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    Keeper FAQ

    *** This FAQ is old and posibly obsolite.Links have been fixed. ***
    Keeper FAQ

    This is designed to outline all the traditional questions and give them small answers, which can be elaborated on by searching in the forums or looking in the guides section. There are no specific links to guides within this thread, it is purely for answering those first few questions which seem to keep cropping up.

    1. What symbiants or implants should I wear on my level x keeper?

    The implants in the keeper shop are a good start, make sure you have 2he implanted in all spots. When you get to around level 100 you'll want to be putting in some symbiants, mostly support in the top row and infantry in the others. Avoid using 2he symbiants until you can equip roughly ql 160ish (and don't throw away your ql 200 implants, essential for twinking into weapons).

    2. What weapon should I use on my keeper?

    Basic thinking is..
    1-20 Jobe Defender Naginata bought from garden
    20-40 Frost scythe from temple, found from undead legionaires in temple of the winds (take a left at doorkeeper of tomorrow)
    40-80 Stygian Desolator, found from aztur in temple of the winds (take a right at doorkeeper of tomorrow)
    80-125 Frost scythe again if you're hunting in shadowlands, gives the best minimum damage
    125-180 Frost-bound Reaper from second floor of inner sanctum. It's about a 20% drop chance from the two permakey bosses.
    180+ ql 220+ type 880 or type 112 kyr'ozch sword - this will basically beyour end game weapon, as you progress up in levels, expect to be able to equip a ql 300 around level 210. A bit earlier for trox.

    3. So symbiants? What type was it again?

    Support for brain/ear/eye, infantry for the rest.

    4. What can keepers solo and at what levels?

    210 is the minimum level you're going to be expecting to solo the easier dynas in inferno. As you go up in levels, you'll find a sharp accelleration at around 215 where you can pretty much solo anything except the really top stuff if your equipment is halfway decent.

    5. Is tier/faithful armour good?

    It's "ok" i'd put it at the average end of the scale to be honest. I use some of it myself, partially for looks. The chest is nice.

    6. What back armour should I aspire to?

    Low level, exarch robe or Guardian Tank Armour is fine, soon as you can equip it, an ancient container becomes a great asset right up until when you can equip an HNTA. After that, bellum, rbp, shroud, notumcomm are all fine choices. Keeper faithful or chosen back piece is basically junk.

    7. I want to get my twink into a high level weapon, can you tell me how?

    Probably I could yes, but i'm not going to. This topic has been beaten to death with the soppy arm sockets of a dead nanomage keeper. Please use the search function for this one, there's a lot of stuff out there on it, and many options.

    8. Why is Longsword of the Illuminated dropping in such a ridiculous spot?

    I have no idea, honestly. I wish it were elsewhere, but I guess it would be kinda overpowered to have tons of people using them, and lower the rarity of it. We are trying to ask for more sword options all the time from FunCom though, so watch this space.

    9. What breed should I take?

    There's a bunch of threads on this, again use search. However atrox, opifex, and solitus are all perfectly valid and viable solutions. Nanomage limits you to having to team rather than solo or pvp, and is strongly recommended against. It has no benefit at all for a keeper and the downside is pretty rotten too.

    10. What side should i take?! Can I stay neutral?

    You can stay neutral of course, but the sided token boards really do make a huge difference. There's benefits to either side. Omni have nice +stamina sleeves, Clan have some nice stat buffing rings and things. Personally I have both omni and clan high level keepers, and neither is better than the other. I'd advise against staying neutral based on the opinion of some neutral keeper friends, who are incredibly jealous of our token boards, quests, and of course tier armour. They can't make tier3 which hurts them at the highest levels.

    11. I'm having trouble getting enough nano to cast my buffs what can i use?

    Sided Token Boards and Alvin/Dodga pads.

    Guardian of tomorrow NCU belt - it's a giant dog robot in temple of the winds - take right of Doorkeeper of Tomorrow. Also take some friends.

    Dark memories are also found in temple, from a guy called lien the memorystalker - again friends will be needed.

    Carbonum armour is a tradeskill item made from a sheet of carbonum, a screwdriver, and an etched pattern for each specific piece of armour. It's quite expensive, but well worth it, need a reasonable level tradeskiller to make decent ql of it though - it's stamina/agility based. Adds nano with every part.

    Predator armour is a rare and highly contested boss drop in elysium, adds nano with every part.

    Notum Splice implant from Temple of Three Winds. Takes 163 Psychic to put it on, but it adds 195 to your Nano Pool

    Flesh Hoods are also nice for adding to nano pool. They add 2 nano pool per QL, and take Intelligence and Stamina to equip. Just take any old monster part, and have an Engineer use an MRR Shape Soft Armor on it to turn it into a flesh hood.

    Also "lend nano" line from traders if you get really desperate.

    edit: Just fixing your links Traj
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