, this is about atroxes not opifexes.

    I did my BSCoD at level 143 on my Opifex shade. Oe'd instantly, but that didn't matter, since evades don't oe, just the armour class. And who gives a toss about armour. Least I never had to look silly with a blackpack.

    Just looked silly with a BSCoD with my tier1.

    Back on topic.

    QL120 Bloodlusts. No shade, NO SHADE, should be without these. Dead easy to acquire, even easier to equip.

    They are very very very easy to acquire, but step by step instructions I will not give. Because to get them very very very easily, you don't have to break any rules that I'm aware of, but you are doing things that were not intended and I'm sure would be frowned upon.

    Next time you see someone selling QL120 bloodlusts seemingly in limitless supply for 30m a pop, just be aware they've been farming and are robbing you.

    Of course if you can do QL250+ bloodlusts, you're laughing. 1600ish piercing required. Doubt that can be done on the shade template this discussion is about. Those can be bought, depressingly enough, for almost nothing. If you're shelling out more than 10m each, you're being robbed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by egadsrk2 View Post
    Euryke, this is about atroxes not opifexes.
    His shade is a trox. Anyway, it's alot easier now with LE/2h perk resets and the availability of low ql bloodlusts (weren't those from some semi-new quests or something?). Difference in base sense is like 30 from 160 to 203 on a trox, just easier to equip twink stuff at 203. I remember not having access to low ql bloodlusts and basically had to wait for being able to equip 250+ ones with evil MM req.

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    Fair enough. Just let me eat this foot for a moment.

    I wasn't willing to trade off my good looks (all the best shades are hot little opifex girls, even if they are morbidly obese creepy shutin nudist smelly basement dwellers behind the monitor) for Mongo Rage, and thus when it comes to twinking a trox for shade stuff I am blissfully ignorant.

    The only information available to me was:

    It can be done at level 204.
    It can be done at level 203.
    It can be done at level 190.

    Then someone pipes up about 160. *GRIN*

    Yum yum. Scaly heel.

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    Since there is very little ability difference from 160 to 190, and LE has added a lot of ability buffs, I would say that it probably is doable.

    But then again I would also say all of us figured it out pretty much on our own, and you have the same tools to look it up as we did ... so why don't you figure it out and -tell- us instead of asking

    It really is not that hard to figure things like this out.
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    Being a cynical person, I say who cares? You're gonna level up on hecklers anyways. What you need evades for?
    Awwww muffin, need a tissue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obtena View Post
    Being a cynical person, I say who cares? You're gonna level up on hecklers anyways. What you need evades for?
    Shades steal agg, duh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edolran View Post
    Shades steal agg, duh.
    Limber? DoF? Please don't tell me how to play a shade. I would also be interested in how a shade before 190 gets aggro from other professions that cap their specials very regularly. Anyways, a smart shade will time their damage properly so they won't die even if they do get agg, DUH.
    Awwww muffin, need a tissue?

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