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Thread: Profession Skin Ideas

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    Profession Skin Ideas

    A.R.K. Community Relations – Media Productions is beginning the steps to producing some profession themed skins for each profession. And our artists are having some trouble gathering ideas. So what better way to ask you the players who play each profession what you think would be cool to have in the skins?

    Remember the Skins we're talking about makeing are simply a graphical re-skin of the default GUI(Graphic User Interface) of the game that Funcom uses in game, no new buttons/or xml changes will be or are added only graphic changes. Take a look at the Anarchy-online Client Skins thread for refrance.

    Leave your ideas here, thanks!
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    Hrm, sounds like fun- but know where an "empty" template could be downloaded? At least something to play around with.
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    Would a retouched screenshot do? Im a graphic designer, yet no GUI coder. I dont comprehend the backend

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    agents look best in black
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    I've made an edit to the main thread post to clear up a couple of questions people seem to have had.

    Also just to reiterate to folks, there will be no XML changes, we're only making graphics changes. So please keep that in mind when makeing your suggestions and giveing your ideas.

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    A few thoughts that come to mind...

    Ammo info in the form of a "?/?" somewhere on the screen, other then opening the wear menu.

    Health/Nano information without opening the stats window, can get rid of the graphical health and nano bars and replace them with numbers, or simply change them from vertical to horizontal and put numbers on them..

    Range meter telling how far the current target is from you.. if possible.

    And of course, a sleek black look.

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    Hmm...I have a few ideas

    Agents love black, yes...but maybe if the GUI could be reskinned so that it looked like each part were pieces of ultra-awesome futuristic spy gear.

    Or that the little silhouette you see on the Wear menu could be an agent in full tier 3 armor. You'd be able to see the helmet and the cape and all.

    Of course maybe there could be a little rifle hidden somewhere in there (But not used too much, that could look tacky)

    Sooo....yeppers Slick, black, agenty spy gear design, itty bitty rifles....Oh! And little things that look like they're blinking lights (But don't actually blink of course) or like a small spy monitor fitted in there somewhere, like as the background of the inventory menu - make the inventory menu look like it was a screen displaying the inventory

    *thinks of more random ideas*

    Uhm....I'm sure there's probably better ideas floating around somewhere that haven't been spoken of yet But I really like the initiative, good luck to you and the art team, Phon!
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    All i know is that the best looking class in game should have the best looking skin

    and make it really really tiny.... even if we can't use it...
    guess who's been hitting the rum?

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    make it change into every other professions skins

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    black is better color of course

    try with a shadow theme,but for make it different from shade you need make it ranged in any way

    scope image can be funny(i mean scope of rifle you know)

    I try to think for other

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nulion
    Or that the little silhouette you see on the Wear menu could be an agent in full tier 3 armor. You'd be able to see the helmet and the cape and all.
    Too bad the project is basicly scrapped, but, well they are at it they could put in a word to have the cape fixed for solitus(or is it really supposed to look that retarded?).

    Come on, they just added that little animation when you save in a garden, bet that took more time then it would take to fix the already there cape visual :-/

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    Talking haha

    Quote Originally Posted by Kable
    and make it really really tiny.... even if we can't use it...
    LOL! That would be something!
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    What about this ? Has the idea died a silent and unnoticed death ?

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    there hasn't been any agent toolset improvement in years...i for one don't really care much about the skins but with the latest patch agents are no longer unique. advs can get waay smaller now

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    whats a skin, they mean the color of agents or?

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    They mean they had planned to create a custom gui for each profession. No technical things, just a different design. I guess some mod might as well un-sticky this, as it is no longer needed nor relevant.

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    A Timer That Tells You When Aimed Shots Back! Xd
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    Quote Originally Posted by Windowshades View Post
    A Timer That Tells You When Aimed Shots Back! Xd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Intake View Post
    I agree

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