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Thread: What 2hb to use after ai hammer?

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    What 2hb to use after ai hammer?

    i am currenttly using a ql 13 untyped ai sledge hammer. by what lvl do i nede to move on and what should i move onto?

    I don't wanna buy any alien weapons and i don't want something expensive as i am very low on creds. I also don't wanan camp something fpor a month that i will outgrow in 20mins. rembmer i am just a lonely lvl 13 2hb enf. I have read the guides but they aren't any help

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    There's a vendor, Tsunayoshi Smith, who's in SAV (I believe) by the carbon rocks who sells an assortment of 2hb weapons which aren't too bad, might want to check him out.

    Here's a link explaining where he is:

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    Support beams

    You use support beams and every atrox enforcer will support you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craggian
    Support beams

    You use support beams and every atrox enforcer will support you
    These btw, drop in Subway from Workman Strikers.

    Anyways, here's a list of all 2hb stuff:

    If you're short on cash, you can always get a clicksaver and roll for the weapon you need (assuming its rollable, not all are).

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    Get a Howlet when you can (drops from Crypt of Home, really cool dungeon in BS, one of my favourite places in RK).

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    Can i please get a exact name of a wepaon tahts easy to get at around ql 30?

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    where does one get this fabled UBER ALL MIGHTY AND POWERFUL WEAPON WE CALL


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    Ahh, yes. Icebreaker's nice for those early levels. I've got one from the dyna's in Wailing Wastes and one from Aegean. Not a too common drop, so happy camping!

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    Beam = if it was all about style, I would win with one of these.

    PLEASE, give use a simple YES or no answer as to whether or not the CoH chests can be opened

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    The Icebreaker drops from Rubi-Ka dynas. Looks exactly like a Punishment Rod, pretty cool.
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    I used a Inamorata Enel-Thar Quarterstaff at around 60ish on my enf

    Pretty solid weapon until you can get a Howlet equipped

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