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Thread: Wen Wen Master of the Universe

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    Wen Wen Master of the Universe

    I was curious how much damage the attack on this item does. it says 55 damage but sometimes that isn't accurate. Also it can increase do to your attack skill. It would seem kind of stupid to make a weapon that really only does 55 damage at a ql 200 version. I guess its only good for the perception boost which seems sort of silly. Hopefully I'm wrong. It would be nice if it did a couple k of damage or something.

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    it aoes for 3 meters, helps in CoH when i try to bring that dam n shadow cenobite out of hiding
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    Well, it's a taunt item. Quite useless though imo, FC should increase the amount it taunts.

    Most taunt items do 1 damage, but some do a few more. (Like this one)

    check for those kinds of stats

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    it doesn't show how much hate it creates. I guess it could be a taunt item just seems like it might be a good item to have that adds damage or something. Something a NT could even use but since its just a taunt item and I don't even see a hate modifier on it, it must not be that great. The description of the item makes it sound useful and it could inflict some damage but 55 damage has the potential to maybe take a bubble off of a back yard boss maybe.

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    Hmm yeah indeed, I always thought it taunted...but nvm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cynaptix
    ... It would seem kind of stupid to make a weapon that really only does 55 damage at a ql 200 version. ....
    Just check aodb and see how many weps there are that do like 1-20(5) dmg at ql 200.There are lots of useless items out there...

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    It really only has 2 uses:

    1) to help aggro Cenobite Shadows in CoH ( otherwise requires very high perception)

    2) as a perception buff item (+55)

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    what do you need percept for? :S

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lal
    what do you need percept for? :S
    1. Equipping items which requires perception.
    2. Spotting agents/mines.

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    SB adds 1k, so I dont see any reason to raise it.
    Mines hit me for 5k max, don't hurt me at all.
    And to unsneak agents I got SB :P

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    Uhm... that's nice for you... if you only plan on doing PvP every 5 hours...

    The wen wen is also rather useful for breaking enemy nano casting. i've had good luck with it interrupting enemies when they're in the middle of the cast animation. i'm not sure how it works in that respect against other players since i'm not much for PvP, but i'd be curious to know if anyone has tried.

    No, its probably not worth the sink of ip just to use the highest wen wen, but if you're already putting the points there, may as well take advantage of the benefits.

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    Well, if you just want it for the perception, you can put it on at around 210 with zero IP expended. Imps, perks, buffs, Armor (Heavy Notum Tank, etc...) will get Ranged Energy up enough.

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