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Thread: Neutral Locations

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    Neutral Locations

    This is a list of places where neutrals can find shopping, missions, insurance, teaming, etc. Please bump and send additions and I'll keep editing the main list. Neutrals, don't forget to sign in at Neutral Role Call; make your stand known!

    We are Neutral. This is not affiliation; just cooperation!

    The following are sorted alphabetically by county then city:

    4 Holes, Ahenus (1638,2117) 25%:

    4 Holes, Argentum (893,1755) 25%: Grid Access. (180), Good route to missions in Northern Andromeda (to the south). An NPC, Omni-Pol Slayerdroid ML 207-4511-507H, stand stationary in the center of this town.

    4 Holes, Aurum (1136,1021) 25%: Whompas to Eastofhome in Broken Shores, 20K in Pleasant Meadows and 2HO in Streat East Bank. An NPC, Brian Horn stands in front of the Canary Lounge.

    4 Holes, Chalceus (1382,1501) 25%:

    4 Holes, Iberi Woods (1973,935) 25%: Ferry to Stret East Bank ($50). Places you on docks outside 2HO.

    Aegean, Herder's Hole, (1318, 2050): Missions, Bank, Insurance (10/1). The main entrance seems to be barred by an invisible forcefield. However, the angles fences on the Northeast and Northwest corners seem to be holographic and can be run through, then jump the laser fence to get to the terminals. Flying at about 200 meters will also get you in. The Weapons Shop in clan, but the BRonto Chef sells to anyone.

    Andromeda, ICC Headquarters (3292, 899): Whompa to Newland City in Newland. Whompa to Omni Trade. Whompa to Tir in Tir County.

    Andromeda, Town in Terra (860,600): Insurance (12/1). Guards are neutral, but Shops are Omni.

    Andromeda, Town in Twili8th Plains (1833,2458): Guards are neutral, but Shops are Omni.

    Athen shire, Freedom Outpost (1553,370):Insurance (15/1).

    Athen Shire, Old Athen, Cobal Woods: Whompas to Bliss in The Longest Road, ? in Wailing Wastes and Tir City in Tir County. Specific Machines/Vendors: [Clan Basic Nano Clusters: (322,413), (422, 545),(424, 536)], [Clan Advanced Nano Clusters: (338, 434), (407, 532)], [Clan Superior Nano Clusters: (356, 451), (390, 515)], [Clan Furniture: (365, 473), (413, 521), (371, 495) ]

    Athen Shire, West Athen, (473, 408): Grid Access. (130), Specific Machines/Vendors: [Clan Basic Nano Clusters: (453, 391) ], [Clan Advanced Nano Clusters: (358, 409)], [Clan Superior Nano Clusters & Weapon Skills: (326, 427) ]

    Avalon, Camelot (2072, 3759): Grid Access (450). Whompas to Bliss in The Longest Road and ? in Wailing Wastes.

    Belial Forest, Wine: Whompas to Clan Outpost in Broken Shores and ? in Varmit Woods.

    Borealis, Borealis City 100%: Whompas to Last Ditch in Stret West Bank and Newland City in Newland. Missions, Insurance, Bank, Basic General Store, General Store, Advanced/Superior General Store, Health, Weapons, Specialty Shops

    Broken Shores, Clan Outpost: Whompas to Bliss in The Longest Road and Wine in Belial Forest.

    Broken Shores, City of Home 100%: Grid Access. (by the waterfront), Missions, Insurance (8/1), Bank, Specialty Shops.

    Broken Shores, Eastofhomes: Whompas to ?4 Holes? and Rome(color?).

    Clon****, Clon**** (1054, 4023): Grid Access. (150), Good route to missions in southern Andromeda (to the north)

    Galway County, Bronto Burger Stand (1417, 1092): Grid Access. (100).

    Galway County, Galway Castle: Rome(color?) in Galway Shire, Outpost 10-3 in Southern Artert Valley and Omni Trade.

    Galway Shire, Rome(color?) (258,313): Grid Access (90). Whompas to EastofHomes in Broken Shores, Galway Castle in Galway and Omni Entertainment.

    Hole in the Wall, Bronto Burger Stand: Insurance, Bank

    The Longest Road, Drumdar (3642, 567) 75%: Missions, Insurance (15/1), Bank, Health, Weapons A good place to get missions because they will usually be far away and, therefore, pay more!

    The Longest Road, Bliss: Whompas to Athen in Aegean, Clan Outpost in Broken Shores and Camelot in Avalon.

    Lush Fields, Harry's (3113, 3184) 75%: Grid Access. (120), Missions, Insurance, Bank, Basic General Store, General Store, Health, Weapons, Specialty Shops, The guards by the ferry to Omni-I are .

    Lush Fields, Lush Hills Resort (1444,663): Grid Access. (120).

    Mort, Hope(less) (2860,1900)(due NE of static dungeon tower as sentinels): Missions, Insurance, Bank, Basic General Store, Advanced Superior General Store, Ber n Ooze Bar (The one where Joshua found Eleena in Episode 4 complete with Mack the bartender)

    Mort, Sentinels (1926,1252):Grid Access (460). A couple of static dungeons.

    Newland, Newland City (1132,531): Grid Access (90)(1172, 482)(Outside city, south of gate east of road to Varmit Woods in a roofless concrete bunker). Whompas to Sholtz Outpost in Newland Desert, ICC and Borealis City in Borealis. Missions, Insurance (2/1), Bank, Basic General Store, General Store, Health, Weapons, Specialty Shops, 100%, Neutral home town, The only purely neutral nightclub on RubiKa, "Neuters" is in the west end of this city near the Bronto Burger Stand (entrance is unmarked as far as I can tell), Teaming[5-60,N,C,O]

    Newland, Save Station: Insurance, Weapons, 100%, Outside Newland City

    Newland Expanse, Clan Comm Station 25%: Missions, Insurance, Bank, Health Machine

    Newland Expanse, Cockpit Outpost: Missions, Insurance, Weapons Shop, Health Shop

    Newland Expanse, Meetmedere (1527, 2724) 25%: Grid Access. (90), Missions, Insurance (15/1), Bank, General Store

    Newland Expanse, Stolts Outpost 25%: Food Machines Whompas to Hope(less) in Mort and to Newland City in Newland.

    Omni Forest, Omni Screening Area (308,1858): Missions, Insurance (5/1), Bank, close to Relax Bar (which is Omni Only).

    Omni Forest, Steps of Madness (800,2800): Static Story Mission Building.

    Omni-1, Omni Entertainment: Grid Access. Whompas to Rome(color?) in Galway Shire and 20K in Pleasant Meadows.

    Omni-1, Omni Headquarters: Grid Access.

    Omni-1, Omni Trade: Grid Access (75).
    Whompas to Galway Castle in Galway and ICC in Andromeda. Ferry Access (outside west entrance) to Harry's, Specific Machines/Vendors: [OT Advanced Nano Clusters: (573, 431), (379, 201), (230, 429), (575, 559),(575, 430)], [OT Superior Nano Clusters & Ot Superior Weapon Skills: (307, 201)], [OT Special/Advanced Furniture: (579, 222), (574, 222)], [OT Special/Superior Furniture: (575, 455), (232, 492)]

    Pertetual Wastelands, Sabulum, Mantis Hunting Ground (due east through zone from southern edge of north-eastern-most crater in Mort ): Clothing Store, Weapons Store, one other store, but I forget which type! Area surrounded by Mantis (but not too densely).

    Perpetual Wastelands, former Omni Resort (off cliffs in the northern territories): ?

    Pleasant Meadows, 20K (1153,2273) 75%: Whompas to Omni Entertainment, 4 Holes in 4 Holes and Outpost 10-3 in Southern Artery Valley. Missions, Bank, Insurance (11/1), Clothes Vendor, Trade Skills Vendor, Basic General Store, General Store, Advanced/Superior General Store, Weapons Vendor, Teaming[60-100,N,C,O]

    Pleasant Meadows, Treepine Hut (2328,1792), (2263,1880): Missions, Pharmacy, General Store, Baggage Vendor, Bank, Insurance (11/1), East of 20K, The Clothes/Armor/Weapons Shop is Omni only, Implants

    Pleasant Meadows, Versailles (1537,365): Missions: These terminals are found about a half kilometer south of the castle on the road to Omni Forest by a large monolith. There is also a pair of terminals inside the castle, but these are clan only.

    Southern Artery Valley, Outpost 10-3 (1250, 2350): Whompas to 20K in Pleasant Meadows, 2HO in Stret East Bank and Galway Castle in Galway.

    Southern Artery Valley, Netrom: ?

    Stret East Bank, 2HO (740, 1599) 25%: Grid Access (80). Whompas to Outpost 10-3 in Southern Artery Valley and 4 Holes in 4 Holes.

    Stret West Bank, Last Ditch 100%: Whompas to Borealis City in Borealis and Hope([/i]less[/i]) in Mort. Missions, Insurance (7/1), Bank, General Store Don't forget to visit the Reet Retreat in the center of town!

    Tir County, Tir City (542, 542): Grid Access.Whompas to Old Athen in ?, ? in Varmit Woods and ICC in Andromeda. Specific Machines/Vendors: [Clan Basic Nano Clusters: (478, 444)], [Clan Superior Nano Clusters: (398, 349)], [Clan Furniture: (479, 558) ]

    Tir County, Clan Outpost (2800,650) SE of Tir City: Missions

    Tir County, Clan Outpost, NW of Tir City: Teaming[5-60,C]

    Tir Expanse, Cyborg Barracks (3200x2300): Static Story MIssion Building.

    Upper Stret East Bank, Safe HavenTown: Missions, Bank, Reclaim but couldn't find Insurance, Delphine Sabbatt stands here telling the story about how here family was killed when the town was raided by Omni because Omni-Tek employees and rebels were living together there.

    Varmit Woods, ?: Whompas to Tir in Tir County, ? in Wailing Wastes and Wine in Belial Forest.

    Varmit Woods, Eric Mendelson Outpost (2450, 2100): Missions

    Wailing Wastes, ?: Whompas to Camelot in Avalon, ? in Varmit Woods and Athen in Aegean.

    Special Thanks to Valerian, orleofly, Gydeon, DC3, SoldierAnt, Canopus, Abstract, Stickyrice, Cockatoo, Baku, dim, Harlequin, Maximillian, MoonDragon, Pilker, Gene13, Ampris and Bionitrous!

    Color coding: Neutral Omni Clan Unknown Affilliation

    • Shop = a store
    • Vendor = an individual in the open selling items
    • Machine = a vending machine in a store or in the open
    • Missions = a pair of mission terminals, one solo and one team
    • Insurance = an insurance scanner and it’s associated reclaim terminal…standalone reclaim terminals are not listed at present
    • Bank = bank
    • Teaming[low-high,C,O,N] = a good location for finding groups to join where low-high gives the lower and higher levels of people you will find teaming there. C,O,N refers to the primary affiliations you will find there.
    • Being under the control of the ICC, Bank Terminals are apparently accessable to neutral citizens at all location on Rubi-Ka. Apparently Map and Trade Skill Sales fall into this category as well. This may also be true for Furniture and Nanoclusters. Please report any discrepancies you may find.
    • Numbers in parathensis after Insurance scanners (x/x) are the ratio of credits to level for the cost of the scanner. For example 11 to 1 means 11 credits for every level of the player so a level 40 player would be charged (11*40=) 440 for the scan.
    • Location latitudes, longitudes are approximate and are for either standing at the entrance to a location or standing in front of a machine (often the Grid Access. terminal). Locations with multiple lat/longs are for multiple entrances (to cities, etc.).

    Revision History:
    • 09/03/2002 Updated for new Whompa Grid and general reformatting.
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    One thing i think should be included right now in any travel guide is that any town with clan NPCs are now hotspots, as clan NPCs will attack you on sight (guessing it doesn't apply for greys, but i did a mission in longest road with a fledgeling neut character and got jumped by a couple of clan NPCs, the same applies for the pass going from stret west bank to athens, the clan NPCs guarding the pass there will attack as long as you are within their level range)

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    good point! Boy was I suprised when I last went to Longest Mile. The Council of Truth better get a handle on its underlings before they drive another drove of Neuts into the welcoming hands of Omni-tek.

    Poor PR tactics on the part of the Clans.

    Request: Could somebody post the comp literacy req for Sentinels? Thanks!

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    Both Sentinels and Avalon (named Broken Shores) are located on the uppermost tier in the Grid.
    The complit req's are 450ish for both.

    Soo... not too frequently used. =)
    Pilker, OmniTek Fixer and Happy Traveller.

    Root and Run - It's a way of life.

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    Welcome back Harlequin and burrowowl. Pilker, nice to meet you, thanks for the input!
    Added city affilliations where I am sure of them, moved suppression gas levels to location name section of entry and added grid entrance values for Sentinels and Avalon. Could use some help verifying info here, but will do the best I can. Hope the colors weren't offensive to anyone.
    Does anyone know if city affiliation is the same as county affiliation, that is, if Tir County is Clan, will guards at all locations in Tir County be Clan friendly?
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    Nope, guards vary within county borders, though the areas near Galway and Tir are just about 100% as you would expect. Eg. here are a spattering of Neut guards in Harry's (Lush Fields) as well as Omni guards at the Lush Hills resort (Also Lush Fields zone) The guards at the Ferry to Harry's (also Lush Fields) are Omni, but that's to be expected at the entrance to Omni-1.

    I've also sighted Omni Guards at the Rhinoman cockpit, but that was several patches ago, and I haven't seen a repeat of that. PS: Neut guards at the cockpit do not come to the aids of Neuts being gridcamped there.

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    Don't forget to add the Reet Retreat to the Last Ditch description: really cool building complete with a glass-floored bar above the dancehall.

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    killer clanners

    Oh and there seems to be a very frustrated Clan Sabotuer who spawns in 4 holes. He runs around killing guards while they offer him amnesty. Very amusing to watch untill he spotted me

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    I added the Reet Retreat and Neuter's!

    Where is 4 holes is this lunatic sabateur? Is he is Last Ditch?

    Also, I haven't checked, but is Eddy still there? I used to kill him when I was a kid...
    RoboKa & RoboKaKa
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    Let's see.

    The ICC headquarters in Andromeda have a general store, Clan aligned for some reason. (I sense a conspiracy) =)

    Netrom in SAV is a Nanofreak town, not advisable to enter.. Nor did I spot any terminals there. Still, a pretty place.

    The Grid town in 4Holes is named Argentum. (got a nice pool.)
    The one south with the Omni-E wompah is named Aurum.

    The City of Home was clan aligned last time I checked.

    MeetMeDere is officially a neutral town.

    Versailles Tower in the Meadows is the home of Galahad, leader of the Knights. Inside, you find some mission terminals (I think) and a few basic stores. Didn't spot his sword though. Not even a replica. =P
    Oh, and mind the grumpy Knight guards outside, if you're omni or otherwise unpopular amongst them.

    Hmm.. can't see the Poacher's outpost in Varmint there either. However, his place is omni aligned. A few basic shops. To the far east in varmint, haven't got the coords here.

    Oh, and the 4Holes rebels are just regular NPC's spawning to get a bit of action.

    And Eddie is still ver present. Doesn't sell anything yet though. But he can still tell you where to go in the world.

    Hmm.. that's all I remember right now.
    Pilker, OmniTek Fixer and Happy Traveller.

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    Coords for 10-3 Outpost mission machines: (1250, 2350). Don't go past that pos (into the OP) if you're lvl 50 or lower.


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    I added a bunch of save costs, grid requirements and location affiliations. Corrected the names of Argentum and Aurum.
    I have a discrepancy in the Grid Acces requirement for Clon****...hmmm?
    Added Pilker to the official contributers list. Thanks!
    Don't think there is anything neutral at poacher's, could be wrong though.
    Do you know the coords of Versailles Tower, I'll check out any machines if I can find it.
    I, respectfully, disagree about the City of Home. I know it has clan Missions, Insurance, et cetera, but it also has them for neutrals, including at least one store (armor) that I was in. I also clicked on the guard by the east gate and it was unaffiliated as well; simply named "Home Guard." Therefore, I believe this to be a neutral city with clan ties, much like Harry's is a neutral city with omni ties.
    So for now, I will leave the City of Home as neutral on the list , but further study may be appropriate and, of course, the topic is open for discussion. Perhaps we should put it to a vote, or at least better define what makes a city Clan, Omni or Neutral. IMO, city affiliation has nothing to do with the affiliation of the stores or machines. The only thing that city affilliation says is whether we are safe from the guards. Obviously this is of little important now, with the amnesty and all, but as the story line changes, so might our safety. Please, add you opinions!
    Gene13, what county is 10-3 Outpost in?
    Thanks again to everyone, and keep this stuff coming!
    RoboKa & RoboKaKa
    Solitus Neutral Engineer & Pet

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    Unhappy Wine City !

    Hello, i have the political map of Rubi-Ka and i can see that Wine is a neutral City, i'm trying to go by feet from Tir but it's to difficult ( lvl 29 ). How to go to Wine City without any danger ( or less ) ?

    Thx !

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    Editing Borealis and Last Ditch to include the changes from 13.2 patch.

    Orage, on the subject of Wine and the Political Map:
    • Please note that the materials included in the hard copy release set of AO are not nessicarily up to date.
    • The areas marked on the Political maps as neutral are of 2 different type (although there are no clues to this on the map). The large neutral area east of the Stret River and south of the eastern branch of the Upper Stret River (does the river have a different name there?) is marked neutral because no one has control there. For the most part it is mayhem (no suppression gas) and anyone can attack anyone anywhere(can neutrals initiate combat in mayhems zones? Since I don’t PvP I’m not sure.). There are scattered areas that are held by both Omni and the Clans in this area which includes, I believe, Central Artery Valley, Southern Artery Valley, Deep Artery Valley and Balial Forest. The other areas on this map marked neutral (grey) are actually neutral held and protected neutral zones (suppression gas varies, but the are a lot of 100% areas). I don’t have the map in front of me, but I believe these are Borealis and Newland (including Newland City, Newland and Newland Desert.
    • The area (city) marked as Wine on this map is named Hollow Mountain if you get there. It is a clan city with clan shops, terminals, et cetera and a well fotified entrance!
    • You would get there by zoning into Stret East Bank and running east through Southern Artery Valley and across Balial Forest. It is not accessible from the south. You could also go via Varmit Woods, through the pass into Upper Stret East Bank, east along the river into Central Artery Valley and SE to Balial Forest.
    • At level 27 this is going to be real rough!
    • Perpetual Wastelands is also a mayhem (no supression gas) area, although I don't recall it being marked as neutral on this map. There is a strong Omni presense there, although Sabulum seems neutral.
    Hope that helps!
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    Since I seem to constantly see posts asking for the locations of the Static Story MIssion Buildings, I thought I'd add them here. At least neutrals will know!
    RoboKa & RoboKaKa
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    Added coords for Versailles and removed the question mark!
    RoboKa & RoboKaKa
    Solitus Neutral Engineer & Pet

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    "?, Galway County [Omni]: Whompa to Omni Entertaimnent. "

    The whompa is located at Galway's Castle.

    "?, Broken Shores [Omni]: Whompa to Omni Entertainment "

    The whompa is located at the Omni military outpost in Broken Shores. It goes to Omni-1 Trade not Omni-1 Entertainment.

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    Thanks Ampris, always good to have a new contributor!

    Good news! I don't know how long it has been there, but I finally found (thanks to a great team doing the static dungeons at Sentinels) a neutral outpost in Mort! It is called Hope (less) and is a full service neutral outpost. I am wondering if it was added at the last patch, since it contains the bar where Eleena Oak was found by Joshua in the last episode (4) of the back story.

    Happy Hunting...oh...and Happy Holidays too!
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    I had some problems looking things up in my paper copy of this, so I have reorganized it a little.
    RoboKa & RoboKaKa
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    Started adding to locations where guards shoot neutrals (and clan members for that matter) since the 13.6 patch. Only know of one so far since I spent most of last night sorting stuff from my bank into marked bags.
    RoboKa & RoboKaKa
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