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Thread: The Story and Events

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    My view

    The issue of the storyline is very important if this game to even exist in the coming months. But in its current condition I fear it will not be enough to hold the people together.

    The video and the books are nice, on the day of the patch i rush home to find out the lastest news. Its a lot of fun, but the problem is the times in between are empty.

    I see the storyline at the moment like watching the news, I take in the information in, understand whats is going on in the world and yet I feel so far removed from it. Its like the storyline is happing on another planet from Rubi-Ki and I am just watching it.

    So little of the world of Rubi-Ki changes there feels no need to break from the routine of doing missions or hunting as a group. When you get to a certain level you get the feel of being stuck in some horror ground hog day.

    The events need to more than just once every two weeks, if that at the moment. So I am left with not even bothering to login unless something changes. If I dont login I am not being part of the game, I am not adding myself to the richness of the game the same is true for all the other people as well.

    The solution to this is driven by the way the storyline unfolds, its all outside the game enviroment, the videos, the story even the news items nothing appears inside the game to even support most of the events. It would be nice to see some form of newspaper in game, a TV sation with Max headroom style coverage of the events would be even better. But in the end why cant we see the events in realtime if we happen to be there.

    I dont feel a part of the story, I dont expect to be a main char in the story or have any role. But I should feel the world around me is changing that the events should have some effect on me even if it is just a change in my thinking.

    The thinking aspect is very important, any game needs to feel a challenge to the player that they are on some road to sucess in a form. A game needs to give the player goals to reach and for the player to feel theres some rewards for reaching those levels. There so much you could do to create those goals for people but at the moment they are lacking. This is very true as I understand it for the high level players who have little if anything to do now.


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    I think Kirrana just explained everything...

    "The future is in your hands."

    Former Leader - Sea of Change

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    Implementation of the story line

    First of - book - good
    movie - isolated/good - movie and game connection - bad

    -There's been suggessted before a radio channel or newspaper's.
    This is really good ideas I think.
    Combine this with the following and it'll be "fantastic":
    -Enemy attack on group's of players or entire city's (there's a lot of NPC's in the city's-have them grouping and rageing on special commands/occations/enviroment's. Like the mad bomber we all have had killed in our youth in missions)
    -Let some (2/3) from FC roam the street's of a city or an area to wip up the player's from the mission mode's and get them grouping and sosialazing. - this will also let the FC know their own game a little bit more from a player's wiew .
    -We have mission's that ask you to do something, but if you take the mission and not complete it, there is no consequence. Not in the line of puniching the player in any way, but more to that if you take a mission to kill the med bomber, and do not complete - the bomb goes off somewhere.
    -Let NPC''s place traps/bombs(small)/wild animals or it's like so that it's up to the player's to disarm/remove/evacuate/kill/whatever.
    -All of this - let it be on the radio channel- let us know what's going on right now at what location. It will make us player's come crawling out of our mission caves and pull toghether for a common goal. And experiencing the "sosial" side of AO along side being of use to our faction/city/guild and feeling more a part of the game.
    Just my two cent..
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    Angry OMG

    "war on terrorism"?!?!?! who the hell do you people think you are? is this a joke on the real world? get your own story line and stop stealing it from reality!
    -Death- it comes after the last blow of your enemy and befor they replace your body with your remains

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    I have no idea what your comment was ment to be, are you really thinking that FC is taking the story line based on the recent terrorism attack in america. If so you are way off FC have had this planned for months.

    Dont forget this is just one attack on america many countries around they world face terrorism on a daily basis for many years. Its a part of human history if you will, most wars just dont start overnight acts of terrorism ( as judged by the victor) are often the start of wars. So why would AO which is building up to a war start in the same way.


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    Angry ...

    so then you are saying they are poking fun at the whole world, not just america? and this makes it ok then?.... if you say so smartty pants
    -Death- it comes after the last blow of your enemy and befor they replace your body with your remains

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    Question @Cosmik


    Looking at recent political issues on Rubi Ka, can you answer the following questions to me ?

    1. What does it take to get involved in story ?
    2. Is it true only very large UBER guilds get involved ?
    3. When will the OT departments actually work ?
    4. Can guild leaders have a Funcom RPG contact for participation ?
    5. Can i ever meet someone from OT Admin as Director ?

    All these question are wondering in my head. I see people who i know from ingame getting in to the story and still a lott of guilds never even get a change to participate ?
    Funcom stated in the beginning that guild over 20 members could apply at Funcom stating they want to participate with the story. That was at the start of the story. Remember ? Guilds had to apply for it. Does that mean that the guilds who applied then and only then are involved ?

    Thanks for reading Cosmik.

    Keeper of the Unredeemed.

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    for now

    For now I see very few links between the book and the movies and the time-line and the events. Maybe it will come...
    The book and the movies are great (and the time-line is very interesting, but still too short). Events looks fun. But I never participated to an event, never (I tried one time to go to a wedding and it was impossible, log off and crashes when in the wedding zone).

    I'm always warned after, on the official website.

    I play AO since 2 months. I can tell that I'm not the only one in the case (who've not see a single event).

    What I propose is to enhance the communication, why not an "event chanel" in the chat ?
    Maybe rising the number of official events too. Warn everybody in the chat. And in the forum "events" too. And why not by preleminary notes, elusives, but complete enough to give a tip about where and when it will happen.

    PS: I like the idea of defending a city or going somewhere to find where the attacks came from.

    Circle G Inc. - Your safety is our business.

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    Cool On storylines... (Yes, I said storyline'S)

    I'm very much the lone operator... the lone operator with a few associates.

    Wandering around and just keeping my eyes and ears open I've managed to get involved in about two storylines at once. One of them is loosly based on the Duster attacks... and another was a fragile issue of Intern-Ops and the Clans...

    Now I'm starting into my own little line of story... whilst still being involved in these two.

    I'm an agent who plays the role, and I am being used as such.
    Which is nice. (Fresh air... aaah)

    But seriously... I've always said, if you can't get involved in anything with depth... start to create your own. *smiles*

    Anyway, that's all I can say on the matter... remember, Mum's the word... shh.

    *fades back into the shadows*

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    Can't say I've seen or heard of any story events in-game yet, but then again I've only been playing a few weeks.

    Although large scale events are important, I personally would also like some elements arrive in a more subtle fashion. Perhaps small events ( maybe performed by employees ), taking place in isolated locations where maybe only a couple of players may witness the events. They would not need to be spectacular, but the satisfaction for the player to be able to report on such events to an 'ignorant' crowd would be high indeed. Also, the rumours that would begin to circulate as such news became widespread would encourage more players to travel and explore the game in search of answers.

    This may already happen happen for all I know, but I do believe that non-announced story events would have a better response amongst the more serious players.

    Getting player guilds involved also seems like a good idea. I noticed a post on this earlier ( I forget by who, sorry ), but it would certainly help bring more people in touch with the story and open up more possiblilities for the game. Maybe if guild leaders could contact Funcom about actions they want to take, which could then be planned to some extent allowing their idea to take place. I've no idea what these may be as I don't belong to a guild at present, but I'd certainly like to get more from it than team hunting expeditions.

    I certainly intend on staying around to see what happens, the possibilities are enormous and I wish you (funcom) luck with whatever approach you decide to take.

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    A lot has already been said, so I'll be brief...

    When the storyline intersects with the game, the effect is tremendous. Looking at the shattered rubble of the apartments in Omni-1 that were blown to bits by terrorists was great stuff. We need more of that sort of thing, tactile evidence of the changing storyline. That way, you can involve both the people who enjoy roleplaying and want the story to be as rich and varied as possible, as well as the gameplayers who don't really immerse themselves in their characters or in the story in an active way.

    Something else I noticed is how slim the pickings are when it comes to news. With at least three separate news services there should be a constant noisy barrage of news to wade through for anyone so interested. An easy way to do this is to require the ARK's to contribute one 250 word article of some kind every couple weeks and mix all that in with the other reports and editorials that the AO staff creates. I mean, have you WATCHED the news lately? It's 90% nonsense at best. Are there no sports in this galaxy anymore? Do I have to travel to another planet to get some financial news?

    Which reminds me that I think it would be cool to integrate some sort of primitive stock ticker feed - even one that players could buy into and affect prices on, buying and selling stock in-game for real in-game credits. Certainly the bureaucrats would be interested in how omni-tek stocks are holding up relative to their competitors in the ICC. The mechanics of doing something like that are probably tricky but not SO tricky - one would only need to track fifty securities or so which would fluctuate in price based on in-game stock market activity, and AO staff could manipulate the prices of any of these in response to financial news. The Hollywood Stock Exchange ( is just one of dozens of fake stock market games that could inspire a mechanism in-game. Even if there was no access to a stock market, financial news is one source of interesting storyline.

    And sports is another - and sports betting...

    Essentially what I'm saying is that the news and story should be able to translate in some fundamental, 'tactile' way into the game itself; if the players can't be trusted to affect the main storyline, they should be given minor storylines that they can affect, or at least see the effect of, on a daily basis.
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    involve the whole guild!

    I have a suggestion;

    Make multiple dungeons with quest items and lvl cap the dungeons so that you must get a wide range of players involved to accomplishe the quest.

    for ex
    Dungeon 1, a band of NPCs has stolen a keygenerator that needs to be retrived. ok! send in the low lvl team 1-l20.

    dungeon 2, use key generator to make keys to the dungeon (the key generator only do 6-?? numbers of keys!) inside get the secret formula bomb from lab assistant. lvl range 1-50 capped

    dungeon 3, with the created bomb you blow up the entrance to the storage facilites where yo must equip the team that are to enter the rad contaiminated area. lvl 1-80

    and so on...

    If you do this kind of dungeon events you must get the whole guild or get some more players to join you in the quest so it can be completed. This is a perfect way of introducing new players to the story as well as you can change the retrival item every second time. + you involve the whole guild/lvl range to accomplishe the quest.

    These dungeon missions can be once per guild/month and therefore FC can lead the missions towards the story in a smooth way without any interferance that the uber guilds to change the storyline for them by doing odd things. There is many IF in here that can be done...

    /Nallesaa, Crat - Manager, Advisor CoF, RK1

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    RK2 and Europe...

    Ok before I start I am a staunch supporter of this game. I think it is wonderful. Admittedly my only other MMPORG was Ultima Online (which bored me to tears) so I aren't terribly experienced with the game. I have recruited all of my friends onto the game and they all love it as much as I. If it wasn't for my useless ISP it'd be perfect (they randomly cut me off... grrr)


    We exist! Ok there probably isn't as many people in RK2 as there is in RK1 but there are enough surely to run some events there. All of the stuff seems to occur in RK1 and we poor few who started on RK2 in the hopes of avoiding lag don't get a look in. The independant RK news has a section for RK2 news which they have stated they haven't hadd submissions for. This isn't because we RK2'ers aren't willing to send any, just nothing news worthy has happened!


    I'm from England. I only have time to MMPORG on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Add to that the fact that I'm on GMT and not US time my chance of getting hold of some plot is relatively small! Would it be possible for you to organise some of the story events to occur in european time periods.. or better still extend over. For example Tir comes under seige from an OT attack force, the european players defend the city well but soon it is time for them to bow out, cue the US contingent who carry on fighting the beseiging forces.

    On the whole this is a great Game guys, address the RK2/Europe Question and it will be Stunningly good!
    The Returned.
    We we're dead and now we are not... go figure.

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    Both dimensions have players from all THREE thirds of the world - North American TZ, European TZ and Asian/Australian TZ.

    Players in ALL THREE TZ Reigions play on BOTH Dimensions.

    Please remeber this. All players deserve a relatively equal chance.
    Ye Olde and Original Founding is BACK !

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    Well said Falcon, but...

    "relatively equal" ?


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    I'm a realist.
    Ye Olde and Original Founding is BACK !

    Australian Timezone - RK1

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    Story and events so far rock. The only change I want to see is to have their going's on a little more public. Maybe make it so when Philip Ross holds a speech, the news is broadcast to all the major Omni cities, eh? Something so I can find them more... last week I missed a Philip Ross speech, and I must say I was disappointed to not be able to see my hero

    Oh, and one other thing... People who repeatedly attack their own side should be removed for an extended duration FROM that side. I'm sick of people attacking Philip Ross at speeches, or even killing Slayerdroids for kicks, who are Omni-Tek employees. Perhaps a normal guard would be a 1 day Omni ban, whereas jumping Philip Ross himself would be permanent?

    As an example, a clan prisoner was being escorted to Omni-HQ a bit ago on RK1, and some people attacked the clan prisoner, disrupting the Omni-Tek soon-to-come interrogation. This also was the murder of a clan member, at the same time. I personally believe that if someone does that, with obvious uncaring as to the plotline, they should be instantly kicked from Omni-Tek, disallowed into Clan (in all honesty, it's realistic. Omni-Tek would kick them for messing things up, and Clan would shun them for the brutal murder of their comrade, right?), and would be stuck Neutral. I know it's rather harsh, but screwing up plot events just for the sake of screwing them up needs to have consequences. Just like attacking Omni-Tek guards in the middle of Omni-Entertainment shouldn't exactly be tolerated

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    Gotta say, I agree with the timing of story events.

    I'm in England and on RK2, so far I've witnessed an attack by the dust brigade ( actually, I got killed by 'em ), but this is all and it was at 2am over here.
    It's not too bad for me as I work lates, so I'm quite often on at this time, but players from outside the states do need some events for themselves to keep them interested.

    I also agree that the issue of these players attacking their own side/interfering with the plot needs addressing. I've not witnessed anything too severe, but I have spotted several omni employees attacking gaurds and such before gridding out quickly. Surely this would have penalties. Maybe being unable to enter the area where the attack took place for a period of time, I'm sure the gaurds wouldn't want them coming straight back.

    Well said to everyone above who has pointed these out.

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    Red face

    Funcom definitly need to space out events on all time zones (like 6 groups of 4 hrs), and give each zone oppertunity to be part of events.
    It would also be nice with some ingame info on events, so you can plan your games on those times as well as feeling more part of RK.

    As a user of RK-2 I to have been limited so far in events to the attack of the dust brigade. And I must say that I found that event rediculus. The events should be made so that they feel acceptable as actual events of RK, but MOBs with health in upper 100k or more is rediculus. If it had been one of those combat walkers I have seen in Lush I could accept that health since it is a armored tank, but no one creature would take that amount of punishment.

    Try to get events a bit more interesting, please.
    And all events don´t need to be about mass combat either. If you want mass combat, just have some NPC adress each side and have them battle for control of an area.

    Though I still find it stupid that a company of the size of Omni just don´t send in a few million troopers and walk over the claners that have much more limited recourses. The only reason for them not to do this I think is that unless it turns to real war, and claners start taking important areas instead of outback areas, Omni is willing to let it slide in interest of profit.

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    (1) Create in-game mechanics for completing simple tasks such as staying alive at a certain location or zone for a certain amount of time, or crafting an item,. receiving an item, etc.

    (2)Plan out a storyline on paper with a series of tasks and subtasks. (Make a flow chart of tasks to be accomplished.) The flow chart has success and failure paths.

    (3) Assign tasks to players and groups of players.

    (4) Based on success or failure of missions, the story plays itself out and effects the next story content.

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