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Thread: R.I.P Mafia1337

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    R.I.P Mafia1337

    Mafia1337 14.10.87 - 24.9.2005.

    Last night Mafia was at a party at "Nesodden" not far from Oslo in norway.
    I was about 22.00 when mafia and some other guy got the idea, lets go for a ride.
    they got found some motorcycle keys and went for a ride. both were drunk.

    21.30 Docstrox X AO gamer and my self was going to see if we could meet mafia and see if it was anything fun going on. we tryed to call him but noone took the phone.
    We called he's girlfriend and she was craying. she said he was going to ride a motorcycle and he was drunk. We said we could come and see if could find him. when we got there he had died 10 min ago.

    They got 500meters, before they hit the wall. the one driveing is still alive but mafia died instant.

    not sure what to say. but this is what that happend.

    R.I.P Mafia. I'll miss you a lot.

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    You will be missed!

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    rip Mafia.

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    RIP mafia you will be Missed

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    Rubbah - 220 Soldier

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    R.I.P Mafia

    Couldn't believe it when I heard it from Autofil.. I hope you are enjoyin' it in Heaven.

    You will be missed my friend.
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    still dont want to beleive it
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    R.I.P Mate <3

    Hope to see you again someday.
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    RIP my friend, I hope you find peace in heaven. You are missed <3

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    Damn, Gonna miss u m8 (

    Rip M8...
    We're all gone again ;p - Some info regarding Movie Making =)

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    I have no idea what to say, I haven't spoken to Mafia for a couple days and..

    I'm lost for words but, RIP buddy, I just wish i had the chance to say goodbye.

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    Mafia will be missed, my condolences to family and friends.


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    you will be missed and remembered for a long time!
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    R.I.P. mate. Ragnarok has lost a dear friend.

    You've set trails in Ragnarok and AO, and you will be remembered and missed.
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    R.I.P Buddy

    Gonna miss you
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    RIP mafia, you are missed <3
    my condolences ....
    we had so much fun together .....
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    R.I.P Mafia

    Will be remebered.
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    Terrible shame to lose someone so young, but note the lesson, drinking and driving is never going to be a good idea, unfortunately this poor person hasn't been given a chance to learn this

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