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Thread: Best Crat Weapon

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    Best Crat Weapon

    I am wondering what the best weapon I should use on my crat is. I see pistols seem to be very common, but when I started this game way back when pistols got nerfed hard so i dropped them ever since. Also the fact that you have to use pistol, fling shot, dual weild, etc all costing far too many IP. I see the crat specific implants are all geared to shotguns so it looks like funcom suggests shotguns which I guess makes sense with the crit buff. Also the fact that while shotgun is dark blue you only have to increase shotgun and not thirty other skills. I am at a coin toss point here. I got the pistol from the noobie island upgraded so I put some points into pistol up to 16 to use it. Now I am at the implant point and see the shotgun implants going...err...I guess it was intended for me to use shotgun.

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    Depends on if you have SL/AI expansion or not. If not I would go shotgun or CDR pistol. A nice shot gun drops in the inner sanctum too.

    Me I go duel flux pistol, yes they are slow but in team I run full agg plus the addallof from aura/symbo/perks they fire reasonably fast. Solo I still use the flux mainly to add damage but not to do it to fast to draw agro of my pets.

    I have never been IP short on my crat going duel pistol. Although I self buff everything, so I only max what I need to equip what I have.

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    I use a shotgun. an ithaca to be precise and well it is not like it is an uber pvm gun but it is somewhat decent in pvp.
    the gun adds some damage when soloing but add tts + mop and it kicks a$$
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    Watchful/pensive spirit and
    Right hand/left hand item that add a huge buff to nano skills. If you have these on + CI + de'valos sleeves + Alien tech expertise... you can actually LAND living embalming on a somewhat regular basis.

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    I saw some crat with Jame Blasters, they said that's c00l.
    Now, i'm using dual pistols, 1 of them is the "Dark Pistol of The Revoked", what u can find in Cript of Home, and the other 1 is a Kyr'Ozch Pistol. I'm satisfied with them
    I have in plan: AI pistols with fling+burst.
    The Inner Sanctrum shotty is cool too (using with my doc), but u can get that only after level 125. It's called "Maw of the Abyss".

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    I have dark pistol + type 4 kyr atm, with plans to do the dual kyr setup.

    What I regret is that apparently I will never be able to pvp because of that choice.
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    Isn't there a shotgun that buffs mind escapes me at the moment...

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    There are many shotguns that buff stuff. =P
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    depends on your level really:

    CDR + dark pistol from COH is good if below lvl 190
    you can upgrade that into Kyr pistols with type1 and type4 after lvl 190

    At 210+ you have pistols, MBC, shotguns (pvp mainly i think), ...
    Even kyr SMG's might be good but never tested that option

    Use shotguns if you have a PvP interest
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chilled
    There are many shotguns that buff stuff. =P
    I meant that helped crats, a nano line buff or something...

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    Best crat weapon?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hotsy
    Best crat weapon?
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    Heh, exploration group always has a couple real life friends who are an enforcer and a doctor. I am just trying to improve my part as best I can. Docs role is to keep up alive, enforcers role is to manage agro, my role is to manage adds but I might as well throw a shot off or two inbetween casts of DDs or calms.

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    I use a type 1 type 4 combo crazy amount of dmg for pvm mbc's are ok but have 3 strikes against them in my opinion 1. thier slow 2. thier a big ip drain 3. No room for expansion (fc will always use pistols new pistols come out more often then new heavy weapons req.) and a few patches into le the mbc will go the way of the pain of patricia and be so so ho hum dmg. We all know this will happen just the only ones not admitting it are the ones using them ^^
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    I use Rifles, but I'm just a PvPer.
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    Best PVM setup is way different from best PVP setup.

    MAW/Ithica will do the dual role...

    PVM best is probably either Type 5 smg, MBC or dual pistols.
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    for pvp i use this,

    for pvm i use this,

    with a good crit the Krut rocks at pvm, with no add damage items at all it will crit for about 4.7k, the fling recharge isn't as good as the Ithaca but the uber crits make up for it and i do more damage per/min with the Krut. Scope/tts/mop/coffee 4tw and a few sexy pand items even make it better :P

    side note. didn't have to waste tons of IP to be effective in pvp and pvm.
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    Personally, I think my crat was around 110 last time I checked...

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    for my crat who is still a lowbie lvl 60 i am dual weilding Bronto Anaesthetic Pistol their great in a pinch poison damage it dishes out is allways decent.
    I have them in range from QL 60 to 150. been collecting them for this toon.
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    I use a Type 1 in main hand and 195 type 4 atm in off hand, (wanting to keep it below to 200 due to the insane req of Multi Ranged ql 200 and above). With a small wrangle I can also swap my offhand into a Enchanted onehander for AS those times I feel like pvp'ing.

    This setup is very IP expensive though. Nano pool & psychology resetted and nano skills keep slimmed but then again I spent a ****load into evades aswell.

    Edit: Aslong as I don't fire to much specials I have no problems with grabbing agg when solo and if I do it's just to fire shuffle or CiB. When theyre running it's just to sit down and let the <3'ing healdelta do its work. And if that should fail go hide til pets got agg back =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Indycc
    Docs role is to keep up alive, enforcers role is to manage agro, my role is to manage adds but I might as well throw a shot off or two inbetween casts of DDs or calms.
    I've found on many occasions that I can "manage" aggro a lot easier than an enforcer! Mongo won't always get aggro off the Doc... sometimes 3, 4, or even more casts are required, however hit the mob with contemplation and bam... job done, Enf has aggro back and Doc is happy

    Incidentally I have Type 1 as main with a type 4 in the off hand. 9sec fling recharge and 29sec burst recharge. Currently working on a set of bracelets to bump the damage a bit but overall I've found the setup very nice indeed.
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