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Thread: Armor Recommendations for all levels

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    Question Armor Recommendations for all levels

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a new up and coming crat. I have everything worked out on him but his armor. I havn't seen anything on what armor is good for low, mid, and high levels. Right now he is level 26 and is rocking. He can cast a lvl 50+ droid. So, if any of you old crats out there have any ideas or suggestions, please, let me know.

    Thanks a Bunch!

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    I can't comment on high-end armors as I do not have a very high crat. For low levels I used carb armor simply because it has decent mods and is cheap since I have about 800 sets from my other alts. I used that and temple robes until I got my crat suit on which I think looks good. That's about where I am now.
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    Carbonium is best armor for early levels. It is extremely cheap to make and give you more NCU,nano and descent ac's. Also very easy to make.
    If you omni you also might concider upgraded version of this, since it also adds hp, but you need 1 omnifier to upgrade 1 piece of normal carbonium into sided carbonium. It might be not wise to do this at early levels since you need better ql armor every few hours, but when leveling is starting to get slower it is worth it.

    Predator armor: It has 300 and 300 /agi/sense requirements and tl3=level 50.
    A extremely great armor at this level, but it is very costy too. It gives good ac's , evades,hp,nano, nano speed and weapon speeds + 1 small bonous that is unique to every part. If you dont have 30-50m to spend getting all pisces might be hard. On other hand pieces price changes a lot depending of the part. circlet(head) and sleeves seem to be most after sought items so they will cost a lot more than other parts.

    CAS: Starts from level 50 i think. In my opinion not worth the trouble. Some pieces might beat the carbonium, but it is a lot harder to make and the differece is only marginal combared to carbonium.

    Temple of Tree winds cloaks and shoulderpands. Go there and get exarch robe. A great item for long time, since you can get it at level 21 on. Also get those totw shoulderpads, since there is nothing to put there for some time.

    Mantis armor: pisces start from 80 and end up 150 or so. Not really a crat armor, and not very cheap one, but it has some nice mods on it , since every piece gives you some more all damage. Price varies from 2-5 m/piece(depending of ql and part, since close to max and min ql ones usualy are the most expensive.

    Those are shoulderpads. Needs around 300 inteligence and 300 physic to wear. Those are very costy and go usualy 10-15m/piece, but give you 150 nano and 150 life and +3 damage / piece ALSO 15 inteligence and 15 physic what makes em also a incredible buffing pieces. If you dont have money learn how to get sided shoulderpads, which are free but needs some camping around RK.

    There are also some other random good pieces at lower levels, but those are most used ones b4 level 100. Some also go tier armor, but as a crat i doubt tier1 is very good but it can be upgraded later on to tier 2 and tier3(which already gives some nice bonuses).If you are neutral you can forget all tier armor.

    At the time u need new armors u should already know what things u need from armor. There is not much new in armor wise until 175 or so unless you got a lot of money to get tier 2,dragon chest or alien armors. At 175 you can get azure, at 190 SS/omni AF but at the time u there u already figured it all out.

    If this is your first alt(and dont got money), go crab a carbonium, it is a armor that you should not be shamed to wear even it is almoust free. and get everything valuable in temple of three winds and forget all other armors for some time.
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    In retrospect I agree about Carb, although I am an Opi crat and the required stats for Carb didn't mesh with my plans. My feeling is that, at very low levels, armor is of somewhat minimal importance.. so I think you can always just mish for some RK stuff. Actually your token board will do more to save your life through HP buffs than the armor might. ;p

    I definitely recommend looking into some of the SL armors also. You can get extreminator pieces at a reasonable price, especially lowbie stuff.. or.. if you go to the sided temples in Nacense they drop very readily. In particular the helmet is nice.

    Currently I have a mix/match of exterminator and tier1, but I am pretty disappointed with crat tier armor tbh.
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    Thanks guys for the suggestions. I have a full set of Pred armor from my Advy that I can pass on. Looking at the Tier armor, it really didn't seem worth especially since I'm a Newt. The Pred will cover me for a while. So, will look into the other suggestions to see what would be best after that. Thanks a lot!

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    Tier armor isnt worth the amount you have to spend for the jobe and for the time spent farming the pieces. The AC's are horrid, the bonuses could be considered to be "okay", but there are other alternatives out there. Higher levels should look into Alienz armor, which ever type should be either whether you want to focus on a weapon type or casting stats. Sentinels gear for the clanners isnt a bad option if you don't have 1 billion+ credz to spend on some QL200+ aliumz. t3 isnt bad, but then again your going to spend alot of money(or time farming) just to get t2 and the FRN, etc. But then again, doesnt every crat wanna run around in a sweat suit with tank armor on til they get that wonderfully designed beige trenchcoat? (Plz note, my 214 crat is wearing that backpiece atm) Limited alternatives though for serious consideration.

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    On my RK1 crat that I now consider my main, I've looked into armor quite a bit and have done the following:

    Low levels (<25) newcomer's armor from n00b island or hand-me-down carb from your org.

    Used sided carb up thru the totw levels. Mainly for the NCU and inits when I was maxxing nano skills and "kinda" ignoring CL. Once you have GCB, the extra NCU can be in your belt, not your armor.

    Squeezed into ql90 OT steel ribbed at 60 for the +evades. Good stuff. (Used apoc leather on my RK2 clan crat.)

    At around75 I put on Predator, and have CiB fully level trained. AC is good, evades are a must. On a ACRU mission I can tank Eddy for my bot & charm, and only get hit 1/5 of time.

    When I outgrow the predator, I'm going back to OT steel until I can figure out what I want after I get into ql200 of it. Probably alium stuff, scouts/officers maybe.

    Oh, I'll probably get the T1 gloves for the pistol mods for buffing at some point.
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    decranums kinda cool

    well a friend of mine whose an agent is a nerd and kind of collector of what i consider to be junk, but today he was collecting "DeCranum's Corona MK I" and "DeCranum's Corona MK II" sets from smugglers den. i noticed this uses psychology, agility, and unfortunately strength/stam to wear, but it looks nice and has some decent max health mods. free (nodrop), but ranking on the medium scale in terms of easy vs hard to get. it is not an "ugly" set of armor either. sexy

    i'd wear it just for the superior look than carb later on. no other useful mods really than the max health though, neglidgeable max ncu. can't beat the free price, especially if you have some friends with firepower to help you with the mobs. the mk I set is wearable at 91 and the mk II set is wearable at 146. i think i might try it on my crat later, she is only 23 at the moment. another thing in this dungeon to take note of is the small titan message container that comes from the .. ?boss? i think. this can be used to make a coffee machine which produces: when used.

    when I get to tl4 i think i'll be grabbing my friend and going there on my crat as well
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    at low lv, if your not doing much soloing, and rarely getting hit. i say go with a Omni Med suit just so you can use better stims/spindles, actually i use it on all my toons when they are low lv, nothing like having a lv 30 that can complete heal himself with a spindle :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Engelina
    well a friend of mine whose an agent is a nerd and kind of collector of what i consider to be junk, but today he was collecting "DeCranum's Corona MK I" and "DeCranum's Corona MK II" sets from smugglers den.
    Check my setup. I use DeCranums and love it.

    The only complaint that I have is the level requirement, meaning that you can't twink it on earlier.

    It's very solid stuff, and adds tons of HP to keep you alive.

    Looks great too!
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    Apparently it used to be the thing to have, And i do love the look!
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