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Thread: cant get scroll wheel working ingame

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    Question cant get scroll wheel working ingame

    I have a logitech duel optical wheel mouse but for the life of me in unable to get the darn scroll wheel to work ingame with the status type windows on the right side of the screen, but in other programs like MS explorer etc it works like a charm

    Logitech 2 Optical mouse
    with Universal mouse scroll setting

    btw this is a new OS install, bought a 80gb drive and reinstalled the OS, vid card drivers , rat drivers, sound card drivers,
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    I'm having the exact same problems with windows XP.

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    I have a logitech mouse and the same problem if full screen mode, however if I play in window mode it works fine.

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    I had same problem with logitech scroll in game till i upgraded to the latest logitech drivers : 9.61

    Works now

    windows 2000

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    Quick fix

    go to mouse propperites, goto "buttons"....choose "1 line" instead of 3
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    Oh this is so great! I have the same problem and the same exact setup as fishtaco. I usually have to reboot to get it to work, glad that is over. well, if the fixes work that is.
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    didn't work for me

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    Ok...try downloading the mouse reg fil for gamers

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    That makes it work, kinda. Wheel as much as I want it goes 1 inventory spot every once in awhile. Not playable but it's moving.

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    I did a restart and it works great!

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    Logitech mouseware

    Alternatively, uninstall mouseware completely and let system set it as a default 3 button Mouse. Worked for me
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    Talking logitech mouse problem

    I have a similar setup, what I had to do to get the wheel working properly was to download the 9.73 release of the drivers. The 9.75 drivers are out now I have not tried them as of yet; however they should work just fine.
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    Can I say how impressed I am with the dual function of the scroll wheel in AO!

    1. Allows you to scroll through your chat window and inventory + options.

    2. whilst using the scroll wheel, it affects the drawing of any buffs on screen.

    Try it, go up to an MA with any kind of buff on his hands, Energised fists etc, and move your scroll wheel up and down.

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    My mousewheel works in windowed mode but not in fullscreen.. thats why I play in windowed.
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    Removing mouseware did the trick for me. Thanks a MILLION imhotep (nice name btw). I can't believe I didn't figure that one out on my own. Guess that'll learn me to install any bull**** proprietary software for peripherals aside from drivers, eh?
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    It's nothing new about logitech has problems with mousewheel in games. In many years they have used a wheelfix file for games, but later versions of mouseware helps I think. Dont have any trouble on my mx500.
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