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Thread: Crat Implant layout

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    Crat Implant layout

    If someone has a free minute to post some advice on implant setups I'd apreciate the time. Trying to design one in nanno nanny. I'm very new to the Crat profession so I'm a little lost which direction to go. I do not have the money for symbiants atm and probably wouldnt bother till way later. I would think implant MC and TS anywhere its available to cast the highest droid I can get to listen to me right? I'm using Chimera pistols atm (Pistol/Fling) that I build in the Jobe backyard. I'm not sure what my next pistols will be but I'm sure I should stick to the Pistol/Fling template right? I hope to get out to COH asap to grab a Dark Pistol and it sticks to that route. CDR or two later on but I'll worry about Burst then I suppose. So imp pistol and fling where I can? Should I be imp'ing any main abilities? I have a full set of Predator armor and was thinking that would be a nice goal asap so maybe imp sense? (Solitus Crat). Should I imp any of the other main abilities? Max health or Body Dev? Speed, Evades, ranged init?

    If possible I'd love to see some layouts or even better a .nan file would be incredible. I know the trend is symbs symbs symbs but my Crat is only lvl 20 and I usually like to wait till I've exhausted the pre-made ones and then build a nice custom set of 125s/150s. Unfortunetly the Crat pre-made ones are horrible. So I may be forced to go the custom route early. MM clusters? No Crat nano uses MM why is it there. No pistol clusters at all. If I can get my hands on some symbs, should I worry about them before lvl 100+? The low QL symbs boost many stats but none by a big amount. Seems like a waste of money on symbs till you can get in symbs up in the 1100+ treat range. Thanks for your time.

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    Here was a quick one playing it by eye as I went.

    Head - MC/Ranged Init/Sense
    CHest - Sense/BM/SI
    Ear - Psychology/PM
    Eye - PM/TS
    Left Arm -
    Right Arm - Fling
    Left Wrist - Multi-Ranged/Run Speed
    Right Wrist - Pistol/Multi-Ranged/Fling
    Leg - Dodge R/Evade C/Run Speed
    Left Hand -
    Right Hand - TS/Ranged Init
    Waist - Sense/BM
    Feet - Evade C/Dodge R/

    The blank spots will get filled later on with Jobe stuff like addalldef. This setup bumps all 5 of my nano skills up pretty even. Nice Pistol, Fling and multi R bumps. NIce bumps to evades and run speed. Bumps Sense up nice so I can get Pred on asap, then when im caught up beyond OE on the 300 Sense req on Pred armor change out the sense for something else. CDRs Burst will really throw a wrench into the mix. Hows it look?

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    Hi there

    Ive once gone to lean mine onto those guides at

    This guide has the old cluster names that are translated

    E=MC^2 = time and space
    Polymorphing = Bio metamorphosis
    Sensitivity = Sensory imp
    Psycho Babble = Psycho Modi
    Creation = Matter Creation
    Genius = Intelligence

    It has the best to have implant sets for many situations
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    Once you get to the 70+ level range, it is WELL worth the time and money to get eye and brain symbiants. They are not hard to farm either if you don't have the money.
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    My Implant advice

    There;s a reason why nano prog is light blue and not dark blue...

    I make the highest set of nano programming implants I can and swap them in to make even higher Matter Creation, and Time Space implants.

    I make one shiny (head) Matter Creation Implant
    and two faded and bright time/space (eye and right hand)

    The boost in these skill means stronger pet nanos (at lvl 35 I had a level 53 assistant droid)

    and since I hate spending credits on weapons I also use faded bright and shiney martial arts implants (I use MA instead of pistols; there's a reaon why physical init is light blue; I get 3 ma attacks at a time usually).

    Thats what I do - strange as it may sound. Hope it helps.

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    the first 100lvls i followed the advice of others and didn't bother with pistol skills at all unless it was to equip some buffing guns. like a Jess or pepper pistol.

    a decent head and eye symbiant for control/exterminator unit are easily found in sheol from named mobs. (note a right hand implants adds to MC or TS, while the symbiant will add to both, so i got that one to)
    here is a nice site for you on symbiants:
    there you will find what PB drops what and what mobs drop pattern pieces for that mob.
    I used a lower head/eye/r-hand then went out and got the new patterns and got myself some higher ql head/eye/r-hand.

    like they adviced me towards implanting:
    go MC/TS if you want a higher pet
    go PM/BM/SI if you want a higher charm
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