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    Vet Flags

    Just spent 2 hours lifting my 120ish shade 1 level on Ely hecks. Died 4 times. Mostly cuz the newbs in the team decided to do such things as...

    1) run off to loot old corpses instead of sticking with team (when they were the lead tank)
    2) pulling multiple mobs at the same time
    3) running into kiting areas when it was obviously a fresh wipe (and the kite was boiling CF in view),
    4) hang out in a respawn area when the hecks were a-popping.

    This is stuff that most vets won't do. How can you tell who's a vet and who's not when you're picking from a field of alts and newbs? You can't.

    Don't get me wrong. There are incompetent vets or overzealous ones and everyone makes mistakes sometimes. There's no gauranties.

    But there are probabilities. And the probability I'm going to get stuck with someone who has no clue about their role or situational awareness will be lower if I team with vets.

    So... I suggest a visible flag that peeps can choose to display or hide that indicates the time - in days, months or years or whatever - that their account has been played.
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    It won't happen simply becouse of "we don't want to create them and us situation".

    Also I don't know if that's desired option. You forgot something about vets and time doesn't mean experience. You can raise 3 toons to 220, but if you only visit certain areas, you still don't have a clue about others.
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    And there are ex-froobs that are relatively new, but know what they are doing
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    Not to mention ebayed accounts...

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