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Thread: List of AI Guides at AO Universe

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    List of AI Guides at AO Universe

    This is a compilation of guides we have either written or gathered from several sources. We will try to be as accurate as possible to give proper credit to our sources. Links will be provided to other useful sites as well in each guide's credits section.

    Special thanks to: Silirrion, Jayde (Anarchy Mainframe), Herodotus (SL Library & AI Library forums), Ellusion (Anarchy Arcanum), Auno (, Jexai (, Cybershead (who inspired me to do this), Shadedgrey (AO Shades), AO Bulletin Board (Cities and Aliens), people who run bots for APF and Alien Raids so people can get AXP and phat lewt (specially apfbot and phatzbot), Marius Enge for sharing how the basics of AI works, Mercury Dragons Clan for encouraging me to compile all the info and the many AO players who posted in the forums of these sites sharing information to make the most accurate guides online for the playerbase. Thank you all!

    Due to the new layout and system, now it is a LOT easier to navigate our section, therefore this post will now just link to the AI section:

    Alien Invasion
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    great guides as always Windguaerd.

    but mine eyes! the snow! aaaaiiiieeeee! make it stop!

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    thnx these, really useful...

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    Quote Originally Posted by fixking
    thnx these, really useful...
    We're glad to be of help to the community
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