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Thread: Announcement by the Mayor of Newland City

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    Post Announcement by the Mayor of Newland City

    Announcement by the Mayor of Newland City
    January 3, 29480

    IRRK -- Early this morning, Mayor King released a statement regarding the seats open for the Newland Council.

    Dear friends,

    After careful consideration we have chosen the new ministers for the Council of Newland. The ministers will be:

    Trade: Rachelle "Riawn" Caris
    Science: Trixie "Tryqz" Rhaiyne
    Foreign Affairs: "Anamelle" Yetva
    Security: "Greydan"

    Trade: Mohammad "Jujuwalker" Clancy
    Science: Shamps "Renjori" Beefheart and Ryeloth
    Foreign Affairs: Maros "Yarko" Orender and Lordstage
    Security: Vincent "Boltgun" Delage

    Since those positions have to be approved by the public, every neutral citizen of Newland has the opportunity to file in a formal complaint against any of the above mentioned persons via gridmail to
    within the next week.

    On Sunday the 15th at 20:00 GMT on Rimor and on Saturday the 14th at 20:00 GMT on Atlantean at "Neuters 'r' us" we will hold the official introduction ceremony and "get to know us" party of the council. All neutrals are invited. Non-neutrals are welcome too.

    Best regards,

    Zephrem King,
    Newland mayor.

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    Congratulations to all of you.
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    This will hopefully be the start of a stronger, more unified neutral community who now have a means of actually getting things done. Just looking at the state of some neutral towns shows the general feeling of apathy that seems to have overtaken the pioneer spirit of the first neutral settlers. This should revitalise the community.
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    Talking Congrats...

    Congratulations to you all!

    Things can only get better!

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    It's all about the dealin' and the fixin' people.
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    Congratulations! I look forward to meeting you all on 14th.
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    That is an exciting line up of ministers. Congratulations and well done!

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    Gratz all!
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    Grats to you all.

    I know your names now, I know where to address my complaints about all aspects of Newland City.

    I am expecting big things (some with lasers)

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    Congradulations to all you guys!

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    kewl gz

    I will be attending as an omni-tek observer

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    Newland News will be there. I hope we can get several interviews with Mr King and the ministers.
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    Congrats guys

    BTW, "Mayor King" does have a kind of ring to it <smiles>
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    Congratulations on your new assignments. May you do them well...
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    Congratulations to all.
    Very happy to see one of EO's own in one of the spots!
    Well done, Ryeloth.
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    For all those who have posted and communicated with me in person, I just wanted to say, Thank you for the support. We greatly appreciate it and look forward to seeing you this weekend in Newland.


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    A good thank to the neutrals for their trust and support. And congratulations to the Rimorian security advisor too.
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    Congradulations and Good luck
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    Two thumbs up, and best of luck to you all.
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