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Thread: The Story and Events

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    The Story and Events

    Hello everyone,

    I want to bring up a topic that I know interests many of you - the story. By now many of you have had a taste of the storyline, either by taking part in story events, watching the videos, or reading reports on the Anarchy Online site or various other fan sites.

    Now I would like to hear your feedback about the story. What do you think of the in-game story events so far? What do you think of the videos so far? How do you feel about the mix of story elements both in-game and out of the game? What do you want to see in regards to the story?

    I've been reading alot of comments already, and I hope to hear from more people in this thread. It's a very open-ended question so, please, talk about the story from whatever angle you want.

    I look forward to reading your posts.
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    Talking :)

    Hi Cosmik,

    I loved the Book
    I loved the Movies

    keep them comin thats all i can say the way your going
    is one nobody in the buisness went before.

    tell Ragnar to hurry with his second book, Midgard
    shall wait :P

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    Thumbs up

    I must say that i love the book so far. Read the 4 first chapters, and just noticed that chapter 5 was online. YAY!

    As to the storyline in the game, i cant say i've seen much of it. Usually because the scheduled time for the events was when i was at work.
    I feel the storyline could be VERY interesting though. It would be nice to let the players have a real impact on things, and i know you have tried to do this (The trial among others). It just needs to be a bit better. Some better way of doing crowd control perhaps? (so not every event turns into a shootout for the triggerhappy)

    This game has some real potential, and im sticking with it for now. Keep adding stuff to the game and fix the bugs. Personally i look forward to Jobe, and other developments to the game.

    Static missions are an enhancement in my opinion.

    - Khayne

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    books and movies are great.
    I don't get to participate in the story line because I live in rk2 and have lost interest in reading the reports to be honest.

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    I love the game,
    but I am not bothered by the story line at the moment, it hasnt grabbed me and immersed me in it or effected my playing at all.
    I am lowbie european RK2er and so I havent really had much chance to get involved and because of my limited time in game and my 56k modem I havent taken much interest in the movies.
    I prefer to log on and play instead of dowloading and watching the movies. but.. saying that, the movies have had a good response and many people are enjoying them. I would just prefer for the story to grab me in game rather than in a movie, so that it doesnt effect my playing time.

    I would like an in game newspaper... or even radio announcements in big cities that go over the top of the music instead of spamming the vicinity chat. you could always give the choice of turning the text on or off for those who are playing without sound. there could be in game NPC/GM fixers or traders spreading rumours or selling information. trying to get people involved.
    comp lit skill could be used to create tradeskill item magazines. People could write articles, publish info.. put it into a hand held computer terminal and sell it or distribute it. of course you would have to get someone who could replicate it for mass distribution.
    would end up having an in game publishing industry with people who are in the know becomming reporters and helping out the rest of us.

    or at least it would give us in game guild newspapers or reports.

    just ideas off the top of my head on how to get the story in game and getting people to help.

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    I havn't read the books, and would have enjoyed the movies, but your lead female charcter forced me into disgust as you repeated the allready over cliched "Girl with attitude"

    Couldn't you come up with a lead role that had a bit more depth, or at least originality?
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    Book and movies are great..

    I've lost almost all interest in the storyline in-game.. I attended the first events and got bored with it pretty quick.. From what I've noticed people attending the events say the SAME THING over and over and over.. and it gets very dull to wait for everything to happen because everyone is yelling and trying to push through just to get noticed..

    And favorizing people.. don't even get me started on that..

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    I'm disappointed that the missions being the primary way to interact with the story seems to have been forgotten about.

    I like missioning, but where are the story enhanced missions?

    Not SoM and the like, that place was hell when I visited last night.

    Between mobs swarming, and taking forever to kill a group ran past us at the last room and stole neleb. So now we have 9 people in the last room and a 20 minute respawn on the only mob we wanted to kill.

    SoM should be easier and restricted to 1 team per dungeon for more fun.

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    i follow the story line as close as i can.....i read the chapters and saw all movies...infact multiple times.....So no comment on setting a plot here.........BUT.......I recalled somewhere that guild with more then 20 members would be involved into the story...and i know you had to submitt your guild for it...Now that was BEFORE my guild was made and i think mane more guilds followed.......As a President i have 60 members, asking me almost EVERY DAY: Hey Gravel....Are we involved in story yet ? And i tell them...Not yet.....but we will soon.....Now Cosmik, tell me something ? Am i lying to them ? Does Funcom look at the size of a guild and somehow get them involved ? or are only the "UBER" guilds involved...and we all know theire names allright......always the same names........So if you ask me do you like the Story line sofar...I would answer: Oh...does it really excist in AO......I never noticed......

    I know Funcom can't get everybody involved...but there some not UBER guilds that have a Mission and a large base of members....and they need attention...and it could be so easy done...just a send tell ingame from a funcom official (RPG style).....or a meeting.......Even i could make something up like that..Infact i know some of my own members make "Fake" persons to feed some members withing our own guild just to make is excited......

    Last thing to say......Europeans.......same old story here...we are being ignored, very much....Do something about this...very soon...because DAoC is starting in Januarie 2002 and the DO have European servers for European players ONLY....(Btw..same goes for all other players besides US, not only from Europe......)

    Keep us posted Cosmik and look me up in Rumpa....

    Keeper of the Unredeemed.

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    Haven't had time to read the book, but will soon.

    I like the movies. Though I think they should involve hints of places to go, things to look for in game. So maybe a mention of lots of activity in Clon**** would mean if we go there we will see something interesting.

    Haven't participated in an event. Haven't had the oportunity. I can only get on at odd times. Sad.

    Missions seem the best way to allow everyone to participate to a small degree. I would like to see story specific mission terminals (maybe one per city or even one per side. tir, newland, omni-trade) Then each side would have one or more special "quest missions" to choose from. This quest would be loosly related to the storyline and at least be more in depth than normal missions (maybe like "get tool from dungeon X and use it on machine in dungeon Y in another zone"). The missions would change every month or every patch or whatever and of course would be variable to suit different player levels. If something like that happened at least those of us who will most likely never witness an event, can do something involving the storyline.

    Another option would be to hire GM type players to constantly run around putting on small events all the time. maybe the ability to summon small bands of NPC Clan, Mutant or Omni troops to attack players at strategic locations and stuff like that, just to make the world a little unpredictable ALL the time.

    I'm glad funcom is trying though and so far they've done a great job and put a lot of effort into the story. I no longer feel it's a slack job. I just still expect more. Especially for us who can't do major events. When are they usually anyhow? Every weekend? monthly? Late at night? always on a specific night? What are the statistical chances of a person who plays mostly on weeknights vs mostly weekends?

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    I think that i am not alone when i say:
    Please make some events also at times where Europeans are not sleeping!!!
    I really hate to hear from other players that i missed an event which took place at 2.00 am in the NIGHT!!! Thats a time when everybody here is sleeping except he has no job or has to work from afternoon to 1.00 in the night and then directly puts hisself in front of computer to play and wait if u guys making an event or not...
    I feel disappointed!


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    Now I would like to hear your feedback about the story. What do you think of the in-game story events so far? What do you think of the videos so far? How do you feel about the mix of story elements both in-game and out of the game? What do you want to see in regards to the story?
    I have yet to be involved in an "in-gamve story event" thus far.

    The videos are pretty weak - poor voice acting! (IMO)

    So, you ask what do I want to see in regards to the story?
    I want to see what was advertised to us. A "player shaped" storyline: "Players will be able to participate in the story, and ultimately help influence it through their own actions."

    ..right now, I don't feel immersed in the game, and I don't feel like I actually am affecting anything AT ALL.

    I sure hope the "story missions" are good, because the "story dungeon" (steps of madness) really, really, sucks!

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    I have never seen a in-game event take place. I find the story in the game very boring and quite stupid. I still dont know why anyone calls a game Anarchy when all the characters just talk about peace. I thought the movies were ok and gave a little life to the world of Rubi-Ka. Most of the player run events, like we went and blew up this and we captured that are by far the dumbest things I have heard of.

    Last night I took over all the cities, I am now ruler of Rubi-Ka. If you dont believe me then all of you have just been blown to bits by the immaginary bombs that I have placed in each of your backpacks.

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    Well.... the story is cool and the back drop Rubi-Ka is awesome. However, the IN-GAME story has been very weak. The book is cool (have started to read the first chapter this weekend). I have seen the first 2 batches of movies (before I moved and lost the DSL for a month).

    In short, more story needs to be added IN-GAME. If you want everyone to feel involved then you need to add a repeatable event for all time zones. Factor in some PvP options as well. If there was a reason to log in and escort an Omni Official to a meeting through 2HO or something "knowing" that clanners had to escort their guy as well would be interesting

    Add some other type events as well. The "one" shot story events don't reach enough people. You need to add smaller mini-events / repeatable (waves of enemies) types of events that build up a story.

    Ex. I go to Omni-Outpost in Lush Fields and find it over run with dozens of clanners. I join up with a group of Omni-citizens and retake the outpost and find "orders" on each of the kills that suggest the next target will be Omni-Resort at 1800 Hours (25 minutes later). This is an example of a 75% zone event. The ones in 25% zones could be feed with world announcements for "supporters" to escort officials to a meeting. Both sides know it is happening and need to act to protect their officials. Both sides need to clear out any would-be assassins

    So I am "happy" with the story line but I would the story to reflex daily if not hourly events in the IN-GAME world.

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    story events on RK2

    Have there been any story events on Rk2 other than Steps of Maddness which is ridiculas. When will the voice of freedom channel broadcast to tell us of events?

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    I love the boook, and the movies are great as most everyone has said.

    The thing that I want is a story on RK2 most of all.

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    Being a european player I haven't seen any events in game, except player made. I don't count the amnesty-spamming guards as an event, maybe I should. The pumpkinmen story was a sad cop-out and I hope I will only remember it during regression therapy in the future.

    The movies are well made and it's fun to see the game environments in them. A bit too short for any real feeling of story to develop, though.

    I haven't read anything from the book, so I can't comment on that. I think I will give it a shot this Xmas.

    As for constructive ideas, it's hard to come up with any when I don't know what resources and technology for making events you have access too.

    One thing that comes into mind is the problem of crowding at an event. Word spreads and soon everyone is there and playfield crashes (or so I've heard, this was the case in AC at the few events I attended at least). You could work a lockdown of a playfield into the story. Maybe quarantine/siege Newland City/Athens/Favorite Hole-in-the-ground. No zoning in or out of the playfield until the people inside (or outside) have solved the problem. This would actually mean that people all over are affected by the event (but not only by lag). Suddenly you can't meet a person for a trade. One of the team members are stuck and can't powerlevel with you.

    I think that a good story line in game has to interfere in both positive and negative ways with the regular play. Otherwise it wont have any impact on most of us. Just as I feel that all balancing changes made in game should at least come with a pseudo-explanation..
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    Liked the movie, even if the voice acting are not the best, but have not read the book yet.

    As for ingame story in RK2: What story!
    It is very disipointing to read about somthing that happened in RK1 while we at RK2 don´t get to be part of it.

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    You will find what I want from the story in the following Funcom news postings:

    Your company has great ideas, very few people would argue with that. I appreciate your desire to listen to players, but we are not professional game designers, you are. Implement your ideas, listen to our feedback and then change what needs to be changed. And in the meantime, keep us as informed as humanly possible about how the implementation process is going. Is that really so difficult?

    If you build it, they will come!


    Added note: And, if you really want my opinion as a non-designer, make story missions your A, #1, top priority! Many of us want to combine the two facets which Funcom added to the world of MMORPG's: the storyline and the mission system. And, personally, I don't care if I never see another AO mpeg again. Though it seems that I'm in the minority about that.

    Added note II: And if you open up the NPC clans and the Omni Departments then I think you would find a lot of people joining them and you could get those players involved in the game MUCH easier.
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