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Thread: Bots Resurrected - Phoenix project

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    wow no traffic?

    Hmm, ok the thread got lost, I will try to get it stickied.
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    Oneforderoad - R2 -lvl 97 Adv
    NoCannedEwe - R1 lvl 25 Sol
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    Dark1947 - RK2
    Dark1947 220 / 30 Fixer 1rst fixer AI 30 on Rimor

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    Also bumping for more activity in the bot... it's so dead...

    Come on people, talk
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    add me to bot autoinvite?

    jujuwalker on rk1
    The nootie's infamous black joker, Jujuwalker :
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    La censure est la negation de l' esprit. (Censoring is the negation of thought) --Yvirnig
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    Kaliach (RK1)
    Kaliach (RK2)

    Quote Originally Posted by Bakufu
    I'm a fixer and if I stop running for more than 5 seconds my heart stops beating and I die. Every now and then I team with someone so slow It's criminal. I am talking about apocalyptic kitten murdering slowness.
    Kaliach, Advisor of Unity of the Rose

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    Can you double check your member list. In one of the very early posts I was listed as a current member yet I havent ever been invited to join.
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    toxor rk2
    [All Towers] The omni organization loves Toxor .. awww.

    [Clockwork Inc.] Toxor: !blacklist Mostadio this ****tard wouldnt make my carb :@
    [Clockwork Inc.] Omgbot: Thank you Toxor. Reputation / Blacklist info about Mostadio has been stored in the Clockwork Inc.-archives
    [Clockwork Inc.] Toxor: thats cool
    [Clockwork Inc.] Mostadio: ROOOOOOOOOFL
    [Org. Msg.] Mostadio kicked Toxor from your organization.

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    Joining Bot

    Torfilli - RK1

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    Deronel RK2
    Semper Fi! Nuts since 2004.

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    hilorian RK1
    "Ralphie: Strength and honor!
    Tony: Scotch and soda!"

    Oesterlaan "Hilorian" Merckxx
    214.5/18.6 Fixer
    Board Member of The Mockers

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    Maledia Rk2
    Rimor:Berrenta 220/19 adv|Sudayxis 135/8 MP|Rubyfire 15/2 sold|Shadowberren 73/6 agent
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    Atlantean: Maledia 120/5 doctor|Shawaina 30/2 enf|Shellfury 13/1 sold

    Proud member of Core (Rimor) and Hands of Fate (Atlantean)
    Quote Originally Posted by tazalanche View Post
    There is no IRL. There is only active in game, AFK & extended AFK.

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    Crzyboy88 - RK2
    Crzyboy88 220/19 Omni Fixer RK2

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    Needafix - RK 1

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    Add Bucco to the list please.

    Thank you for doing this. Great idea!

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