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    tl5 fixer

    Is nano range increaser worth it? Finishing up my final setup and debating on if i want to give up some more ncu for it. I know we get more then most for ncu but not the less I like ncu.

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    you can swap nanorange item and yutto ncu
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    I leave mine in, got enough ncu for all but outrageous amounts of OBs. And ye, I personally think it's worth it.

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    Yes and no, 95% of the time I rather use an additional NCU to cram some more in and in anycase there is buffage for it. Just get another Yutto's NCU you can swap for the situations you could do with more ncu instead.

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    Got in all my vigorous and persisting symbs now doing the ip god i hope i dont put ip into the wrong stuff.

    I dont think with NR1 i can cast the top sl snare right? Did u all max nano and leave body dev with no ip?

    im at 3700 health with no ip in body dev that seems low with so many nts around?

    Anyone able to say what there numbers are for nano skills? Like I am assuming im gonna go for being able to cast SWS with just a moochie and hud device .

    Is ranged init needed im getting short on ip
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    The 145 one? I don't even own it, the top AoE one has much lower defensive checks and lasts 29 mins instead of 50s, for about the same nanocost. I have a bit over 5k HP, usually gets me through two doubles with enough HP to run at full speed, needed a bit of IP in bodydev. Haven't maxed nanopool yet, but I'll probably raise it some more, you run out fast in a duel.

    Cast sws5 with a 131 & unperking NR1 temporarily ( I use an ellts, can't swap that easy ), don't have any IP in ranged init. I think the most expensive nanoskill cost was casting the top dmg buff self, either that or the new short hot, I forget which. I also have somewhere around 700 complit, so I couldn't even put a 160 yuttos on. Even with that I've got over 500 ncu with the ncu buff, so it's not really often I get short.

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    I stopped at 173 I managed to be able to max nano,conceal,percep,some body,and every other skill i need. I can cast my SWS with moochie from pocket mp. I even got enough for ranged init but dont think ill use that quite yet not really a big deal only comes to like 500 ranged init. Comp lit is at 1107 and I can self the Hawk ql 175 and one hander. I dont really see how I can get a 200 hawk on. FA is a bitch. I got full CSS ql 225 on I can self also which is nice. All in all im am freaking impressed with this fixer. Just sucks having to wait till I get all my perks reset to see the potential. Can even cast nemisis nano.

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    I have the 200 Hawk MK 5 on @ lvl 170, it took some work but its doable.

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    What did u use to put it on? And do u see a difference?

    BTW did BS with like no but smg burst and enough for gsf and omgz fixer is fun didnt die once
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    I dont recall all the stuff, haven't played for over 6 months but i do recall using kinec sleeves, imps with FA, pistol with FA, css, all str/stamina stuff and buffs and alot of perks in str/stam

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    Monk did a nice post on how to equip a ql200 hawk

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    I was bored so I dug out Mokeyninja's Post that Wakazika mentioned

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    Is it worth raising ranged init since most our damage is specials? Way it stands right now I can cast everything cept the SL RS which is fine but to do that I need to not have ip in ranged init. Just curious of reg damage on guns is worth it?

    ps. Should I raise fling or shotty to enough to get it on with wrangle? I mean my AS isnt depedent on the shotty part of the gun is it?

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    Check my fixers equip in sig (im thinking about putting yata predictor back into hud1), in NR1 I can cast gsf by swapping 1 ring, sws self by unperking nr1, new short hot is no problem.

    If you have css you should be able to self your guns on (except maybe multi ranged), if I was that level I would use ql 175 hawk 5 and enough multiranged to swap the weapons on and off.

    For duels verses some people using a SMG can be better because its burst seem to hit evade profs pretty hard and you can swap with a aimshot rifle, if you also have the ip then raise dimach to about 450 (can land zap nano on pretty much everyone then) and it also would give you another strong special against low hp evade profs (this is one reason why bornfromhell is so good in duels)

    at 165 I have no ip for bodydev or nanopool, but after you figure everything else out I would raise bodydev enough to use the 500 absorb from totw (assuming you got it) and around 4k-5k hp seems to be nice for a fixer.

    another good item to get would be notum focus from smugglers den, it gives I think 800 nano when you use it and is good for the times when you need that extra bit.
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    i got maxed range init on fixer but it dont help much because im using ellts. yata predictor is very good. oneander range really sucks
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    Haaaiii guys! :O Figured that post i made would be outdated by now ... good to see it's still usefull xD
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