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Thread: Trox as crat?

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    Trox as crat?

    Will i be able to cast last calm nano as trox?
    Btw any1 choose trox as a breed here? What do u think of it?

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    I think it would be a fine choice for pvp, as always. Perhaps I see some difficulty twinking into symbiants at certain stages of your career, but in the end if you wish to PvP I just can't see how anyone can argue that mongo rage makes Trox the best breed for nearly any prof.

    And no I don't really see that you would have any trouble at all casting your endgame nanos.
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    I think with the amount of +abilities and +nanoskills trox is a good choice for most professions.

    You will get higher survivability of your troxxie cratzy, the only real downside, is that the NM crat beside you will outcast you for the first little while.

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    Would Mongo Rage really do much at all for a crat? Other than dimaching =p

    Atrox is still a very nice breed due to the hp advantage and close to non-existing nanoskill disadvantage.

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    trox nice for hp but mongo rage makes no sense for a crat but my own fortress or with of atrox could be nice .. you also an go solitus more hp tan nano more nano skills than trox and a nice tem hot

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    nanoskills are always related to profession not breed - roll a troxy NT and check it out.

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    dont know much about crats but wouldnt soli be best? id take soli 2th genome heal perk over MR for some extra healing, or sphere for some added all def to ur def perks

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    Trox will look hot as hell in meister's suit with dual kick pistols and disco duck sunglasses!

    Nanoskills are dependant on profession, but trox lack trickle down from intel other breeds might enjoy. Atrox will have around 80 less just due to trickle, compared to nanomage. Definately not enough that you can't make it up on items and symbs though.
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    a) at 220 you can look cool next to carlo pinetti
    b) as said by others: enough +nanoskills item to solve stuff
    c) at start any other crat will have better nano programs uploaded then you and it will take atleast 150 before you can catch up.
    d) the added HP is nice especially if you aim for +HP items. I'm an opi crat sitting on a nice 12K HP . So i'm sure a trox could really outshine there
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    Aw, AO Vault is no longer hosting the Bureaucrat Guide that I've written a long long time ago. I'll post the section about picking a race + atrox.

    Character Creation

    What breed should I choose?

    The first choice have to make when you create a character is what breed you want to be. There are a variety of factors that should be considered when choosing a particular breed. Factors such as ability caps, availability of breed specific equipment and for some, the breed’s looks are important. The important thing is that you pick a breed that you like. Because, regardless of the breed that you choose; there are no overwhelming advantages or disadvantages that cannot be compensated with items or perks.

    (In alphabetical order)

    Lowest IP cost to raise strength and stamina and have the highest breed cap. They get the highest modifier to hit points gained per body development point. There are some fairly decent Atrox only items available that can provide even more hit points.

    These advantages are offset by the fact that their intelligenceability essential to the bureaucrat), sense and psychic skills cap out at very low levels and are expensive to raise. They have the lowest modifier to Nano points gained per body development point. Due to their low intelligence cap, they may have difficulty equipping bureaucrat specific items and armors that are based on intelligence.

    My opinion
    Even though the bureaucrat is a Nano intensive profession, there have been many Atrox bureaucrats that have excelled despite the low ability caps. The main reason for choosing them would be for their slightly higher hit points that will let them take a few more hits than the other breeds. The biggest problem currently would be trying to wear QL 300 Chosen / Faithful profession armor as it requires 1100 intelligence and 900 psychic.

    If having more hit points are more important than having a large Nano pool or higher base Nano skill then the Atrox is a good choice.
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    I went soli due to wanting to be a good solo'r

    If I wanted to be primarily team player, I would have gone nanomage.

    If dont like the look of trox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kithrak
    The biggest problem currently would be trying to wear QL 300 Chosen / Faithful profession armor as it requires 1100 intelligence and 900 psychic.
    Btw what max amount of intelligence crat trox can grab?

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    breed caps

    Then add your intelligence buffing items to it
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    also remember that all of our symbs require intel and psychic. end game, any profession will beat a trox in symbs as a crat. I currently have a few ql 270 symbs in, i doubt a trox could ever get that much intel and psychic.
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    Personally, I think my crat was around 110 last time I checked...

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    Well the symbiant issue will be a tough one. But as for armor, I don't know that the tier 3 armors are really all that desirable anymore. This is not to say they are bad. But they are not exceptional given their requirements, imo. Now if we are talking about Combined AI armor, then the choice of base abilities opens up quite a bit. The other newish part of the equation would be mongo rage.

    I think a PvP-oriented crat the the standbye shotgun would do very well. But if you are playing the game mostly for PvM / casual enjoyment, I think this breed would get in your way somewhat.. unless you just like the idea of eventually being able to look exactly like Carlo
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    My trox crat is fun to play. Short, fat, wearing meister's suit nad the suzerain hat makes him look hawt. I took trox just for fun though, and have noticed that at low to mid levels my nanoskills seemed a lot lower than other troxes. Now at 191 he's got that nano controller unit made, some alien perks in champ of nano combat, and can cast all his level locked nanos.
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    Well holyghozt is 220 trox and I wouldnt change a thing about it. I was casting all nanos without any outside buffs. And as far as wearing chosen on a crat not only do u look like a tard, alien armor is way better... Im actually debating on deleteing him and doing it again it was so much fun :]

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    208 Trox Crat and going.

    It really is dependent on your play style and money flow. Throughout most of my career I was able to have better gear than most other crats regardless of breed. I was able to meet every level locked RK nano at its level. Twinking in symbs now is an issue but thats my downside so I deal with it.

    Choose what you want all breeds are viable.

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    Crat has a huge advantage over Engi as Atrox because of Extermination Symbs. Many Control Symbs have huge gaps in QL (Brain, Leg, Feet for example), but Extermination symbs have many of these slots available at QL240. I imagine that at 220 a trox could do the 250 brain, the use of the 240 control eye and buffing pistols (as most crats use pistol) helps a lot compared to most other "trox professions" like Enforcer or Soldier. The fact that control/exterm brain/eye/chest symbs buff int/psy will make the 2 sec nanodelta pretty easy to get as a trox. If you focus on trying to put in symbs whose third stat is str/stam/agi by picking and choosing between ext/control, I dont see a huge disadvantage to being a trox crat. A good example of this would be going for the Exterm Brain instead of Control, as Control is Int/Psy/Sense and Exterm is Int/Psy/Stam. Just make sure to get flycatchers and a blue belt and you'll be golden.

    MR is useless as a crat, except maybe for Freak Strength, but FS is dangerous because it stuns you too, preventing you from kiting or hitting evade perks if you get attacked by someoen else. In PvP, you dont want too much HP, as AS will be hard to heal up, and most profs wont perk you (if you know what you're doing). In PvM, more HP is always good of course. In PvP, trox advantages will be mostly nullified, where Solitus advantages shine (Survival, higher evades). In PvM, any breed is good, trox is definitely better than NM.
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    FS perks is strenght VS 50% Evade close btw
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