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    Enforcer Bookmarks

    Enforcer Forum Bookmarks

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    Enforcer Stickies
    Enforcer Buglist - Being discussed here.
    Enforcer Wishlist & Concernlist - Being discussed here.

    Validated up to date Guides
    Alpha Brain Trox Guide (cheap version)

    The remaining guides may be out of date

    Welcome to the Enforcer Profession - Deng's intro to the enforcer profession. Essential reading!
    Fundamentals of Tanking v. 1.1 - Emislicer's end-all be-all guide to being the best tank you can be.
    The Enforcer Guide: Soloing - Kyai's Guide to Soloing
    LE: Enforcer Research lines - A summary of the enforcer research available in LE, courtesy of Defectorid.
    The Tanking Guide of DOOM - A new guide to tanking courtesy of Subbacow
    Old Man Gigas' Guide to Twinking v. 2.0 - A classic thread which still has much relevant information about twinking as an enforcer.
    Armor Listing - A variety of armors suitable for enforcers are detailed in this thread.
    List of Weapons - A good list of weapons to get you started, and to look forward to.
    Taunt Tools - A list of tools, nanos and perks along with the amount they taunt for.
    2he Twinking info - Some good ideas about how to get high 2he skill during the tl5 titlecap.
    How to implant the 280 infantry brain as an atrox
    Enforcer Guide - A nice guide for enforcers by AO Universe. Worth reading and up to date with Lost Eden.
    Ql 300 Symbiants - A thread about equipping ql 300 symbiants on a solitus enforcer. Also usefull for the other breeds!
    QL 300 symbiants - A thread about equipping ql 300 symbiants on an atrox enforcer.
    Level 41 Enforcer Twink - A thread about a level 41 enforcer twink.
    AGG/DEF calculator - Unity of the Rose AGG/DEF Calculator.

    Community Interest/Info
    The official Enforcer sticky thread - Very old thread with mostly out-dated information.
    The Enforcer Bug List - A (mostly) current listing of annoying enforcer-only bugs.
    Wish List Brainstorming/Ideas thread - It's time for a new wishlist, yes!
    Bots Resurrected - The Phoenix Project - Use this thread to get yourself added to the cross-dimensional enforcer chatgroup.
    Official Enforcer song - Nealandbob's classic enforcer song voting thread.
    The Enforcer's Prayer - Thanks to Tussa for reposting this here.
    The Enforcer's Guide to Tower Wars
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